Blackberry Ltd (BBRY) Lack of Android Finesse Becomes Clear

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Blackberry Ltd ,  confirmed its intentions to release an Android-powered slider device last week. It will be called the Priv – short for “privacy”. The firm described the new smart phone to have the most desirable aspects of Android while harnessing the productivity and security expected from Blackberry. The reveal came before the company’s shares plunged pre-market on Friday.

The partnership with Google is said to “set new standards in enterprise mobile security for organizations deploying Android devices”, says CEO John Chen.

BlackBerry Cannot Impress Investors

Though it became clear early last week that investors place little faith in what the firm has to offer. Over 35 percent of the company’s shares value was lost from January through to late September. Analysts say this trend will continue throughout the final quarter.

Morgan Stanley’s James E. Faucette said that Blackberry may need to begin “liquidating the long-term standalone value the IP portfolio may have”. This is if the firm fails to generate enough profit in the short run.

The firm assured the public that more details about the device will be made available in the coming weeks. The device’s release is said to be toward the later part of the year.

BlackBerry in New Territory With Android

Blackberry  is trying something new and consumers anticipate a great phone to be produced by the firm. Combining the best attributes of Android and Blackberry in a single device is a very appealing idea. However, some analysts say that firm CEO’s demonstration of the smart device reflects how unfamiliar Blackberry is with an operating system other its own.

However, Chen’s unskillful use of the device should not be taken as an indication of the entire firm’s grasp on Android. For the most part, the chief exec has been pardoned for his poor use of the Blackberry device. “However, not being able to correctly name Google’s operating system – even under pressure – is less excusable,” writes the Verge.

Can BlackBerry prosper from Android?

The Priv is part of the entity’s first attempts at a hybrid device of this kind. Bearing this in mind, it might be safe to say that Blackberry is not yet familiar with the Android market. This is another concern for shareholders.

Blackberry’s quarterly figures revealed that the firm had lost 13 cents per share. This is far greater than last year’s 2 cents drop. This year’s second quarter showed blackberry to have made sales of $490 million. The same period last year produced $915 million.  Sales should come in at around the $611 million mark at end of the final quarter.

The upcoming release of the device is expected to give increased revenue figures. However, it is too little too late for many investors who have pulled out of Blackberry’s  ship of promised prosperity. Many show concern about BlackBerry’s capacity to prosper as an Android vendor.

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