Apple Inc. iPhone 7 Specs, Release Date Blown Wide Open

Apple Inc. iphone 7 specs release date rumors

Apple Inc. is putting together the iPhone 7 specs and release date behind closed doors right now, and the firm is doing a good job of keeping the world from finding out what its next smartphone release will look like. The latest iPhone 7 rumors appear to suggest that the things people have been hoping for so far just aren’t going to form part of the device.

Apple Inc. iphone 7 specs release date rumors
Leaked iPhone 6S Case from 9to5Mac

Once again Apple is going to go its own way this time around and not be influenced by the rumors of Wall Street and the hopes of its fans when it designs the iPhone 7. Ming Chi Kuo ofKGI Securities says that the firm is going to keep a whole lot of the iPhone 6S in place when it puts the iPhone 7 specs on paper.

iPhone 7 specs are wrong

It seems that Apple Inc. , through Mr. Kuo’s report, has managed to eschew most of the recent rumors about the iPhone 7 spec. The device won’t according to Mr. Kuo’s report, involve an OLED or AMOLED screen. Apple is, in fact, putting more money behind the LCD screens it already puts to work inside its smartphones.

The lack of a change in screen tech makes a bunch of other iPhone 7 specs rumors much more unlikely. If Apple doesn’t change to OLED the firm probably won’t be able to use a flexible screen in its device. The change to OLED, and the other changes that would make possible, were what drove iPhone 7 rumors for quite a while. Now it seems that those looking for answers about the next major smart phone are back to square one.

It also makes another iPhone 7 rumor, one which concerned how users will interact with the next Apple smartphone release, less likely.

What’s going to sell the iPhone 7?

We know that Apple likes to give each major new release a big selling point. For the iPhone 6 it was sheer size and for the iPhone 6S it’s force Touch. Those are features that make smart phone buyers really feel as if something has changed, and that the newest release is worth buying.

In line with Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray’s sentiment, most seemed to think that a major design change was set for this time around, and that Apple Inc.  could sell the iPhone based on that. Mr. Munster said there was about a 50 percent chance that Apple would take the Home button off of its next major smart phone release.

If Apple is sticking with its current display tech, it undermines the chances of that happening. There was no real evidence that Apple was working on removing the Home button this time around, and guesses from Mr. Munster and the rest of Wall Street have proven wrong many times in the past.

If Apple isn’t going to take the home button off of the iPhone 7 and make the device run on touch alone it’s not clear what the headline among the iPhone 7 specs will be.

Mr. Kuo, who has a great record on Apple rumors, has shared quite a bit of info on what the iPhone 7 specs will look like, but he hasn’t really offered us anything in the way of major features. Mr. Kuo says that the iPhone 7 will be thinner, coming in at between 6.0 and 6.5mm, but he’s not truly sure about what Apple’s going to pack into that tiny parcel.

We know that the iPhone 7 will be much faster than the iPhone 6S. It’s going to have an A10 chip, and Mr. Kuo reckons the iPhone 7 Plus will have 3GB of RAM. We still don’t know what the big selling feature will be, and the KGI analyst doesn’t offer us anything in the way of ideas about that.

Looking at a third iPhone 7, and a new release date

Apple Insider shocked quite a few people earlier in November when it said it had info that Apple was changing its iPhone 7 release date. Cupertino was considering, said the outlet, a change to an earlier release date this time around. Apple will release a new phone in the middle of next year according to the latest rumors, but he iPhone 7 release date is still comfortably inside the normal Apple release cycle.

For fans of four inch smart phones, or those who simply can’t afford to pay $600 for a new device, Apple Inc.  is set to upgrade its offering within the next few months. Ming Chi Kuo of KGI and Kevin Wang of IHS agree: a smaller iPhone 7 is coming, and it’s coming in the first half of 2016.

That likely means that rumors of an early full iPhone 7 release aren’t true. Crossed wires in the supply chain likely lead to the confusion. Mr. Wang says that the smaller iPhone 7 will use the A9 chip, a relic of the iPhone 6, and come with a metal case.

In his own words, Mr. Wang wrote, “As there is still demand for a 4-inch iPhone, we believe Apple will upgrade this product line. Because the iPhone 5s is more popular than the iPhone 5c, we think Apple is likely to launch an upgraded iPhone 5s. We predict Apple will mass-produce this new 4-inch iPhone in 1H16 with metal casings. In order to make the current iOS 9 or next-generation iOS 10 run smoothly, Apple may adopt an A9 chip for this new phone.”

Right now it seems as though we’re not going to see the iPhone 7 specs until September of next year. Some time in the first half of next year, however, we will get a look at an update to the iPhone 5S. The device will form the basis for the iPhone 7C, but it’s not going to be a premium smartphone.

Without knowing what the headline iPhone 7 feature is going to be, it’s very hard for people right now to make a decision on whether to wait for the iPhone 7, or simply to shell out for the iPhone 6S today.

With so little data, one can still be sure that the iPhone 7 specs are going to blow those of the current release out of the water. If you can afford to wait for a new smart phone, now might be the best time to do it, no matter what the major feature of the iPhone 7 ends up being.

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