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Apple Inc. is will put the iPhone 7 on the market in September of next year if rumors about the device are true, but the firm is hard at work on the device right now. As far as the rumors about the iPhone 7 specs go, it seems that what Jony Ive decides to take away could be much more important this time around.

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Almost all of the big rumors about the device though few of the iPhone 7 specs we’ve heard about can be believed, involve Apple taking things away from the device rather than adding them on. Here’s a look at 6 of the things that Apple seems to be thinking about removing from its next major handset.

That bezel

An edge-to-edge screen is something that serves little practical purpose, but it makes for a very beautiful device. TV displays from the likes of Sharp and Samsung have tried to reduce their bezel to almost nothing for years, and some smart-phone makers have been trying to follow in those footsteps. Apple, though it sports small bezels on the latested handsets, as never chased that dream, but it may be changing its outlook.

Apple Inc. may decide to get rid of the side bezels on the iPhone 7 design. That’s a dramatic change that could be very welcome. A video that claims to be a leak from the Apple Inc. supply chain shows off how such an iPhone might look, but that footage appears to be pretty fake.

Still, giving the iPhone 7 an edge-to-edge screen is a major opportunity for Apple to build a striking device that will be truly different. It seems that Tim Cook and the rest of those in charge at the firm may want to go even further than that however.

The iPhone 7 Home button disappears

If Apple is set to get rid of the side bezel on the iPhone 7, what’s to stop the firm getting rid of the top and bottom bezels? The Home button of course! The major hardware button on each past iPhone may be torn out and discarded in the iPhone 7 specs, at least according to some recent rumors.

Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, an analyst with a pretty poor record for forecasting Apple products, reckons that there’s a 50 percent chance that the firm will remove the Home button in the iPhone 7 as part of a major design change.

Getting rid of the Home button means that Apple would have to expand the use of 3D Touch in order to make the iPhone 7 work just as well. It’s not clear if the firm can do that really reliably right now, and find a new place to shove the Touch ID fingerprint reader. Mr. Munster reckons that it will end up on the side of the phone, but some thing that Apple will find a way to read fingerprints through the screen of the device itself.

Apple might kill the headphone jack

If Apple is going to make the iPhone 7 even thinner, the firm will need to make all of the parts it needs to fit into it smaller. We’ve already taken a look at how the firm might decide to remove the Home Button, and that would surely make some room inside the case. On top of that the firm may decide to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack.

This rumor has been dogging Apple for years, but it seems that it’s starting to stick with the iPhone 7. We have no solid backing for it, and it might be hard for the firm to pull off. What’s clear, however, is that Apple has a lot of interest in trying to change the way in which headphones work.

#The firm would be able to get a “cheaper” high quality sound, that is cheaper in terms of case volume, by switching to Bluetooth or Lightening powered sound. Right now some who really pay attention to audio quality feel that the iPhone is limited by the amp tied to its 3.5mm jack.

In order to make the device thinner, and to up-sell a few million pairs of Beats Lightnings, Apple may decide to get rid of the headphone jack. That’s going to be a hard sell for the millions of people world wide who already have 3.5mm headphones. It’d be a major change for the firm though, and very much a negation of a past feature.

Apple may shrink the battery

Lots of people are hoping that Apple boosts the size of the battery pack in the iPhone 7 this time around, but it doesn’t seem likely that that’s going to happen. Ming Chi Kuo of KGI, one of the more reliable voices out there when it comes to iPhone 7 specs, says that Apple is going to make the phone much thinner this time around.

Mr. Kuo correctly forecast a thicker phone from Apple last September, and his 7.1mm target was hit precisely by Tim Cook’s team. This time around he says that the iPhone 7 specs will allow for a thickness of no less than 6mm but no more than 6.5mm.

That means, to the dismay of many, that there’s little room for Apple to boost the batter life of the iPhone 7. A thinner phone will have a really hard time having a bigger battery. For years Apple has managed to balance lower power use with a smaller power pack. That means that usage time should be about level with previous releases on the iPhone 7 specs sheet.

Taking away more of the power pack may prove controversial for some, but Apple Inc. fans have made it clear that thinner devices are more desirable. Going too far could, however, leave the firm open to protest, especially after it began selling its own $99 power pack.

Apple wants to keep making the iPhone smaller and more useful, and that means taking away features that it doesn’t think are all that useful many more. The bezel, the home button, the headphone jack and parts of the battery may just not be useful in the eyes of Jony Ive and whoever else is in charge of the design of the iPhone 7.

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