BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) Faces Down Pathetic Samsung Keyboard Attack

Blackberry ltd NASDAQ:BBRY

BlackBerry Ltd. ,  would surely be having a great laugh at the expense of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd  who is clearly on a wild goose chase to take on BlackBerry. Slate reports that Samsung has introduced a snap-on physical keyboard that could bring back the glory days of yore when text messaging was hot and typing on QWERTY keyboards was king. However, it is doubtful that a physical keyboard will in any way save Samsung from its debacle in the smartphone space.

Blackberry ltd NASDAQ:BBRY

Network World has a brilliant piece detailing how Samsung has definitely lost its mind and is now aiming to compete with BlackBerry. For one, the fact that Samsung is copying BlackBerry’s ancient fixation on physical keyboards suggests that the firm has run out of ideas. More so, the fact that it actually designed and brought the product to the market signals that Samsung is desperately clutching at straws to avoid sinking.

Beating BlackBerry to the punch

BlackBerry ,  took a bet on physical keyboards when touchscreen devices were making their debut. You’ll remember that BlackBerry devices on its BB OS 6, and OS 7 (Curve, Bold) had the physical keyboard when iPhones and Android devices were boasting bigger screen real estate with touch screens. Blackberry lost that bet and its latest devices on BB10 OS has ditched the keyboard.

BlackBerry still has its fixation on keyboards and there are hints that its rumored android devices might have slider keyboards. Hence, Samsung might give itself a pat on the back for making a physical Android keyboard ahead of BlackBerry but it is almost certain that the Korean firm is alone in its newfound love (read craze) for keyboards.

The real rival is Apple

Samsung has really lost its mind to place a target on BlackBerry’s back when the real rival is Apple. Apple has thrashed Samsung on practically all fronts in the smartphone market and it seems Samsung is scared of taking on Apple again; hence, its focus on BlackBerry ,  .

It is understandable that Samsung is overwhelmed with the state of things in the smartphone market; hence, its irrational acts lately. At the end of the second quarter, Samsung held 21.7% of the global smartphone market with shipments of 21.7M units while BlackBerry was practically fourth with less than 3% in market share. Apple controls just 10% of the global smartphone market and it has no interest in the remaining 90% of the world. Yet, it hoards 92% of the profit in the industry.

Imitation is limitation and Samsung will continue to lose to Apple inasmuch as its products are mere imitations of its rivals. The stock fell to a 10-month low yesterday after the firm reported dismal phone sales. It crashed by 3.2% to 1,104,000 yesterday to mark the lowest price since October 28, 2014. The stock has already lost 17% in the year-to-date period.

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