Apple to Make iPhone Affordable For Everyone, Just Like Samsung

Apple Inc (NSDAQ:AAPL) iPhone SE

Apple Inc. wants to be a lot more like Samsung. That is ludicrous, you say? Well, it might not be as far fetched as most people think.

Firstly, a quick reminder that the new iPhones are days away from being showcased. Chief among them will be the all-new, third and ultra-premium handset. Its significance: celebrating a whole decade of the iPhone’s existence.

Apple fanatics and iPhone lovers should pay careful attention to the expansion of the iPhone range. Gradually, CEO Tim Cook and his company are expanding the reach of their flagship product. The goal is to make sure that Apple offers smartphones to meet every pocket out there.

Skeptical? Well, read on, because your favorite iPhone lineup will soon become Apple’s mid-range offering. The incoming OLED device promises be the most premium moving forward.

Mid-range, then what is at the entry level? While Apple does not make a lot of noise about it, the company launched the iPhone SE in March 2016. This low-cost and smaller gadget crams most of the features installed on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone

The iPhone SE is a light sell in the developed world. However, in lower income regions Apple gives it bit more focus. Launching a new iPhone gets the price of older models lowered. After the launch of the iPhone 6, Apple found that iPhone 5s sales were still going strong.

As it turns out, there is a large market for the smaller screen iPhone. That does not mean that Apple’s fan base rejects innovation, though. Enter the iPhone SE, a gadget housing most of the features of the iPhone 6S with a reduced price tag.

Catering to everyone with the iPhone

The developing world tends to flock toward older iPhones after a new release. Beyond that, many folks do not think “bigger and better” translates nicely onto smartphones. Apple said in March 2016 that is managed to sell over 30 million 4-inch screen iPhones the previous year. The larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s ranges were already out by then, too.

Despite those newer iPhones, many buyers opted for products like the 5s. So, does Apple Inc. then turn its back on an obviously large market? Of course not and so came iPhone SE. It house all the features of an iPhone 6s in the body of a 5s.

In truth, it is the premium tech company’s entry level phone and available at any iStore. If the existence of this gadget is news to you, do not fret. Apple does not brag about it, especially not in the US or Europe. Places like India, however, where the iPhone is revered as high-end with less people who can afford it, see more of its promotion.

It starts at $399, is small yet powerful, and fits in the palm of your hand like every phone from the good old days. For the record, though, I personally do not think Apple Inc. likes diluting the “premium” nature of its brand just to make everyone feel included.

The iPhone SE is also Apple’s way to beef up slowing iPhone sales. More sales can obviously be derived if more people can afford an iPhone, hence the SE.

You said Apple wants to be like Samsung, please explain

Well, they do. Introducing an even more, ultra-premium smartphone in addition to the already premium flagship iPhones is a page ripped straight out of Samsung’s playbook. The South Korean tech major caters to every pocket out there.

Samsung has low-end smartphones like the J series or Galaxy S Mini, with even lower offerings than those. Then there’s premium smartphones on offer like the Galaxy S8. Those in the market for an ultra-premium smartphone from the company can get themselves a Galaxy Note 8.

It is easy to see that the new, third iPhone comes to combat products like the Galaxy Note series. The adoption of OLED and facial recognition features are a clear jab at Samsung’s top end gadgets. Products like these score record sales on sheer screen tech brilliance alone.

Samsung secures 23 percent of the world’s smartphone market according to IDC, a research and analytics firm. In contrast, Apple Inc. scores just 15 percent. Samsung is clearly doing something right. Providing a smartphone for every pocket out there is probably a huge part of its success.

However, Tim Cook and his company still gather the most in terms of smartphone profits worldwide.

Another page from Samsung its LTE connectivity on a smartwatches. Samsung has already has two generations of internet capable wrist pieces. The makers of the iPhone launch their first this September. That is probably nitpicking, though.

Apple Inc. houses its September launch event on the 12th. Expect the iPhones, an Apple Watch and a new TV from the company.

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