Apple Inc. iPhone 8 Release Date Reveal Set For August 1

Apple Inc. is on the cusp of the release of its best smartphone ever, but the firm’s future is still something of a mystery. Most of the questions ahead of the launch this year involves the firm’s iPhone 8 release date. We’re pretty sure that Tim Cook is working on a premium smart phone. What we don’t know is whether or not it’s going to arrive before the end of the year.

Luckily for all of you smartphone fans, securities legislation in the United States can be pretty strict about this stuff. On August 1st, though probably not fully willingly, Apple is likely to tell us when it expects the iPhone 8 release date to land.

That’s one of the most important pieces of info those holding Apple stock will need in the coming weeks.

Why could the iPhone 8 release date be delayed?

We know there’s a good chance that the iPhone 8 is going to be delayed, because seemingly good sources have signaled just that.

Apple Inc. is jamming the iPhone 8 full of new tech. The firm is trying to sell it as “next year’s phone today.” That’s been very demanding on the firm, however, and press reports say that the pressure is taking its toll.

Here’s a look at the three major causes, with an example, of the rumored iPhone 8 release date delay:

Physical shortages

If Apple ever calls looking for components for a new iPhone, remember that the firm sells 150-200 million devices a year. It’s not looking for a handful, it wants millions and millions of units. This year the hi-tech OLED screen set to premiere in the iPhone 8, though available in other smartphones, is in physical shortage.

According to rumors from the supply chain, Apple just isn’t able to get its hands on enough of the screens to build enough units for the iPhone 8 release date. That could result in weeks or months of shortages if things go badly for the firm.

Software bugs

Fast Company says that Apple isn’t even to get its own software working properly. In a recent article the outlet said that engineering teams at the firm were finding it tough to get all of the new tech in the device working properly before the iPhone 8 release date.

For example it seems that Apple is having big trouble getting the wireless charging standard to work for it. The issue is software, rather than hardware.

Stories about software bugs are very different from those about components. Hardware supply shortage stories are often the result of analysts who simply can’t see the whole picture. The software rumors appear to be coming from inside Apple Inc. itself. They also come with anonymous sourcing, however, and may be the result of some hidden agenda.

Half-baked tech

According to rumor, Apple removed the fingerprint sensor before it was able to replace it with anything, That has resulted in a phone with a half-working sub screen fingerprint technology. We don’t really know if this issue is purely software, or if there are contributory hardware issues. That means it’s impossible to tell how Tim Cook’s team could even get around it.

Look to earnings for iPhone 8 release date

Apple is, like all public companies in the United States, forced to release quarterly earnings publicly. The firm will next do this on August 1st, some time after the market closes. Those earnings will be for the three months through June.

The firm’s current quarter, from July through the end of September, has traditionally included the opening weekend of the iPhone. If the iPhone 8 release date is delayed, its numbers won’t be included in the September quarter. If Apple is already aware of this it will give us that info sooner rather than later.

Though its not legally enforced, Apple likes to deliver some guidance for coming quarters as part of its earnings. If the firm is planning to delay the iPhone 8 release date, that guidance will come in lower. If the device is set to launch on time, numbers should be pretty strong for the September quarter.

Apple Inc. could, of course, refuse to give guidance or give a wide range of guidance next week. If the firm views these circumstances as extraordinary it may feel justified in using different accounting practices. There’s dozens of Wall Street analysts who are hoping it won’t do that, however.

Here’s what Wall Street thinks about Apple stock

Almost every single analyst on Wall Street has given up on Apple Inc.   being anything but a phone company. For years the narrative surrounded diversification away from the iPhone. Now, however, it’s all about increasing the share of the device in Cupertino profits.

On that note precisely, Wall Street’s sell side research houses have spent most of their time talking about the iPhone “Supercycle” they’re hoping to see in the next 12-18 months. That would, if true, entail a jump in unit sales of the iPhone. It would also, due to the iPhone 8, involve an increase in margins.

If there is anything like a consensus on Wall Street, it was more or less summed up by Aaron Rakers of Stifel on Tuesday morning. In his report he downgraded Apple earnings for the full year 2017. He didn’t lower his price target on Apple stock, however.

This pattern has been repeated across Wall Street in recent weeks. By and large it seems an iPhone 8 release date delay is expected. Few seem to think that will really impact the stock, however.

iPhone 8 specs could blow you away

It’s not all about the release date of course. Not everyone is going to go crazy and queue up for the device on opening weekend. To most phone buyers, the iPhone 8 specs are much more important.

apple iphone
iPhone 8 Concept Design / Image Source: Racing Junky

We can’t answer definitively on how the new device will look, but the best information so far comes from Ming Chi Kuo from KGI Securities. The veteran supply chain watcher is betting that Apple will have 10 major looked-for features in the big release.

To see what those specs are, you can catch up with Kuo’s report here.

If the iPhone 8 specs look good to you, you might find out about the release date next week. Put the August 1 earnings report on your calendar and sit tight. If Apple Inc. modifies its guidance, or the firm produces some really unexpected number, expect the subsequent argument and analysis to be epically messy.

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