Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 7 Specs Might Not Be Boring

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 specs and rumors

Apple Inc. is working on a new iPhone right now, you can be sure of that. The firm’s annual smart phone release has become something close to a religion among fans, and the ceremony won’t be broken in 2016. There are a few things we would like to see changed about the way Apple does business, however, and the iPhone 7 release date may be the place to start.

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 specs and rumors

The smart phone release cycle has gotten boring. Given its near monopoly on the high end of the market, nobody but Apple is going to change that any time soon. The iPhone 7 specs could really blow us away, but only if Tim Cook does something like one of the following and really changes something this time around.

Take away the iPhone 7 buttons

We know that Apple is going to do this, but the firm just won’t tell us when. The Home button, coupled the the side buttons, is the last major vestige of physicality on the iPhone. We hope the iPhone 7 specs get rid of that already.

With Force Touch the iPhone 7 may not need to have a Home button, as long as Apple can figure out some way to read fingerprints without it. We’d finally be able to get a glass slab that works like a phone. Apple may use a flexible screen to make its next device edge-to-edge, but we’re looking for it to be top-to-bottom at the same time.

Why Apple won’t do it: The tech just isn’t ready yet. Apple will likely have a home button to read fingerprints, and the firm’s iPhone 7 specs will probably take a “walk, don’t run” approach to getting rid of the bezel. For those who hate those edges, be happy if some of then disappear on the iPhone 7 release date.

iPhone 7 gets a new name

Heading into the release of every single Apple smart phone we hear about how, this time around, Apple might take the number away. The firm did that, for a short period, to the iPad, but returned to numbers with the iPad Air 2. At some point the numbers are going to sound silly, and with the iPhone 7 release date enough may be enough.

We could just have an iPhone this time around. The iPhone 7 release date need not bring a piece of metal savaged by a number. Call it the iPhone, and let us remember the model device by its year.

Why Apple won’t do it. The new iPhone is a status symbol for a lot of people, and they need a way to clearly show that they have the very latest in what Apple offers. Those people boost sales, and Apple isn’t going to turn the iPhone 7 release date into the death its time as a luxury brand. We’ll likely get the iPhone 7 this time around, and, we’ll have named iPhones, if not numbered, for some time to come.

Apple Inc. car Design Studio

There’s been a lot of talk about how the smartphone market is stale and Apple needs to move on. Most of that talk, since Wall Street lost its overwrought faith in the Apple Watch, has been about a self-driving car project at Cupertino.

When the iPhone 7 release date comes around the firm could include an app that allows users to design and order a version of the car. Tim Cook, at a recent Wall Street Journal conference, has hinted heavily that he has great interest in a car project at Apple. Here’s hoping we see what that might look like on the iPhone 7.

Why Apple won’t do it: The Apple Car, if the firm is indeed working on it, isn’t going to hit the roads for a long time yet, and a September 2016 iPhone 7 release date isn’t likely to bring news of the project from Apple, at least not with any clarity. We’re not going to be able to order the Apple Car off of the iPhone 7, or not unless we keep it for quite a few years.

iPhone 7 specs could include Intel chip

This one won’t be of interest to most people, but those in the tech world know that Apple letting Intel Corporation build its next chip would be a major coup.

On Monday the National Inquirer, a less than reliable source of iPhone 7 specs and rumors for sure, said that Intel was trying to compete for the contract to make put its LTE modem chip inside the next Apple smart phone.

That’s the wireless chip rather than the processor, which Apple design itself and has other firms, like Samsung, build for it, but it would mean a lot to Intel, and perhaps to the future of the tech market.

Intel has been trying to make its way in mobile to very limited success ever since Apple told the firm that the Atom chip wasn’t good enough for the first iPhone. Inclusion on the iPhone 7 specs list would be a major shake up in the way the chip world works.

Why Apple might do it: It seems that the biggest issues for Apple when it comes to wireless chips are power usage and cost. The Inquirer says that the iPhone 7 could be a stepping stone for Intel to produce the entire chipset for a future Apple device.

Build the iPhone 7 in the USA

Apple uses cheap labor in the Far East to make both the parts for the iPhone and to put the device together. It has the power to change that, and there’s a lot of reasons that could make that appeal to the firm.

A lot of high tech firms, including Apple  itself with the Mac Pro, are now building inside the US. The price premiums are there to make high labor costs worth it, while interstate competition means taxes and support for firms to locate in different states makes it much cheaper to set up.

Apple could, on the iPhone 7 release date, simply ship its phone from a US factory to a US warehouse and distribute them around the world. That would blow the world away, and it might even give Tim Cook some political leverage to deal with some other issues he has at home.

Why Apple won’t do it: The iPhone 7 release date is in less than a year, and Apple simply doesn’t have the time to put the device together before the phone is supposed to ship. Tim Cook made his name at Apple by closing factories and laying off workers. He may not want to go too far back on that strategy.

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