New Apple Watch Points Pokemon Go Players to Two Kinds of Gyms

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Watch Series 2 Pokemon GO

Although the Apple Inc.  iPhone 7 holds the bulk of this week’s tech news, it is hard to downplay the arrival of the brand-new Apple Watch Series 2. The wearable tech space is growing ripe with industry dominators and Apple Inc. has clear plans to emerge at the top of this surging segment. Alongside the new iPhone, Tim Cook and his colleagues unveiled the next edition Apple Watch this week.

The new wrist piece comes with some greatly demanded upgrades and sees Apple further partnering with the makers of Pokemon GO. Via the next Apple Watch, the augmented reality game will grow a lot more accessible to its player base. Apps related to health and fitness are popular, but if you’re familiar with Pokemon GO the term “Gym” has additional meaning to you. Pokemon players will be able to use their watches to get to two kinds of gyms (moans).

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Apple Watch Series 2 Pokemon GO

On September 7th,  Apple Inc. showed off its Apple Watch Series 2 and gave fans a few exciting features to look forward to. True to the rumors, the gadget is more resistant to damage from dust and water. It comes with impressive display specs in addition to being less reliant on the iPhone.

Waterproof Apple Watch

Waterproofing is among the key new qualities of the new Apple Watch series. The company pushes the feature as swim resistance. It offers up to 50 meters of under durability.

“We call it Apple Watch Series 2 and it has been completely re-engineered. It starts with a feature that will completely change how you use Apple Watch,” explained COO Jeff Williams. “The first Apple Watch is splash-proof and Apple Watch Series 2 is swim-proof. You can wear it whether you’re swimming, or surfing, or just doing that occasional cannonball. You can keep it on.”

Water repellent speaker

Apple pointed out that the Watch’s speaker also functions to drain excess water. This was a necessary feature in fact, as the company struggled to protect the Series 2’s speaker while enhancing its water resistance.

“You see, a speaker needs air to produce sound and if the air can get in, so can the water, and that’s a problem. So for Series 2 we redesigned the speaker system and at the end of your workout we use the speaker itself to eject the water.”

The Apple Watch Series 2 is also dustproof and resistant to scratches, making it an ideal sports watch with some of the market’s most desired outdoor capabilities. It is especially perfect for swimmers, Apple Inc. assures. The unveiling made sure to assert the watch’s practical immunity to water.

Faster and brighter watch

The consumer tech giant went on to discuss the brains of the new watch, saying it innovated on 2015’s pioneered technology.

“Last year we introduced an industry first: an entire system in a single package. S2 takes that to a whole new level. We’ve added a new dual-core processor that’s up to 50 percent faster.” The tech  firm also included an entirely new GPU that delivers twice the graphics performances of the first Apple Watch.

“This powerful chip opens up all kinds of opportunities both for internal apps as well as developers.”

Series 2 display

A great effort went into producing the Series 2’s display tech. The watch can easily run at 60 frames a second, which is a crazy amount of performance to be wearing on your wrist. Series 2 also features a new second generation display that is over 2 times brighter than the first.

“It is the brightest display Apple has ever ship on any product at 100 nits . It makes all the difference when you’re outside in the bright sunlight.”

The device has stand-alone features like GPS, with a few apps specially designed to take advantage this.

Ultimate sports watch

Apple Inc. says the Apple Watch is ultimate product investment for athletes and regular exercisers. The company teamed up with Nike — a company that understands runners, swimmers and athletes of all types. Together the company produced a unique Series 2 option called Apple Watch Nike+

“It features this beautiful perforated band that’s stretchy, it’s light, it’s breathable, it’s paired with our lightweight aluminum case which is ideal for running.

The Apple Watch Series 2 will be priced at $369, the same applies the Nike+ edition. The device with be available to buy from September 16th while the Nike+ ships late October. The new edition of the first watch will also be rolled out with the same processor as the Series 2. Apple calls it the Series 1 and it will go for $100 dollars less. Pre-orders for all devices are now open.

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