Apple Makes Watch Series 3 Your Perfect Fitness Partner

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Apple Inc. is not selling premium tech users a digital watch. That’s just small thinking. With the vast research facilities at its disposal, the company can’t possibly be blind to the industry most keen on its watches. And of course it isn’t. The world’s leading tech brand really, really wants to be in the fitness market, and not as a niche purchase either. Apple Inc. is gearing up to become your handy fitness partner. A new Apple Watch will debut next week, too, set to further the firm’s reach into sectors of health and vitality.

Apple would rather have you think that it is secretive. It certainly keeps a few things under lock and key, but which successful and competitive corporation shows all its cards? The company is a tease, though, acting mysterious and naive about its developments while dropping hints just keep everyone curious. Case in point is a review of its “secret” fitness facility, written by Men’s Health contributor Ben Court.

Court does a great job of conveying what lies beyond the company’s veil of mysticism. Tim Cook directs a firm keen on transforming industries of fitness. For that to happen, he needs to get a better grasp around fitness products and what people want from them. That’s the jist of the secret fitness facility. I encourage you to consider reading Court’s piece for greater insight. However, Apple wants to push out products fine tuned to the needs and demands of the fitness market.

Apple Watch iPhone Healthkit
Apple Watch ticking beside iPhone

This is what your Apple Watch is for: fitness technology and advice strapped right onto your wrist. It is no coincidence that the firm let its fitness facility be viewed. Right ahead of an unveiling event, too? The firm is assuring the public that it understand your personal vitality needs. The Apple Watch Series 3 will be an extension of its garnered expertise.

There are widespread reports about Apple adding training routines to their next digital ticker. The training guide will no doubt monitor your progress and suggest routines depending on the user’s level of health.

Is the Apple Watch a better fitness tool than the rest?

The company has to act fast, though. Wearable industry leader and king of the fitness trackers Fitbit is working on a independent smartwatch of its own. Considering its reputation as a fitness tech brand, it shouldn’t take much to give Apple some trouble. So, the makers of the Apple Watch are showcasing their facilities and knowhow ahead of their new flagship fitness product. All this so users will house no delusions about who makes the better fitness band.

It is not just Fitbit either. Asian rivals are hot on Apple’s heels, taking first place as the most purchased wearables around. Chinese gadget maker Xiaomi knocked the Tim Cook company off first place as the globe’s leading wearables maker. Before that, Fitbit lost the crown to the iPhone giant during the first quarter of 2017.

And it does not end at workout tracking. The company allegedly has a host of vitality features crammed into the incoming Watch. Series 3 will be heavy on health and feeling good. Those planning to get their hands on the product might get a lighter watch with a longer lasting battery, too. Also, LTE connectivity on the gadget is long overdue.

For an in-depth look at what Apple Inc. has in store for Watch fans, click here. Let us know your thoughts on Apple’s great fitness focus. Are you excited for the Apple Watch Series 3?

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