Amazon.com is Becoming The Worlds Go-To Delivery Service (AMZN)

Amazon.com Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN)

Amazon.com, Inc. has come a long way from its humble beginingss. Today, the internet company is a far cry from the tiny online book shop it was some years ago. Now a formidable online giant, Amazon is a leading jack of all trades. It currently just about rivals every industry leader in some form or another. The retailer can compete with the likes of Wal-Mart, stream TV to challenge Netflix, all the while keeping up to speed with Google and other online juggernauts.

Amazon.com (AMZN) Delivery

The ambitions of Amazon.com

The company’s CEO, Jeff Bezos obviously has much to be proud of. Over the years he has helped the company take on many ventures and guided them to success. However, there is one particular service that Amazon truly prides itself in. It has been grooming this component of itself for years now, making it renown for its quality and efficiency in the process. Without a doubt, right now, Amazon is poised to become America’s go-to delivery service.

Amazon.com is always working on new ways to improve its service delivery. This ambition flows through the online giant and has spilled into the trucking sector. The company has acquired truck trailers and took on its own drivers to ensure speedier services. Once it got the ball rolling, it found that the limit for truck trailers did not match its ambitions in the sector. It  has rallied for law makers to extend their maximum length.

The company aggressively supported a proposal to establish 33-foot long, twin trailer trucks on the road. “The 33-foot trucks are going to be safer,” it assured, “because there will be fewer of them on the road, driving fewer miles”

Amazon.com has literally been smoothing out everything standing in the way of its efficient service delivery. It has also made numerous efforts to improve roads, highways and bridges to ensure the items it couriers sail effortlessly to their destinations.

And who can ignore the online retail giant’s most exciting delivery venture — drones. Yes, Amazon.com, Inc.  has been making headway in drone delivery. This is just on the verge on becoming a reality too. The company claims to have a number of prototypes set for initial use. It is now mostly dealing with the legal side of things. Federal officials claim to be feeling the pressure though, stating that the company is being a bit too push about commercial drone regulations.

Its a tender issue that even airlines and private pilots have had a say in. Having air space limits extended and more drones in the sky sets up many threats for other aircraft.

“Amazon is disrupting huge industries,” said analyst Colin Sebastian. “Retail was a start, then the enterprise market with its cloud platform and now transportation logistics. This is Jeff Bezos’ playbook, and achieving it by influencing legislation is consistent with that plan.”

Amazon needs government to reach its goals

The online juggernaut has been splurging cash in efforts to force the hands of legislators and offices in its favor. The year 2015 saw Amazon spend $9.4 million on such endeavors. This is still modest compared to other industry leaders like Boeing and Alphabet Inc. However, Amazon’s lobbying staff grows at an exponential rate. Consider that last year’s $9.4 million is double that of the previous year. With the company pushing strongly on even more tasks this year — tasks that will greatly require the assistance of government — Amazon’s lobbying budget is bound to reach greater heights.

Recently Amazon.com, Inc.  took on the role of improving the U.S. Postal Service. This is part of its effort to keep all delivery services, not just private couriers, in line with its own delivery standards.

“Government needs to keep up,” it demanded. “The private sector cannot make all the necessary improvements.”

Amazon understands that it cannot merely demand officials to make changes it wants, but should help them do so as well. The internet giant will clearly stop at nothing to ensure it becomes an industry leader in service delivery.

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