Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 7 Could Be Even Greater Than Expected

Apple, Inc (AAPL) iPhone 7

Coming to fans of Apple Inc. this Fall is the long-awaited iPhone 7 range. Much about the device is being passed around online, which is odd since the public knows close to nothing official about it. That hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from grinding out new gossip though. Talks seem to intensify with every passing week. It is fueled by a near countless number of leaks and expert comments too. Collectively, these reports have already given Apple fans a rather vivid image of the gadget. Taking a good look at them, here are a few things the tech world can expect from iPhone 7.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)

Waterproof iPhone

Apple is making a play at more durable gadgets with its next generation of handsets. The iPhone 7 is reported to be getting a pretty good waterproofing upgrade. Sources claim that IP68 water resistance will be instilled in the device. This would essentially allow the iPhone 7 to be submerged in water for around 30 minutes before an significant water damage takes effect.

Tim Cook and co. may finally be directing some focus to one of the more prominent complaints Apple’s smartphones. Many believe that the iPhone’s durability has consistently worsened over the years. Further yet, for some, the fragility of the premium handset isn’t worth its high price tag. Adding more waterproofing to the iPhone 7 should go a long way towards consoling the company’s fan base.

No audio jack

The the most common piece of talk about the iPhone 7 is that it will be without the industry norm 3.5mm audio jack. Apple appears to have grown tired of the feature and would like to do away with it entirely. This would allow the company to shave a few millimeters off the handset and make it the thinnest iPhone yet. The audio port ports removal should also help make the next iPhone much more waterproof.

Audio plug-in, according to sources, will be moved the the iPhone 7’s lightning port. Better sound quality is said to be obtainable from down there as well, so users may be gaining more rather that simply losing a port.

This is all great if we overlook the fact that the top sound port’s removal with have the iPhone 7 incompatible with most other audio devices too. Other rumors say Apple is working on some kind of dongle connector to solve this. There are also talks of special Bluetooth headsets being made, but these will like not come standard with the device though.

Space Black

A new color is expected by some to be coming to the iPhone this year. This particular rumor has virtually nothing supporting it but has soared on its sheer likability alone. Yes, Space Black is said to be coming to the iPhone range. The new color would join popular options like Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Space Grey.

Apple iPhone 7 Pro and wi-charge

One of the more recent rumors pushed by the media is the arrival of the iPhone 7 Pro. This device will either replace the iPhone 7 Plus or make the iPhone come in three variants this year. Leaked pictures depict a larger phablet device with a dual camera setup for better image capture. Other than that, not much else about the Pro has been said.

Some sources have suggested features like wireless charging, but that has been assigned to the iPhone 7 Plus as well. Then again, the iPhone 7 Pro could be the Plus’ replacement or a new addition, so it might be safe to say both gadgets will be feature wi-charge capabilities.

More Storage

Other things being said about the iPhone 7: The 16GB entry model will be done away with completely. This is almost expected since Apple Inc. Is adamant about not adding a microSD slot to the iPhone. Years ago, 16GB was a near unfathomable amount of storage. Today, with 4K imagery that records at around 200MB per minute, that space is simply limiting for anyone today.

The new entry model iPhone should start at 32GB and moves all the way up to 265GB on the iPhone 7 Plus.

All this talk makes for a pretty exciting device this Fall. Others have claimed that iPhone 7 range will not be much of upgrade. Reports claim that Apple Inc.  could be saving a truly revolutionary redesign for its iPhone 8.

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