Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Watch Slammed Despite Pregnant Effort [REPORT]

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Apple Inc. is struggling to sell the Apple Watch despite a newservice it offers to pregnant women. That’s a the bottom line of a new report on the firm’s wearable fortunes from DigiTimes Research. Taiwan’s most well known Apple rumors outlet isn’t famed for its exact forecasts, but its ideas about the future of the Apple Watch may be worthwhile despite that.

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Digitimes says that Apple will sell between 9M and 12M units of the Apple Watch before the end of 2015. That will come as bitter disappointment to many on Wall Street should it prove true. Many sell side analysts were looking for Apple to sell 20M or more units of the the Watch. Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research reckoned that Tim Cook could sell more than 40M units of the device.

Apple Inc. healthcare falls flat

The Digitimes report focused on one feature of the Apple Watch that isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Back at its September 9 iPhone 6S event Apple revealed AirStrip. It’s an app that monitors the health of women during pregnancy, and it showed off some of the great things that the wearable can do for healthcare, relaying info back to doctors and healthcare professionals.

Digitimes says that though the Watch can perform a so called “non stress test” on pregnant women, “Apple Watch’s heart rate measurement is not a necessary a parameter to NST test.”

The Digitimes report went on to say that Google Inc   Android Wear was catching up to the Apple Watch in terms of both features and sales. The researchers expect the wrist-borne Android devices to sell 4-6M units in the year ahead.

Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, an Apple bull who is bearish on the first year of sales for the Apple Watch, reckons that Tim Cook’s firm will be able to sell around 9M units of the device before the close of 2015. He’s in line with the numbers in the Digitimes report, but few other Wall Street voices join him.

Apple bets on health

It’s not clear how much of the health monitoring that Apple boasts of with the Apple Watch will ever come in useful. The device is able to record heart rate, among other factors, but that data is useless without somebody to take a look at it. Though the day will surely come when a machine is trusted to monitor and analyze data coming from a sick human, it’s not quite here today.

Airstrip, which is available on the Apple  Watch, can record a number of factors that families expecting a child might appreciate. The system is able to differentiate between the heart rate of mothers and babies and keep track of contractions during childbirth.

Dr. Cameron Powell, co founder of the service, says that it is able to assess whether a pregnancy is at risk of still birth. If the app works as intended it could be a great asset, but it will take a long time before doctors, and the rest of the healthcare establishment, are able to include data like that in their work.

For the time being those buying into the Apple Watch for its health benefits are getting a heart rate monitor that promises to be much much more. Whether Apple can get it there, and whether it’s worth the research is sales really do come in below 10M for 2015, remains to be seen.

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