Apple Inc. and Tesla, Inc. Get Ready to Blow Our Minds

Tesla Inc (TSLA)

For the most part, stocks in the technology sector produced a pleasing set of results over 2017’s second quarter. Markets now look to Apple Inc. and Tesla Inc to do the same. As the most valuable corporation by market cap, Apple leads the Tech sector.

Tesla also became a more formidable technology stock this year. The company’s success in spite of the odds inspires predictions of a revolution in the auto industry. Both major stocks are due to share their Q2 performances next week. Analysts claim the two firms are set to produce stronger than expected results.

Research by Market Watch shows that 73 percent of companies disclosed better-than-expected earnings for Q2. Now, Tesla Inc is not a pure tech player. Co-founder and CEO Elon Musk uses his battery/car business as a jack of all trades. Yet as an automaker it pioneers into new frontiers using unrivaled expertise in battery tech, AI and autonomous driving. All the while, the firm makes similar headway in energy markets too.

Much like Apple, the years have seen Tesla secure a massive following. Shares also broke past several all-time highs during the second quarter thanks to boosted investor confidence. They were set for the $400 mark before poorer-than-expected sales cut them down. Despite all its recent share volatility though, Tesla Inc is widely said to be pushing the auto industry into the next age of transportation. Management will host quarterly results this Wednesday.

Apple Inc. is the last of the major technology stocks to share its quarterly earning. That will take place on Tuesday, August 1st. Leading companies like Alphabet, Netflix, Amazon and Facebook already delivered their second quarter profits. But Apple Inc is perhaps the most influential. This is Ian Winer’s perception, the equities division chief at Wedbush Securities.

Winer claims that the iPhone maker can “dictate what tech does”. How the company chooses to maneuver through the technology sector will have many others playing copycat. “So many companies are tied into it,” Winer explains. “How they guide will determine how the sector goes.
The trouble is, with an overwhelming majority of the market doing so well, mediocrity just won’t cut it. Results have to be spectacular for both companies. This was made clear when Tesla produced sales results. Deliveries for the Model S sedan and Model X SUV hit expectations, but just barely. That resulted in a share plummet of $80 in one week.

Winer points out that companies that performed fairly are in fact selling off. “You really have to crush it,” he explains, and “earnings have been mostly priced in”.

Eventful times for Apple Inc. and Tesla Inc stock

Apple Inc. shares its quarterly results very close to the month of its new iPhone release. The rumors this year have been particularly avid with talks of a special edition iPhone joining the two conventional upgrades. It will be called the iPhone 8 or iPhone X, depending whom fans choose to believe. The gadget is purported to celebrate a decade of iPhone production.

Tesla Inc has a momentous few months ahead of it too. The company began its weekend with the widely awaited launch of the Model 3 sedan. The car is not only Tesla’s most recent release, but its most inclusive too. Elon Musk calls it the first affordable EV, a statement backed by over 400,000 reservations. Shares are moving in the green over the weekend, poised to start the next week positively.

Despite both being major tech firms, and working on unbelievable breakthroughs, Tesla and Apple won’t be looking too far into the future this week. Wall Street will want to see their guidance for the medium term. Right now, both firms will be thinking about the next twelve months, and how to keep Wall Street happy.

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