Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 7 Specs Rumors Belie Smart Phone Dreams

Apple Inc (AAPL) iPhone

Apple Inc. has just finished with the iPhone 6S, but the planet is never sated. The tech world is talking about iPhone 7 specs already, and there’s lots of stories out there about what the next version of he phone from Apple will look like, and when the iPhone 7 release date will hit.

The problem is, and it’s not a problem so much as an observation, Apple hasn’t released any details about the iPhone 7 specs. Even the best supply chain insider, Ming Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, hasn’t put any concrete information out there about the iPhone 7 specs. For now all the rumors and details about the device say more about what people want than what Apple is working on, but that doesn’t make them worthless.

Apple Inc (AAPL) iPhone 7

Dreaming up the iPhone 7

Jony Ive is a better designer than most of the people making iPhone 7 concept videos, but that doesn’t mean their ideas aren’t important. Each rumor is a look into what people think is possible from the iPhone 7, what they’ve heard might be brought in from rumors, and what they really want to see from the device.

These are the kind of iPhone 7 rumors that will disappear once concrete info about the device begins to flow. It shows off the sorts of things that people really want from the device, and it gives us a more varied and interesting view of where Apple might head next.

Read on to find out what the world, in all its multifaceted imagination, really wants from the iPhone 7 specs, and whether there’s any chance we’re going to see a device that lives up to those hopes and dreams.

Shrinking the iPhone 7

There’s a lot of people out there who just can’t handle the screen size of the iPhone 6S Plus, and they’re free to pick up the cheaper, but still brilliant, iPhone 6S. For those that think the 6S is too big, there’s not much to look at. There are people out there who still dream of the 3.5 inch iPhone 7, and YouTube Channel ConceptiPhone has put together a model of what that looks like.

Apple  has been rumored to be working on a 4 inch iPhone 7, but it seems very unlikely that the firm will return to a 3.5 inch form factor. The iPhone 4S was the last 3.5 inch device that the firm released. That was more than four years ago, and the world has really moved on.

There is still likely demand for a 3.5 inch smart phone that can do the job of a modern mobile, but Apple isn’t a firm likely to give it to us next year.

Bending the iPhone 7

Ever since a patent emerged from Apple showing the firm’s work on flexible screen tech, rumors about the shape of the iPhone 7 have been flying. Some are looking for Apple to release a device that has a bent screen, similar in function to that on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Take a look below to see what that could be like.

The above video, which is actually a concept for the iPhone 6 rather than a look at hopeful iPhone 7 specs, shows just what some people think Apple should do with its new screen tech. They’re looking for the display of the iPhone 7 to wrap around the phone and give more options to users on how to control their device.

Apple is not likely to work on anything like the concept above. There’s multiple problems with bendable screen tech that have yet to be overcome. Anything like the device in the video above would break on contact with anything more solid than air, glass bent to a right angle being very fragile.

Apple unifies iOS and OSX

We’re pretty sure that Apple will, in the years to come, bring its mobile iOS and desktop OSX closer and closer together. With the release of the iPad Pro, the firm has blurred the lines between the form factors, but some users don’t think that’s enough. They want their iPhone 7 to act just like a Mac.

The above video shows a model of the iPhone 7 that could actually open up and work as a full Mac experience. It projects a desktop onto the wall in front of the users and projects a keyboard near their fingertips. Apple is not going to release anything like that next year.

The battery of the iPhone 7, which Ming Chi Kuo says will be thinner than ever, simply won’t be able to handle a projector for very long, and that, among other reasons, will restrain an Apple  release of the above system with the iPhone 7.

Two screens on the iPhone 7

Despite how out there the above concepts of the iPhone 7 were, the below video really asks for more suspense of disbelief than almost anyone can muster. Have a look at the incredible iPhone 7 that this YouTube user has dreamed up.

Two screens. It’s not a feature that Apple is going to even consider adding to the iPhone 7 specs, and it’s not something that the vast majority of users would want. It makes the device prone to breaks, and it gives most users very little to work with. For those that love playing games on their smart phone it might be a boon, as shown in the video, but that’s about it.

Despite that, this is a great looking iPhone 7 concept video, and someone put quite a lot of work into dreaming up the next gen of smart phone, even if it’s a little too out there. Perhaps some firm, though not likely Apple, will release a two-screened smartphone in the coming years and appease those that love this concept. For now, however, they’re stuck trying to hack WhatsApp onto their Nintendo 3DS.

Apple battery swap?

This is another concept that did the rounds before the release of the iPhone 6, but it’s still one of the cooler ideas we’ve seen for how to combat the battery loss problem. Have a look at how the creator reckons Apple will make the iPhone 7 charge itself instantly.

Tesla Motors has scaled down its battery swap program because of lack of demand, but the above video maker reckons that Apple may actually create a docking device that can do just that for the iPhone 7.

It’s not likely. As we all know Apple doesn’t like to give users any sort of access to the inside of the products it puts on shelves. Making the battery replaceable would likely be just too much for the firm.

These concepts, despite the fact that the iPhone 7 specs will be a far cry from them, give us insight into what the world wants to see from the iPhone 7. As rumors begin we’re going to see these ideas discounted one after another, but for now imagine an iPhone 7 projector screen that wouldn’t have power troubles because of the station above. It’s not for everyone, but it sure is a very cool idea.

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