Apple Inc (AAPL) to Give Birth to Triplets This Fall: iPhone 7, 7 Plus and 7 Pro (Rumors)

Apple Inc (AAPL) iPhone 7

Apple Inc. may have iPhone 7 hopefuls choosing between three handsets this September. This is according to the Times of India. The news outlet reports of a Chinese source — a social network called Weibo — which insists that, beyond the next iPhone 7 and its Plus version, there will be another device. It would be called the iPhone 7 Pro.

Apple Inc (AAPL) iPhone 7 Rumors

iPhone 7 Pro from Apple

The iPhone 7 Pro isn’t a new rumor though. It has been around for several months now. Although, it hasn’t been reported as a third version of the next generation iPhone. Up until now, the rumored handset was (and still is for most) thought to be the Plus version’s replacement. Instead of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, those with their ear on ground have been anticipating an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro.

However, even if we entertain the idea of the Pro as a third handset, we would be looking at Apple Inc.’s most premium iPhone yet. It is expected to sport a dual-camera feature and wireless charging, much like the iPad Pro. It would also cost significantly more than the  iPhone 7 Plus. Sources expect it to be at least $150 more.

The move would place Apple’s iPhones in line with its it’s tablet range. The iPad too recently got a bigger third sibling — the iPad Pro. It joined the iPad Mini and iPad Air several months back. When one bears the idea of the iPhone 7 Pro from this angle, it does not seem so far fetched. Still, they are just rumors and knowing the U.S. tech firm, the public won’t know much about anything until closer to the devices’ unveiling.

No standard  audio jack on next iPhone

According to more prominent iPhone 7 gossip, Apple fans have been led to believe that the next iPhone will be slimmer and without the industry standard audio jack. This will help shave a millimeter or two off the device. Removing the audio port would also allow for some enhanced waterproofing.

To compensate for the loss, Apple is suspected to be making the iPhone 7’s lighting port double as the device’s earphone jack too. There has also been talks of special Bluetooth earsets that probably won’t come standard with the handset.

The greatest complaint regarding the audio jack’s removal is the how it renders the iPhone 7 incompatible with most other music devices. But Apple is said to be including a standard accessory to address this too.

Despite the confusion, it seems that the rumors all have a thought out approach. This makes sifting the truth from the hopeful rumors very difficult. Regardless, it makes looking forward to the next generation of the iPhone all the more exciting.

What are your thoughts o the iPhone 7 rumors? Which part of the handset’s potential new features excite or upset you? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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