Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Fire Extinguished by Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) TV

amazon.com inc. games console

Amazon.com, Inc. has been threatening to enter gaming in a real way for years, but the firm has never quite gotten there in terms of features. Though it spent more than $1B buying Twitch, a game-streaming site, the firm still hasn’t found a way to use it.

In a surprise reveal on Thursday, the firm may have shown at least some of the cards in its gaming hand. With Apple Inc. focused on gaming with the Apple TV, Amazon.com might already be too late.

amazon.com inc. games consoleAmazon is going to start selling a game console bundle for $139.99. The bundle will include a new, improved version of the firms game controller, a Fire TV box, and two games that can be chosen from a selection. The bundle was revealed alongside the new game controller, and it seems that Jeff Bezos is finally looking to make a real impact in gaming.

Amazon.com Inc. reveals gaming bundle

The new bundle brings a new version of the Amazon games controller, but apart from that there’s nothing novel about the hardware. The Fire TV box that Amazon  is selling as part of the Gaming Edition is the same that can be bought direct from the firm. Those who already own the set-top-box can shell out for the controller for the same experience this $140 bundle offers.

The new controller isn’t a massive leap away from the old version offered by the firm. The handset has been re-designed in order to be more friendly to the hands of those holding it for long hours. It’s going to have a microphone button so that the user can interact with Alexa, the Amazon assistant, and it has a new headphone slot on its bottom.

The new Fire TV will support 4K streaming, something that Apple has yet to offer. On most other fronts it follows the path set by the Apple TV. It’s less costly than the device out of Cupertino, but that won’t stop Apple from taking the lead in the living room casual gaming market.

Apple beats Amazon in gaming

Apple   hasn’t put its new TV out there in great numbers, but it’s likely that the device will make a splash. Apple has put a lot of work into the design of its tvOS, and the firm is already the king of casual gaming. Devs who make games for the iPhone are much more likely to make money than those who work on Android.

Apple won’t have a problem getting people to make games for its living room platform, and the money that tends to flow through the Apple ecosystem will attract even more. Amazon , on the other hand, has had to invest heavily in new game studios in order to ensure a high level of content takes shape on its devices.

That hasn’t really helped the firm to form a real strategy in gaming. Though the $140 bundle unveiled today looks like it might be strong, the firm still seems confused about hardware and the path it’s going to follow in the years ahead.

There is more laser to focus at Apple . The firm has set its sights on gaming in the living room. It’s likely to capture fairly hefty success if past performance is any guide.

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