Insane Apple iPhone 8 Rumors Just Got Shut Down by “Experts”


Apple Inc.’s iPhone 8 rumors continue to ramp up. This week featured a particular back-and-forth about the number of smartphones Apple will release in 2017. Sources seem confident about a likely twist in the gadget’s name as well, calling it the iPhone 8 rather than the expected S upgrade. Rumor has it that Apple is working on a way to keep iPhones fully charged for longer with the introduction of long-distance wireless charging.

Tech news reports made headlines this week suggesting three iPhones will be rolled out next year. Experts were quick to shut the notion down though, reminding us that the same was said for this year’s iPhone 7 which still came in the normal two versions. However, the chances of Apple making three iPhones in 2017 isn’t unlikely.


Apple launched 3 iPhones in 2016

First, it might be good to point out that Apple Inc. did in fact release three iPhones this year. While facing reduced profits and eager to win over developing regions, the makers of the iPhone launched their first ever mid-range smartphone back in March. It is the down-played iPhone SE, short for Special Edition, and while it may not be a hit in counties like the U.S., it is heavily marketed in eastern demographics and many parts of Africa. The remaining two are the more popular flagships, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, which arrived just as expected at the beginning of Fall.

Remember the Apple iPhone SE?

The overwhelming success of Apple’s 6th generation iPhones made it very difficult for the tech giant to outdo itself this year. This is evident in the reduced iPhone sales seen during the last three financial quarters. The latest report on Apple’s three-month earnings marks the firm’s first drop in annual profits since 2001.

Apple in China

The consumer tech giant is also losing a lot of favor in China. Premium smartphone buyers in the People’s Republic are turning to cheaper smartphones. Gaining a lot of momentum, phone makers like Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi push out devices with specs similar to the iPhone at only a fraction of the price. Adding to the problem is the introduction of new laws that work to the benefit of local businesses while making it harder for international companies to operate there. China’s significance is that around a quarter of Apple’s revenues is derived from the region. Losing favor in the country comes as a huge blow.

More for less

“It’s a function of cheaper phones becoming good enough. Apple has done well at the upper end, but there’s not much more growth at the upper end of the market.” That comment was made by Abhey Lamba of Mizhuo Securities. Her sentiments are matched by many others, who believe the iPhone has a very hard time ahead.

So out came the iPhone SE, a smartphone that carries most of the brand’s appealing features at a lowered price. Since Apple Inc.  has more or less hit its cap in the premium handset market, this mid-range device is the tech firm’s first step at opening itself up to lower-income smartphone buyers. The device has been moderately successful since its launch.

Expect 3 Apple iPhones next year.

Rumors and expert information that comes out this early almost always gets muddles up. Last year had a considerable number of reliable news outlets predicting three iPhone this fall. They weren’t entirely wrong, just that 2016 produced the two expected flagship devices last month and a new mid-range device at the start of the year.

Considering Apple Inc.’s need to include more people with limited pockets town boost revenue, it isn’t impossible that an upgraded iPhone SE, or a device similar to it, will roll out early next year.

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