Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 7 Release Date Story Seems Unlikely

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 specs and rumors

Apple Inc. is working on the iPhone 7 right now, and the firm may be about to bring something entirely different to the table in 2016. iPhone 7 specs rumors have finally begun to circulate, and it’s looking like there will be something for everyone in the next great smart phone. Right now, however, the iPhone release date is the center of attention, and that may do more to hurt Apple than help it.

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 specs and rumors

It seems that some think Apple will change the release date cycle it has set up in recent years. That’s interesting given the huge sales of the iPhone 6S on opening weekend, and the fact that Apple seems to think sales will be very strong through December.

Can Apple set iPhone 7 release date early?

Apple Insider spoke to a source that claimed Apple is looking to set the iPhone 7 release date early. The source didn’t give exact facts about when Apple would move the date to, making the info a little bit rough for use by Wall Street. A release in August wouldn’t be that much of a surprise, or that effective of a change in financial terms, but a July launch could be taken as a major shift in strategy.

Apple pretty much full control over when it sets the iPhone 7 release date. The firm, if it can get the iPhone 7 specs to parts makers, could release the phone in January if it wanted. The question is whether that would do anything for its business.

There’s lots of questions to be asked of the iPhone 7 release date rumor, and when held up to the light, it doesn’t seem as clear, or as compelling.

Discounting early iPhone 7 release date

It’s hard to believe that Apple  is working on an early release of the iPhone 7. The rumored early launch came from a source that spoke to Apple Insider. The outlet said that the source had been correct about Apple’s product plans in the past, but we’ve heard that about a lot of sources that weren’t exactly right.

Back in 2014 the Economic Daily News in Taiwan said that Apple would target an early release for the iPhone 6. The paper said that the firm would put the phone out there in July or August. The situation back then was the same as it is today: Apple is in a cross-gen slump. Sales growth isn’t as epic as it was last year, and people are worried.

That makes the current atmosphere fertile ground for rumors of an early iPhone 7 release date. Ming Chi Kuo, in his recent report on the iPhone 7 specs, says that Apple is looking to start making the phone between July and September next year. That points to a release in line with that of the iPhone 6S.

Mr. Kuo has a very solid reputation for Apple rumors, and his word on the iPhone 7 specs and iPhone 7 release date should be given more weight than that of an unnamed source. That doesn’t mean everything he says is gospel, however.

In his recent report Mr. Kuo said that he was looking for Apple to release three units in 2016. One model will return to the 4-inch profile of the iPhone 5, while an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, with screen sizes of 4.7 and 5.5 inches, will also be on offer.

Mr. Kuo had few other details to offer, though he said that Apple is working on putting 3GB of RAM in the iPhone 7 Plus. Mr. Kuo reckons that the 4-inch offering will come out in the first half of 2015, sooner than the iPhone 7 release date. That’s a line he’s held to for quite a while, and we’ve seen some evidence of 4-inch iPhone parts moving.

The early iPhone 7 release date rumor that’s doing the rounds may have more to do with a confused supply chain source mixing up those two moves. Apple may be set to release a small iPhone early next year, and that date may have leaked out of the firm, as it did to Ming Chi Kuo, though without the valuable context.

Early iPhone 7 release date could hurt Apple

Apple  isn’t likely to set the iPhone 7 release date in the middles of next year. There’s very little evidence to suggest the firm is focused on an early release, and the story fits into a mold that’s far too easily repeated. Mr. Kuo’s vote in favor of the current smart phone cycle seems adds weight to a September launch.

The iPhone 7 release date rumors could hurt sales of the iPhone 6S, however, though that didn’t hurt too much when iPhone 6 early release rumors were banging around.

If rumors of an early iPhone 7 release date catch on it may influence purchasing decisions. Wall Street is already worried that folks will put off buying an iPhone 6S in order to wait for an iPhone 7 that will arrive in ten months. If it turns out the iPhone 7 release date has been moved forward, Apple’s sales over the next three quarters could come in very low indeed.

That didn’t happen in the past, and there’s not much reason to think it will happen this time around either. Apple will likely sell about 200M phones over the next year or so. The vast majority of those people don’t search for rumors about the next release from Apple before making a buy decision.

That means that, unless this early iPhone 7 release date rumor really takes off, Apple doesn’t have much to worry about from its next big release. When your biggest problem as a company is future products eating into sales of your current offerings, you’re doing a pretty good job overall.

We don’t have much info about the iPhone 7 just yet, but it seems certain that the next major Apple release will be truly awesome. We’ll just have to wait for more glimpses of the iPhone 7 specs to leak, but it’s important not to take rumors at face value.

Right now the most intriguing aspect of Apple’s plans is the rumored 4-inch smartphone. Apple tried to offer a cheap phone before, with the release of the iPhone 5c, and it seems to have failed. A 4 inch iPhone need not have a cheap feel it could just be a premium model for those who want a smaller phone.

We’ll have to sit and see whether Ming Chi Kuo is right, and whether a 4-inch iPhone is causing the iPhone 7 release date rumors that are cropping up in recent days.

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