Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 7 Specs Look Amazing (But Don’t Believe)

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 specs and rumors

Apple Inc. will, without a doubt, set up the iPhone 7 release date for some time in 2016, but that’s not soon enough for all of the smartphone super fans out there. They want to see the device now, and they want it to be the most amazing thing they’ve ever held in their hands. The iPhone 7 specs haven’t been leaked in any good detail just yet, but we have enough info to see a future where that hope is met in reality.

The iPhone 7 specs will be a big change from the iPhone 6S, on both the inside and the outside. That’s been a clear trend among those who have been looking at the changes that Apple might put into play in the next twelve months. Read on to find out how the iPhone 7 specs might change, and what Apple could do to make this the best smart phone of all time.

iPhone 7 specs discard physicality

This is one of the iPhone 7 rumors that has really caught the imagination in recent weeks. Apple has had patents that could strip the Home button from its phones for years, but there’s a lot more talk about doing that to the iPhone 7 than any other release.

Gene Munster, a Wall Street analyst who studies Apple  for Piper Jaffray, reckons that there’s a 50 percent chance that Apple will decide to get rid of the Home button. In order to do that the firm will need to improve the function of 3D Touch and find a new place for its Touch ID fingerprint reader.

Apple has a patent that could let it read the fingers of users through the screen, but it seems more likely, to Gene Munster at least, that the firm will take an easier path and put the reader on the side of the device. That could change the way people use the reader. If Touch ID is on the side of the iPhone 7, users won’t be able to unlock the device while it lies on a flat surface without twists and turns.

iPhone 7 edge to edge screen becomes possible

Taking the Home button off of the device leaves more room for what users truly love. People love the screen on their smartphone so much that they got Apple to boost the size of the device despite protests from the firm’s leaders. Without physical buttons Apple could simply make the iPhone 7 specs include an edge to edge screen.

There’s a lot of problems with phones that make their display sit too close to the edge, but given Apple’s talent for solving problems that other firms don’t seem unable to approach, the firm may be able to make it work on its next major release.

Apple Inc. iphone 7 concept

A recent picture of an iPhone 7 concept that had nothing but a screen on its front face drew a huge amount of attention in the last couple of weeks.

Apple gets an all new processor

Apple has had a certain amount of trouble with software bugs in recent years, but one thing remains true. Even with a less powerful chip on paper, iOS tends to run faster and smoother than Android. That’s an asset that Apple may be able to take advantage of with its A10 chip. The iPhone 7 specs are set to include the latest chip design from Cupertino, and there’s a couple of reasons it could be a revolution.

Rumors have been floating around that Apple will put a six-core chip inside the iPhone 7. That’s not unusual in today’s mobile market, but, with Apple’s ability to take full advantage of hardware, it could be a major change at Cupertino.

A Weibo tech leak, from user I Ice Universe, said that Apple may include a six core chip in the iPhone 7. That’s not exactly the best source for info about the iPhone 7 specs, but it is likely that the firm will do something big to boost the speed of the device this time around.

A six core processor isn’t just good for speed, of course, it allows the larger, and more power hungry, parts of the chip to stay idle if you’re not using high performance features. That means your phone will have power when you need it to, but save battery wherever it can. Power saving may be a key feature among the iPhone 7 specs because, as far as we can tell, the power pack is going to get even smaller.

iPhone 7 will be even thinner

This is the only iPhone 7 rumor that has good backing and makes perfect sense given the behavior of Apple Inc., in recent years. Ming Chi Kuo, who is the most revered of all Apple  product leakers, says that the firm will make thinness an important aspect of the iPhone 7 specs. In his view the phone will measure between 6 and 6.5mm.

That’s much thinner than the iPhone 6S, which at 7.1mm is actually thicker than the iPhone 6, and about as thin as the latest iPod Touch. That means that there will be a few other shrinking numbers among the iPhone 7 specs. If Apple wants to make the device thinner it’s likely to be forced to shrink the power pack.

So far Apple has managed to keep taking chunks out of the battery by making the software better, and making the hardware more efficient. That works right up until it doesn’t, as was the case with the Facebook App after the release of the latest version of iOS.

iPhone 7 specs could change drastically

Very few of the iPhone 7 specs that have been doing the rounds are based on solid info. It’s not likely that Apple will make decisions based on what is out there right now. The firm already has the iPhone 7 in development, and we simply don’t know what the real specs of the device will be.

It’s likely, however, that Apple will follow the release cycle of recent years and set the iPhone 7 release date for some time late in the third quarter of 2016. That means we’ll probably be able to get our hands on the device some time before the end of September next year.

Until then we’ll be waiting for new rumors about the device. Once Ming Chi Kuo puts a full report about the next gen iPhone 7 specs out there we’ll start to get a clearer picture of the device. For now, we’ll just have to dream based on the few rumors that are out there right now.

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