Can You Trust Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) Data-hungry iOS 10?

Apple Inc (AAPL) iPhone 7 and Air

Apple Inc.’s next edition of its iOS software promises to be its most efficient and forward-thinking yet. The new platform will learn more about its users and their preferences. This, in turn, will make iOS 10 the mobile operating system with more uses and better ways of assisting its users.

But all this can not be done without collecting user data. Hence, the concern arises for user privacy and how data will be used and stored.

Apple Inc (AAPL)

Apple’s iOS 10 takes user data

Apple made the public aware of iOS 10 at its annual WWDC event earlier this month. This is where the platform was unveiled and showcased. It is also where the U.S. technology giant told developers that the software will have a more comprehensive understanding of its user base.

The system’s artificial intelligence features will improve greatly as a result. Siri, for instance — the company’s trademark virtual assistant — has been been hugely beefed on the new operating system. The digital helper has been expanded into more applications. On iOS 10, it is also more accommodating to non-native tools. This means a lot of third-party apps are now accessible via Siri. The mobile assistance’s machine learning qualities, too, have been enhanced and placed throughout the new platform.

Apple  working at more predictive devices that reach into new ways of assisting people. But none of this can be done without the company learning more about the iOS user base through its products. What this means is that the next generation of iOS will tread deeper into user data collection. Knowing this, one can relate to people feeling uneasy about the upcoming software.

However, Apple Inc.’s delivery of iOS 10 at the WWDC was a clear and upfront glimpse at the software’s behavior. It was smooth reveal and one gets the idea that Apple actually wanted the public to know more about how iOS 10, as it will in fact know a lot about you. The Cupertino tech firm also understands the privacy concerns that surround it right now. And it wasn’t too long ago when the company was nearly forced to undermine its own data encryption for the U.S. Government.

Can you trust the new iOS?

To console users, Apple says it will use an algorithmic technique to protect user data. It was referred to as “differential privacy” and lowers the possibility of extracting the exact origin the info. Apple will still be gathering your data though. However, it will just be viewed as a contribution to a greater statistic.

For instance, searching for or checking in at a your nearest Starbucks with iOS 10 could help determine the average number of iPhone users in an area who consider the outlet and at what times. Although, this vague example doesn’t mean the isolated software itself won’t gain an in-depth understanding of its users, their habits, as well as their preferences.

At the WWDC, Apple Inc. did make a point of stating that what your i-device personally knows about you will not be stored on any cloud server. It’s machine-learned data is also isolated from the influence of cloud systems and cannot be accessed online. There will also be multiple options for user to consent the storage and use of certain data.
As the world’s most successful tech firm treads deeper into the realm of AI and enhanced data, it accepts the need for greater transperancy with its users. This is especially true at a time where scandals of corporations and their exploitation of user info are prominent. Apple Inc.’s careful explanation moving forward will be key in winning the trust of its consumers.

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