Apple Inc’s Snooty iOS Gets Schooled on How to Play Well With Others

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Apple Inc. is being sued by a French maker of open-source software in an attempt to get the US firm to make iOS more supportive of the Web standards, said Nexedi on Friday. The France-based company is not alone in it’s disdain for iOS as users struggle to adapt to the new version. Nexedi is suing the US firm under French law in a hope to compel the smartphone maker let rival browsing engines onto the smartphone.

Nexedi is taking advantage of a French law, and is suing the iPhone maker over the unfinished implementation of the HTML 5 specification in the iOS version of Safari.

Apple should allow other browsers to execute code

Apple Inc. allows the rival browser apps like Google’s Chrome onto the iPhone, but all those browser apps have to use Apple’s Web rendering engine. This means the ability to draw on the most recent Web standards is limited to whatever the smartphone maker decides to include, notes Recode.

In addition, this also means some newer technologies; like the WebRTC protocol and the WebM video standard for real-time communications cannot be made to work in an iOS browser even when they work is almost all other browsers.

In a blog post, the French company said, “We hope [this lawsuit] will help Apple to sooner support the latest Web and HTML5 standards on its iOS platform — the operating system used by all iPhones.” The blog post also explained the more granular details of how the tech works, and what needs to change based on their estimation.

If the Silicon Valley firm agrees to the demands of the developers and business service supplier Nexendi for better HTML5 support, then it would enable web browsers with better HTML5 support than its WebKit on the iOS App Store. The current level of the iOS support for HTML5 technologies has trailed the offerings of other companies since the launch of the iOS 8, shows testing, according to Nexendi.

Things are changing, but work still remains

In recent years, things have gotten a little better for developers. Now, Apple Inc. does not require third-party browsers to use a slower engine than the engine used by its own Safari. Until iOS 8, things were different though, notes Recode. However, Nexedi notes that the mobile version of Safari lags Apple’s desktop version as well as other browsers in sticking to HTML5 and other standards.

Also, Nexendi is not the only company to take this issue of Apple’s requirement of WebKit for other browsers. Mozilla pulled all Firefox related apps from the iOS App Store in 2012. Eventually, Mozilla backed down, and released a version utilizing WebKit in November 2015 again, says Apple Insider.

Regarding the case law that it is using, Nexendi founder Jean-Paul Smets said, “not allowing the publication in Apple’s AppStore of web browsers that are not based on Apple’s own WebKit raises in our opinion the same issues as if Carrefour (a company similar to Walmart) was not selling any beans but those based on Carrefour’s seeds.”

The trial is slated on Feb. 4, 2017.

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