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Apple Inc. will reveal its next smart phone at an event in San Francisco on September 9. The day has finally arrived. We already know a lot about what the iPhone 7 specs will look like, and the release date will likely fall a week from Friday. What we’re not sure about is the other products that Apple will show off this time around.

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With a longer, and substantially bigger event planned this year, it seems that Apple has a lot of “one more things” to get through before it will let the world rest on Wednesday. The firm will hold the iPhone 7 event in the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, a venue with capacity seating of 7,000. Apple usually reveals the iPhone in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts which holds just 750.

That’s a big change, and it appears that the iPhone 7 release will be followed by at least four major “one more things” from Apple Inc. on Wednesday afternoon. Here’s a look at what they are.

1) We’re getting an Apple TV

Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster still hasn’t gotten the full Apple TV that he’s been looking for, but this evening’s event should mark the advent of Apple’ first major charge into the living room. The new Apple TV is going to run on an all new OS, it’s going to be packed with features, and it’s going to serve as the platform for Apple’s power inside homes.

tvOS, a name that follows the convention set by iOS and WatchOS, wil likely be the name of the powerful software that the new Apple TV will work with. It will have HomeKit at its core and bring a whole new App Store.

The TV store will allow Apple devs to focus on the TV, and let Tim Cook and his team use their advantage in gaming to attract more buyers. The Apple TV will, says a New York Times report, start at about $150.

2) Siri listens to everything you say

Apple used Siri to invite people to its big event this time around, and we’re likely to see some changes in the way the personal assistant works in the months ahead. The big feature we’ll be looking for today is the advent of an always-on Siri that will respond to your queries based on voice alone.

We know that iOS 9 will make Siri a much more central part of the iPhone experience, and the creation of an always-on, hands-off “Hey Siri” feature is necessary for Apple to compete with the likes of Google.

When Craig Federeghi showed off iOS 9 earlier on this year we saw some of the other features that will come to the service this year. From the iPhone 7 on, Siri will be a major part of the way that people interact with their Apple device, and the way Apple gets its vision of the future across to the world.

What we’re not sure about is how this will work if you and your friends are all trying to get in touch with Siri at the same time. There’s weaknesses to voice-control that Apple hasn’t yet figured out.

3) Working on the iPad Pro

The other major device we’re likely to see on September 9 isn’t a guaranteed success. The iPad Pro is a rumored part of a top-level Apple strategy to turn around the flailing iPad business. That’s easier said than done, but if anybody can save the slab, it’s the firm that made it work in the first place.

The iPad Pro is set to compete with the likes of the Surface Pro from Microsoft. To that end its rumored base specs say it will have 32GB base memory for $799. Adding LTE will up the price by $100-150, in line with Apple’s other tablets, while each memory upgrade will likely cost the same.

The top iPad Pro, which is rumored to come with 128GB of memory and LTE, is set to come in at $1129, just below the price charged for the least expensive MacBook offered by the firm.

4) Rebuilding the Apple Watch

Apple Inc.  may not have met the more optimistic outlook on the Apple Watch this year, but the firm put a solid base together that will help to sell the wearable device for years to come. Tim Cook and his team have been at work making the device better and better in recent months, and the improvements are going to be central to the event on Wednesday.

We should hear some update on Watch OS 2 at this afternoon’s event. The beta version of the software is has been made available to developers. That means that there’s not all that many secrets hidden inside the system.

Watch OS 2 is still set to excite because it will, at long last, make the Apple Watch worth having. For many the Apple Watch presents more problems than it solves. Apps don’t work as they should, and the wrist-borne computer relies too much on the iPhone to do its work.

Those problems will be solved with WatchOS 2, and we’ll be looking to see what Tim Cook says about the software this afternoon.

Apple will launch the iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 release date is upon us and, despite the excitement around the Watch OS, the iPad Pro, the TV and Siri, it’s going to be the main event on Wednesday.

Thanks to Ming Chu Kuo and other voices with some level of access to the supply chain, we already have plenty of info on the iPhone 7 specs.

To recap:

  • Force Touch will be the major headline. It will allow new ways to navigate iOS and turn the system into a robust 3D experience once devs figure out how to use it properly.
  • The iPhone will be a little bit thicker, at 7.1mm, and will offer new colors Rose Gold and Space Black. Otherwise it will be almost the same as the iPhone 6 on the outside.
  • It will come with 16 GB base memory, 2 GB of RAM, and the A9 chip.
  • The camera will be 12MP and will allow 4K recording.

We’ll likely see the iPhone 7 in stores for the first time on September 18. Until then, we’ll have to go over the iPhone 7 specs sheet that Tim Cook and his team reveal later on today, and dream about the day our contract will end.

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