Bonds For Dummies

Bonds For DummiesThis is not a book review for Bonds For Dummies. The good news is that you will not need to spend $26.99 to buy “Bond Investing For Dummies”. This website covers almost everything that is mentioned in that book, plus much more!

What is the most confusing thing about bonds?

When interest rates go up, bond prices fall.

Intuitively, rising interest rates should be great for a bond investor. Why wouldn’t earning a higher interest rate make investing in bonds more attractive and get more people to buy them! Unfortunately, most bonds pay  fixed interest rates which don’t change over the life of the bond. The bottom line is that newly minted bonds are more attractive than older bonds when interest rates rise, causing the price of existing bonds to fall. Not satisfied with this explanation? Click Here

Savings Bonds For Dummies

Do you own US Savings Bonds and don’t know what do with them? Generally speaking, savings bonds are great investments and pay interest for 30 years. Unless, your savings bonds are more than 30 years old, you should probably hold onto to them. Want to learn more about Savings Bonds? Savings Bonds Center

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