Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) “Notes” Muscles in on Tumblr, Twitter Inc (TWTR)

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Facebook Inc has become less and less personal over the years. The firm built a social network based on the idea of simplicity and lack of heavy garnish. It stuck to that, added ads and is now one of the most successful firms on earth as a result.

That has taken some of the personality out of the social network, but the firm may be getting on board with user generated content. Facebook has finally decided to tackle blogging, and Tumblr in particular.

Facebook Live vs Twitter Periscope

Facebook has remade Facebook Notes. The feature is a relic of a time when a Facebook status was restricted to just a couple of hundred words. It gave users a place to express longer thoughts, but few took advantage of it and it died once Facebook upped the limit on statuses. It’s back right now, with a fresh look.

Facebook digs into Tumblr

The king of teenage blogging, for the time being at least is Yahoo! Inc. The firm may not have much going for it right now, but it does own Tumblr which, despite some rule changes in recent years, remains one of the most popular blogging platforms on the web.

Facebook can see that blogging, int he fashion of Tumblr, is a major use of online time. The redesign of notes may not be part of the firm’s visions of itself over the next five years, but it shows that Mark Zuckerberg and his team are looking to get exposure to a big social media trend. Blogging is back, and Facebook wants to be part of it this time around.

Dave Winer, a man used to working with blogging tools, revealed the new Facebook format on Monday afternoon. He said that the new layout made the site look akin to Medium. Facebook can live with the comparison, given that last week Facebook Notes was closer in style to Bebo’s Wall than anything that exists on the web right now.

Facebook pushes into social spaces

Facebook , combined with its apps Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp is the king of the social world. The firm doesn’t yet own everything, however, but it is trying to extend into almost every part of the social web.

Facebook is betting heavily, right now, on live broadcasts and video. It’s taking aim at Twitter Inc and YouTube, and it’s not trying to hide its intentions. With users unable to connect with Twitter, at least according to investor and critic Chris Sacca, Facebook has a chance to add to the time spent in its apps.

Notes is another addition like that. Tumblr has nowhere near the amount of active users that its core site does, but it does have a niche reach among younger people that love to share their experiences. For Facebook, that’s free content, and it’s content that already exists on Facebook’s core site.

While Mark Zuckerberg seeks to use Instant Articles to keep users from going to the web, the rest of his team are trying to beef up the content on offer on the firm’s own site.

There’s many reasons for Facebook to look to blogging, and it likely to cost much to keep such a platform going. The question now is whether Facebook will push the platform and try to tear places like Medium and Tumblr apart.

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