Apple Inc (AAPL) iPhone 8 Leaks and Rumors Create Deafening Buzz

Apple Inc (AAPL) iPhone 8

The 2017 Apple Inc. iPhone 8 is already grabbing headlines and appears more popular than this year’s device in some circles. The internet is usually a buzz with talks of Apple products around this time of the year. The closing of August means one thing to fans of the consumer tech giant. Apple, several years back, adopted September as the period in which it usually drops a brand new iPhone. The coming of every new generation has consumers by the masses lining up and even camping out at Apple Stores, days ahead its launch.

Apple Inc (AAPL) iPhone 8
iPhone 8 rendering by iPhoneconcepts.com

There is little to suggest that next month will be any different. Excitement for Apple Inc.’s 2016 iPhone — the iPhone 7 — has held strong for several months now. It can be seen surging across the web, with news outlets covering a number of the device’s anticipated features. Most reports have noticeably described an “unimpressive upgrade” though. If rumors are anything to rely on, then the iPhone 7 will offer little else beyond a thinner build and enhanced water resistance.

This has incited a lot of curiosity over the what the 2017 iPhone might hold, and experts from Apple’s supply chains predict a revolutionary gadget. Right now, the alleged specs of the iPhone 8 eclipse those of the more immediate iPhone 7.

Apple Inc.’s 2017 iPhone

Those who are familiar with how Apple titles its iPhone upgrades might anticipate an iPhone 7S next year. This won’t be the case according to KGI Securities. A few analysts agree that an S upgrade may be too calm for what would be Apple Inc.’s 10th anniversary iPhone. “So there’s a good chance that Apple may decide to skip directly to the next full number, naming the 2017 iPhone the iPhone 8,” reports KGI.

The iPhone 8 promises to be jam-packed with a few exciting features. Most intriguing of all is the distinct face-lift that the product might undergo. There are talks of a glass chassis, an iris scanner, an edge-to-edge display, and a new to keep the device charged all the time.

A glass body.

Apple Inc. is said to be digging into its past and bringing glass back to its class. The company ditched the glass-bodied design after its iPhone 4S back in 2011. Expert reports assure fans that the iPhone 8 will boast much thinner glass frame, though. Renderings of the device show some alluring concept ideas that seem to score well among fans of the premium product. Only its official unveiling will reveal if this piece of speculation is true. However, with the use of light-weight and more durable innovations like Gorilla Glass growing in the smartphone space, the chance of Apple returning to it much-loved glass is a high possibility.

Long-distance wireless charging

Reports claim that Apple is working tirelessly at making long-distance wireless charging a reality. Powering phones via wireless charge is already a popular feature on modern gadgets. The device has to be very close to the charger for this to work though. If the reach of the wireless charge can be enhanced, users need not concern themselves of their phone’s draining battery. This would be due to the fact the phone would always be wirelessly tethered to a charger.

It is a great concept to entertain, and numerous reports cite this as feature of the the 2017 iPhone. Fans shouldn’t expect to much distance from what would be a first generation feature. However, it would be a stepping stone to some very convenient tech and would make the iPhone unrivaled in terms of charging.

OLED Screen

An OLED screen should debut on the iPhone next year. This is backed by numerous sources ranging from Apple’s supply to a number of top analysts. OLED has long been a feature on premium smartphones for some time now and Apple was often criticized for holding back in the iPhone’s display tech. OLED is imperfect though and holds a number of drawbacks. But Tim Cook and co. Are said to be giving in and finally making the switch to OLED.

The display tech offers a bit more durability. It is more flexible than LCD displays, meaning less chance of scratches and screen cracks. OLED also provides better color contrasts for deeper and darker shades and more vibrant bright colors. Better responses can also be derived from the display tech.

Apple Inc. goes for an iris scanner

Samsung’s recent and most premium handset — the Galaxy Note 7 — will launch equipped with an iris scanner. Apple is reported to be following suit, only not with the iPhone 7, but next year’s iPhone 8. It’s use isn’t detailed by any source but users can safely assume that it will form part of the phone’s security features.

Based on online talks, the iPhone 8 sounds like great handset. Apple Inc. is likely to be more concerned with the more immediate release of its iPhone 7 though. The 2016 device is reported to launch by mid-September.

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