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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) may be a very secretive company, but some times it’s hard to beat the power of an inquisitive mind. Developers waiting anxiously to see the iPhone 8 specs have apparently already found a way to get access to the details directly from Cupertino.

The Apple HomePod, which is due to be released in December, is a smart speaker. It’s the firm’s take on Amazon’s Echo, and there’s a good chance it’ll be a popular product. It’s also, as of last Friday’s update, a goldmine for iPhone 8 specs info.

Some devs working on the device have already found references to the new smartphone from Cupertino in the code.

Apple iPhone 8 specs leaked in code

The HomePod code confirms some things we already knew about the iPhone 8 specs. To start, the device will have a bezel-less form factor. Coder Guilherme Rambo posted about finding an icon that appeared related on Twitter.

That picture really does show it all. Apple appears to have a device in the works that looks a whole lot like the iPhone 8 leaks. It could of course be the new iPod Nano, but there won’t be too many people will be betting on that.

Meanwhile we also got info from HomePod on more controversial iPhone 8 specs rumors. It appears that the phone will have a 3D face scanning tech. This is one of the widely rumored next-gen techs said to be part of the device.

3D Face scanning would be used to unlock your phone automatically, but only if it’s you looking at it. Other phone firms have tried and failed to popularize this feature. Apple fans will be hoping that Tim Cook’s teams can finally make it useful for everyday unlocking.

TouchID Replacement incoming?

There have been rumors that this tech will replace TouchID. The firm’s fingerprint scanner was situated on the home button since its creation. As the iPhone 8 design appears to preclude any spot for the fingerprint scanner, that may well turn out to be true. Some outlets have reported that Cupertino is having tech problems with a sub-screen scanner.

It’s strange that Apple would overlook leaks like these when the firm is apparently security obsessed. If this is pure incompetence, Apple’s security practices may need to be reassessed. If it’s a managed leak, then it works to build hype for the iPhone 8 release date, and may in fact be a good thing for the company.

Phil Schiller could be leading us

We know that Apple has been on something of a secrecy bender recently. The firm has been doing everything it can to stop details about the iPhone 8 specs from getting outside the gates of Cupertino. The latest leaks could, of course, be part of a disinformation campaign from Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller.

Apple Watch iPhone Healthkit

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) could, and there has been widespread discussion about this in the past, be leaking information about specs and iPhone 8 release date delays in order to build a narrative about the firm’s ability to deal with a crisis and put out a great product at the same time.

This is a thesis that’s impossible to disprove. That doesn’t make it correct, but it does have a certain romantic symmetry to it. Through the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone release, Apple has been talking about the manic sprint to the launch and production of the technological marvel.

Having the same thing happen with the iPhone 8 release date creates a very nice marketing story, at the very least. The fact that some of the news stories are emerging from inside Cupertino is another reason to pause. The firm’s own office space has been somewhat free from major iPhone leaks in recent years.

That said, the motivation for the Apple iPhone 8 delay rumors is unknowable. Both the tech world and Wall Street seem to believe them, however, and that means they’re having an effect even if not strictly true.

Apple stock rests on iPhone 8 release date

We know that Wall Street is already talking about an iPhone 8 delay, but the iPhone release date is still something of an unknown quantity. We’ll probably see the iPhone 8 launch right beside the iPhone 7s in September, but the actual shipments could be a lot slower.

Apple Inc. iPhone Case Leak
Source:Mobile Fun

That is, at the very least, the opinion of Wall Street analysts. They think that Apple will set the iPhone 8 launch as normal, but will ship far fewer units than previously expected. That’s because of a shortage of some of the components. The OLED screen is the most widely rumored part to be causing delays.

Meanwhile, most of Wall Street is revising its estimates based on that belief. Most researching Apple stock, however, seem to believe that the Cupertino company won’t really suffer from the delays. Instead the firm’s “Supercycle” earnings boom will simply be shifted forward in time.

While that appears to be something like consensus, we’re not going to get any real reaction from Wall Street until earnings. If the firm’s results show that we’re expecting the release date to fall in the third quarter, those holding shares could become jubilant very quickly.

iPhone 8 specs tell us the future of Apple stock

When we see the iPhone 8 specs we will have a much better idea about the future of Apple stock. The massive increase in the value of the firm in the first half of 2017 was brought on by big expectations for the iPhone 8 specs.

The basic idea is that this is going to be the most popular smartphone of all time. Apple is going to reignite demand it lost after three years of same-y releases, and expand once more. It’s a dream that relies on the iPhone 8 specs meeting usability and versatility standards set by previous devices while packing in new premium features to drive demand and increase cost per unit.

If the iPhone 8 specs disappoint, expect there to be trouble. Delays could cause Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) to announce something less dramatic than expected. That could cause the firm’s stock to tumble.

Needham analyst Laura Martin is bullish on Apple stock, but she has a very realistic view of the firm. She sees Apple as a smart phone business with a couple of side gigs. Given that interpretation, poor specs on release could really harm the firm’s future. That would surely hit the portfolios of millions of investors at the same time.

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