Google Inc (GOOG) Builds Humanoid Hiking Robot [VIDEO]

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Google Inc made a humanoid robot named Atlas that recently took a walk into the woods displaying its bushwhacking skills. Atlas is a 1.88mt tall and 156kg heavy experimental bipedal rescue machine developed by Boston Dynamics, which was bought by Google in late 2013.

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Google Robot to perform human-like functions

Atlas has been designed to perform some of humanly tasks such as using the tools. Originally it was designed with the capability of walking over rugged, uneven terrain. Before moving outdoors, it walked over the blocks in the lab, of which several videos were released.

Boston Dynamics founder, Marc Raibert, recently released a video where Atlas is seen walking through a wooded area, going off the path and through the undergrowth. The video was released earlier this month at the MIT Fab 11 conference. As can be seen in the video, the power tether of the robot is held by handlers, but Raibert said the firm will soon come up with an upgraded version that would not require a tether.


“We’re making pretty good progress so it has mobility that’s sort of within shooting range of yours,” Raibert said in the video.

Raibert further said that he wants to develop robots with capabilities that can either match or surpass the humans. Experiments are being done by the Google owned firm with the 3D-printed parts including the valves for hydraulic fluid and also shell and lattice structures using which its legs could be made lighter and stronger. An upgrade was made to Atlas earlier this year that was sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Robots can be dangerous

It’s a good idea to have a machine that follows the orders and does the work just like humans. This not only saves time, but also increase the productivity as machines do not require rest or leaves, and can work non-stop when needed.

But what if these machines malfunction. These highly powerful robots can prove fatal to a person’s life, and can ruin the firm’s name and reputation. A similar case was seen recently in India.

The incident took place in Manesar, Haryana (India) when a robot gripped, crushed and threw away a 23-year old worker, who died at the factory itself. The chest and stomach of the victim were crushed by the arm of the robot.

The deceased died due to internal crush injuries and excessive blood loss,” the report from forensic expert said. The firm in question is SKH Metals factory, which meets the steel needs of automotive industries.

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