Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 7 Spec Rumors Distract From 6S Sales

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 specs and rumors

Apple Inc. hasn’t even put the iPhone 6S on the shelves yet, but the world appears to have moved on. The Cupertino firm has been the subject of more than one story about iPhone 7 specs since it launched its latest device on September 9. Those rumors may be distracting from the sales of the firm’s iPhone 6S.

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 leaked pics show specs

iPhone 7 rumors arrive on time

There’s no more rumors about the iPhone 6S, even though the device has yet to reach users. Tim Cook and his team laid the details of the phone bare in the Apple event in San Francisco earlier on this month. Now it’s simply time for the firm to get it out the door. Those who really love Apple, and those who serve them, have moved on to rumors of iPhone 7 specs.

We’ve been hearing a lot of nonsense about the iPhone 7. All we have on good faith is Ming Chi Kuo’s info about the shape of the next device. Kuo, who works for Taiwan-based KGI Securities, says that the iPhone 7 will  be much thinner than this year’s release and every other iPhone that came before it.

Mr. Kuo has access to a lot of info from the Apple supply chain, and he reckons that the iPhone 7 will be just 6.1 mm thick. That puts it on the same scale a the current iPod Touch and the iPad Air 2.

There are, however, some less trustworthy rumors about the iPhone 7 that are doing the rounds right now. If info from Business Korea is right, Apple may be looking to change the screen in the next smart phone it puts on shelves.

Rumors suggest that Apple is looking to OLED tech in order to improve the clarity and color of the screens on its range of phones. The firm is rumored to be looking at screens that can be bent and twisted in order to do something novel with the iPhone 7, or even the iPhone 8.

The Business Korea report cited a move by LG, which supplies Apple with screens for the iPhone right now, to move one of its supply lines to OLED tech from LCD. The change over may not be done in time to get OLED in the iPhone 7, but the display tech could show up in a later device from Apple.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Apple will put OLED in its next smart phone, but Tim Cook and Jony Ive have, for years, resisted the urge. Many of the phones that Apple competes with offer the tech in their flagships.

The idea of a curved screen is certainly intriguing, but it’s not possible to conclude that Apple will put a curved display in the iPhone 7 simply because LG is changing its factory around.

Other iPhone 7 rumors have even less backing than the story about the OLED display. Apple will put USB C in the iPhone 7 according to some rumors, and the firm may even have secretly created the standard.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball said in a July story that Apple had created the tech that runs USB C and passed it on to the standards agency in order to spread it wide.

New iPhone 7 rumors suggest that USB C will replace the Lightning port, but that seems unlikely given what Mr. Kuo of KGI said about the firm’s decision to make the iPhone 7 its thinnest smart phone ever. USB C is thicker than Lightning 2, and it might simply add bulk to the iPhone 7.

Waiting for the iPhone 6S

Those who have already ordered their iPhone 6S will likely get their hands on the device on September 25, just a few days from today. Some models, such as everything in the iPhone 6s Plus range and the Rose Gold iPhone 6S, may see delayed shipping due to supply constraints. That stands in stark contrast to last year when there was widespread supply issues heading up to the release of the new smart phone.

Apple didn’t exactly clear up the numbers of units of the iPhone 6S it saw ordered on its opening weekend. The firm usually releases info on how many units of the new iPhone it ships on its first weekend. That means September 25 through 27 are the days that will be taken into account.

Apple, in part of a trend that’s becoming more and more clear, decided to give us some extra teaser info this time around. Phil Schiller, who is in charge of marketing for the firm, said “Customer response to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus has been incredibly positive, we can’t wait to get our most advanced iPhones ever into customers’ hands starting this Friday.”

He added that 50 percent of those with an iOS device had already pushed the download button and put iOS 9 on their gadget.

iPhone 7 specs overshadow iPhone 6S release date

It happens every single year. The furor about the launch of a new iPhone is quickly met with a surge of rumors about the next major device from Apple.

This time around, however, there’s a little more at stake. The storm of forecasts about what the iPhone 7 specs will look like are being driven by Wall Street itself. Many expect sales of the iPhone 6S to be flat when compared with sales from the last twelve months.

That means shareholders are looking forward to the release of the iPhone 7 specs because, should they impress the world, they may be able to return Apple to growth after what some forecast to be twelve months of drought.

Not all of Wall Street is of this opinion, of course. Some of those following Apple think that the firm’s iPhone purchase plan as well as the features revealed in the iPhone 6S event will lead to growth this time around.

Steven Milunovich of UBS, in a landmark report last week, said that he expects the firm’s new iPhone sales initiatives to add more than 30 cents to EPS and make shares worth $200 a piece. That values Apple at more than $1.1 trillion.

We’ll have to wait for Apple to report its results for the three months through December before we can get a really good picture of how the iPhone is doing. Until then, expect the battle over whether the iPhone 6S can bring growth to the firm to be played out all over Wall Street.

In the mean time, those with shares will be looking forward to a simpler time when Apple will be assured of sales growth. For many the iPhone 7 will shield the firm from shrinkage, and is acting as a beacon of sorts.

So far the  rumors prove little either way, and we’re not going to see much about the device until Ming Chi Kuo really gets to work. That’s likely to start early on next year.

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