Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Wants to Control AI With Giveaways

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)

Alphabet Inc ,  is making the headlines in the tech space, all thanks, to its Google segment. The firm was in the news again on Monday after saying that it wants to set the standard on Artificial Intelligence (AI) by giving out free code based on its in-house AI tools. If you happen to have some interest in AI, Google has released TensorFlow as free open-source software that you can use to create some bots.

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)

Google wants to influence AI

TensorFlow is an AI dev software that you can download for free. It is based on the same internal software that Google uses for the AI behind the RankBrain of its search engine. Making TensorFlow open source would allow anybody to download and modify the software to create AI systems. TensorFlow is the brainchild of the project of the bright minds at Google’s Machine Learning arm where they are creating the Google brain.

Vincent Vanhoucke, Tech Lead for the Google Brain Team says,“TensorFlow is what we use every day in the Google Brain team, and while it’s still very early days and there are a ton of rough edges to be ironed out.” Google’s move to open-source TensorFlow was borne out of the need to get more people working on AI. Google SEO, Sundar Pichai notes that making TensorFlow open source would attract academics, researchers, and developers to the AI field.

Yet, it is still too early to predict of making TensorFlow open source will be good for AI or not. Google did the exact same thing by making its Android OS open source – Android has grown to be the most-popular mobile OS, but it happens to be the least “stable” and OEMs are not always willing to deploy upgrades. Comparing Android OS to AI might be Apples to oranges; yet, there is no doubt that making TensorFlow open source would allow Google to at least have a say on how the field of AI develops.

AI is the final frontier in tech

The field of AI has grown to become the next frontier in the tech space as all the major tech firms now focus on the space. Alphabet’s Google is at the forefront of the AI space as AI powers its search engine, its AdSense, Google Now on Tap, and the firm has even deployed AI to take over emails from humans. Google Auto also has its AI logging millions of miles as the robots take over the wheels.

Apple is hard at work with AI as Siri grows become more than a sassy personal assistant that plans your life. Microsoft’s Cortana seems to have a handle on how the human mind works as she can make contextual references. Tesla Motors has given drivers some freedom behind wheels as its autopilot feature takes over the control of the Model S on the highways. Facebook has already added the “M” to AI as its Messenger app takes reinvents what is possible with social media.

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