iPhone 8 Specs Are Being Secretly, But Accidentally Leaked By Apple

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is in the iPhone 8 release date run up, and things appear to be going well for the firm. On Tuesday Tim Cook appeared to confirm that the device will be in good supply in September. The market went wild. Cupertino is, after all, the headquarters of a smart phone company.

On top of that, over the last week we’ve gotten a huge amount of information about the iPhone 8 specs from a very strange source. Apple itself has put huge swathes of data out there. This secret accident was quickly stumbled upon by all sorts of tech investigators. The result is a wealth of details, giving us a much clearer idea of the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 “Face ID” trumps fingerprint scanner

We have heard a whole lot about Apple Inc. trouble in getting the Touch ID scanner to work under the screen of its new smartphone. According to a new leak, the firm might not even bother carrying over that tech from the previous releases. Instead, Tim Cook and his design team are focused on cutting edge tech.

The “Face ID” unlock system will apparently allow users to gain access to their phone simply by having their own face. It’s supposed to work even more effortlessly than Touch ID.

The information about this tech, along with much of the iPhone 8 specs, comes from HomePod’s software. It looks like the team at Cupertino put the software beta out there by accident. Since the release, devs have been digging through the code looking for information on the iPhone 8 and anything else interesting they can find.

The code for the HomePod firmware appeared on an Apple update feed just over a week ago. The device’s release date not planned until December. Despite that, the firm appears to have made no big statement about the release.

Apple iPhone 8 leaks keep coming

This is far from the first big leak about the iPhone 8 specs. Details about the phone have been consistently coming through for months, and even the early descriptions of the device from last year appear to have been relatively accurate.

Apple Inc. iPhone 8 design

The HomePod leak is special, however, because it comes right from the horses mouth. Assuming the code isn’t placeholder for something else or a very early version, this is an exact description of what the firm is putting in its next smartphone.

What else do we know about the iPhone 8 specs? We know that its going to be almost bezel-less. That means the screen will run from edge to edge. The design philosophy, which includes having no Home button, was confirmed through an icon found in the HomePod.

We have also had lots of leaks from other sources, both reliable and unreliable. One of the best sources for the iPhone 8 design before the big leak was from companies making cases for the device. Now that the design is more or less known, it’s the brand new features that people want to know about.

We already know, with relative confidence, that Face ID is on the way. We know what the design is going to be like. What other treats does Apple have in store for us?

For the internals, the most accurate sounding summation comes from Ming Chu Kuo of KGI Securities. He reckons that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is going to offer significant upgrades in the iPhone 8.

You can read his top ten iPhone 8 specs list here.

Where are the iPhone 8 specs coming from?

We don’t know why we’re hearing so much about the iPhone 8 specs this year. Most of the previous releases from Apple were flagged by leaks from the supply chain in Taiwan and China. This time around however, things appear to be different for the firm.

There are all the usual leaks from East Asia, but there’s also a whole lot of information coming from inside of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL). This could be due to malice, incompetence, or intentional deceit.

If it’s malice, then Apple has a serious problem with internal or external actors ruining its control of the information flow. That’s not a serious problem right now, but it could become one if some more sensitive information is leaked.

If it’s incompetence, the ramifications are likely less  serious than malice, but the solution is very similar. The people who are causing the problem need to be found and prevented from doing it again.

If it’s some sort of conceit on behalf of Cupertino, however, everything might be alright. Perhaps the firm is staging leaks in order to keep up the hype for the iPhone 8. This could be an active measure, or it might simply be a “look the other way” philosophy used to its advantage.

This wouldn’t be the first time that a company has engaged in strategic leaking. With so much of the culture obsessed with information flows, it seems odd that no one on Wall Street is concerned about the threat at Cupertino.

iPhone 8 release date is key

The iPhone 8 release date rumors have gotten a lot quieter since Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) released its earnings. The firm’s guidance for the third quarter came in higher than Wall Street expected. Analysts took that as confirmation that the iPhone 8 release date would be in September, like any other smartphone from the company.

There are still, of course, questions to be asked about the schedule. We know that Apple has a tendency to be pretty good about guidance, but the accuracy of any single estimate is always tough to guess. The iPhone 8 release date, then, is in question.

The best guess, however, is that Apple will have three new phones in mid September. The firm normally reveals the new phone on a Wednesday. On the Friday of the following week the device goes for sale. That means we’re like to see the big event come in on September 6th or 13th this year.

There is a chance, of course, that Apple shifts the date around. That’s the best guess on offer, however. We won’t get confirmation of the date until Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) sends out the invites. There’s likely to be a couple of weeks left before the firm manages that.

With a little over five weeks to go until the iPhone 8 release date, things at Cupertino are likely hectic. If you follow the incompetence theory of the iPhone 8 leaks, you might be right to expect more to come before the firm’s big event in September.

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