Apple iPhone Upgrades Are Immune to Rumors and Delays

Apple Inc. means business, and the company is not playing around with this year’s smartphones. It has something special in store for iPhone fans. September promises to be an exciting time. This year’s mobile upgrades will allegedly be unveiled on the 12th of next month. It is also said that the company wants to mark ten years of the iPhone with a special edition handset. Though, that’s just the word on the street. The premium tech firm is known for keeping products tightly locked away until their release.

How far-fetched the online speculation has become is yet to be seen. However, don’t let that discourage you. Any avid follower of Apple knows that rumors and leaks somehow get ahead of every launch. Beyond that, they tend to be spot-on, too.

Apple Inc AAPL iPhone 7

What they don’t always get correct is the name. Remember what HomePod was called during its rumor phase? In hindsight, believing that Apple might have gone with the name Siri Speaker is cringeworthy. The AirPods and second generation Apple Watch had similar mispredictions. “iPhone 8” seems like one of those.

Followers of Apple’s iPhone upgrade conventions are aware of the company’s super cycle. An S upgrade comes out after every new generation handset. That will be true for this year’s gadgets, too. Alongside the special edition handset will be the iPhones 7S and 7S Plus.

But the name iPhone 8 is due for next year. There are all sorts of spanners being thrown in the works with a move like that. What does this leave the 2018 upgrades, a jump to iPhone 8S? Perhaps Apple seeks to drop the numbering trend moving into the next decade of smartphones, hence the “bonus” iPhone.

Other names have been circling the web, too. Each one is worthy to consider. There is the title iPhone Pro. That has nice ring to it, being the most elite of the iPhone variants and such. It sets aside the men from the boys, so to speak and Apple has a few Pro titles under its belt already. Could the iPhone be getting a Pro lineup as well?

There is also the name iPhone X, equally as appealing. The name sounds intriguing enough, but also ties in nicely. Its use of the Roman numeral is a nice hint at this particular iPhone’s ten year significance. Bearing this title option, I see Apple having a hard time turning it down.

Apple means business

But Apple means business, at that goes far beyond whatever name it slaps on its bonus handset. The company is has a history of unveiling gadgets on the second Tuesday of every September. This year, that means the 12th is its likely unveiling date. As usual the gadget should be available to buy in stores about 10 days later.

Apple loves cashing in on new iPhone sales before the September quarter is up. It works as a great lead-in for the Christmas quarter, which is always the company’s best. There are rumors of a likely iPhone launch delay, too. However, that means nothing for iPhone sales. According to Jack Dawson of Jackdaw Research, the holiday shopping season will still be a winner “by a long way”. It does not “[matter] when they go on sale,” the research chief adds.

Apple is immune

Philip Amit Daryarni’s daily occupation is analytics at Royal Bank. The man recently shared his opinion on the iPhone delay rumors. He believes that September, and possibly October, could end without the bonus iPhone in stores.

Daryarni considers data from Apple Inc suppliers and points out the OLED supply constraints. The iPhone 8 is more likely, according to the analyst, to be released in the middle of the Christmas quarter. That, if not early next year.

Royal Bank adjusted its projections accordingly. It shifted its sales estimates down by 5.5 million units in the current quarter. Those shipments now feature on the company’s estimates for the following quarter. The delay will be frustrating, no doubt, but Royal bank believes the hunger for the new iPhone will not die down significantly.

Again, it really does not matter when the iPhone 8 comes out. These sentiments are echoed by Gene Munster, founder and CEO at Loup Ventures. Munster reiterates that Apple knows its business model better than any outside analyst. The company’s estimates tend to be either on the money or beyond expectations. If there is a delay, Apple would have seen it coming and adjusted its earnings accordingly.

Apple seeks to make between $49 billion and $52 billion this quarter. The iPhone launch weekend will no doubt contribute massively to that target.

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