Apple Has More Going On Than 2017 iPhone Upgrades: Bonds, Music, AR

Apple Inc. gets a lot of attention around this time of the year. It is rightfully due, too. The premium tech company shows off its iPhone upgrades in a few days’ time. The event tends to spark a consumer frenzy among company fanatics. The 12th of September promises to be no exception.

The day might prove even crazier than anticipated. Apple has three new iPhones to unveil this year. That is one more than the company usually rolls out. The bonus gadget, which comes in addition to the iPhones 7S and 7S Plus, marks the product’s ten-year existence.

For now, leaks and speculation hog the bulk of Apple Inc.-related news. You could easily be forgiven for forgetting that there is more to the gadget maker than smartphones. The excitement thrown at the 2017 handsets does not cancel out Apple’s other developments, though. For those finding it hard to sift through the iPhone fanfare and clickbait here are 3 interesting Apple happenings beyond the new iPhones.

More Bonds from Apple Inc.

It is lucky number seven, at least. Apple is once again offering bonds to the public. The move will help fund its dividends payouts and stock repurchases.

Bloomberg is among the first to report on the story, always with its ear on the ground. Sources cited by the news outlet claim the corporation has $5 billion in debt deals to offer.

News of Apple Inc.’s bond offering comes days ahead of the iPhone upgrades, perfectly in time with the company’s raised bullishness. Indeed, people are days away from laying eyes on the 2017 iPhones at its official showcasing.

With a confidence surge now backing its stock value, is there a better time to slip in bond offers, too? This current round of bond rollouts will be handled by Deutsche Bank as well as Bank of America.

Apple Music dies down its revenue payout rate

The Tim Cook-led tech company is readjusting its licensing agreements, too. They are unlike the company’s earlier deals, as Apple Inc.’s Music service just found new worth. This week we learn of its reduced music revenue payouts to Warner Music.

Reports suggest the new deal will now have Apple Music forking out a little less in the direction of Warner Music for music streaming.

When Apple Music landed 2 years back, it made deals in line with its worth at the time. The initial rates were no doubt intended to draw in support and exposure. But the platform has matured a lot since then. It is now time for more deals appropriate of its current standing.

Apple Inc. is reported to have intentionally set high rates for Apple Music. The reason purported is the prevention of the service from digging into iTunes sales. Yet many top streaming outlets have lowered their payout rates this year, making the one with Warner Music unsurprising. Even the world’s music streaming leader, Spotify, dropped payout rates by 3 percent in early 2017.

AR is the new Apple Inc. obsession

Right now, true virtual reality applications are mostly limited to high-end desktops capable of housing high memory and powerful graphics. The smartphone space has to make due with augmented reality for now, or AR. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has not withheld his excitement over the technology and its potential. Infused with a capable mobile device, AR will prove extremely disruptive.

Apple Inc. envisions a future where the use of mobile AR tools is as common as food consumption. Three months ago, the company held its annual WWDC event. The event tends to unveil the newest features of the company’s next generation operating systems. This time around, though, an open-source AR platform was unveiled, too.

The launch of ARKit for developers is huge hint at Apple’s eagerness to get the ball rolling with smartphone-based AR. That, and gaining a unique edge over the market. It is not hard to recognize Cook’s keenness on the segment, though. AR products are projected to form a $165 billion market by the mid-2020’s. Why not start working for a handsome piece of the pie?

Another round of bond deals, a rate reduction in Apple Music payouts and an AR push. If you thought there was not much else going on for Apple right now, those topics might be a good diversion from the tiresome iPhone talk.

Hey, Have of the heard of the incoming iPhone 8?

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