Amazon.com, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) Prime Day Deals Disappoint; Facebook and Google Step Up


Amazon.com, Inc.   was the subject of many jokes on social media yesterday as customers found fault with its Prime Day deals. For some people, the angst was because most of deals featured were on items that nobody wanted to buy in the first place. The desirable items were not available at discounts. For others, the issue was the lightning speed at which the available deals disappeared. This is true for people on PST who woke up to discover that those on the EST have bought up all the deals .

Amazon Inc On My Way

Facebook Breaks into the Market

While Amazon  was riling users up, Facebook was making a smart move to break out into the ecommerce market. BuzzFeed reports that Facebook is adding the “Buy” button to its Pages as parts of plans to become a one-stop shop for sellers and buyers to do business.

Facebook Pages has been a place for businesses to display their products and services to fans. Think of Pages as Facebook profile for businesses. Before now, businesses can only shows new products, offers, or services on their pages, users will still need to navigate away to a website before they could buy the item.

With the new “Buy” buttons, Facebook would not need to worry about user migration from its site to other websites and business can easily market to Facebook’s 1.3B users, and sell to them on the same spot. More so, the firm is hoping that the buy button will be the key to a full shopping experience to Facebook.

Facebook has been testing out a shop feature to provide a mini ecommerce presence on Facebook. BuzzFeed reports that users can now expect the “entire shopping experience to occur within Facebook — from product discovery to checkout”. BuzzFeed quotes Facebook product market manager, Emma Rodgers saying, “With the shop section on the page, we’re now providing businesses with the ability to showcase their products directly on the page”.

Google is Also Entering the Market

While Amazon was busy making customers angry, Google unveiled its own version of “Buy” buttons in mobile ads. TechCrunch reported that Google unveiled its “Purchases of Google” feature yesterday. The feature makes it possible for people to buy stuff directly from mobile search ads. Buyers can expect to start seeing a “buy” button on some ads within Google. The feature is still in its earliest stages but it promises to reduce the number of pages you’ll visit between searching for a product and buying it.

Final Words…

Amazon  is the unofficial leader in the online retail space, the firm sells just about anything. The entry of Facebook and Google into its business suggests that its top spot in the market will be challenged. Amazon has a first-mover advantage, but it might not be able to match the community and financial muscles of Facebook and Google.

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