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Alibaba Group Core Business Is “On Fire” — The Excellence of Jack Ma

Alibaba group holding ltd

alibaba jack ma

Alibaba Group Holding Limited is the greatest retailer on Earth. The Chinese commercial giant has its share of naysayers, yet powerful performances leave it without a shortage of supporters. With an influential corporation, capable of delivering a 24 percent rise in monthly customers, one has to admit that Alibaba is definitely doing something right.

There is another question investors have to consider now. How will the company innovate within its core business? It thrives on making Alibaba as accessible as possible, but has the company hit a ceiling? Also, it would be good to consider the importance of CEO Jack Ma’s leadership role during what appears to be a transition phase.

A great performance from Alibaba

The last quarter was a pleasure for the Chinese retailer and its investors. We can begin with a look at the 24 percent spike year-over-year in monthly active users. That sums up to about 530 million right now. Analyst Aaron Bush pointed out how the figures revealed by Alibaba put it at the peak of the market. Anticipating some kind of transition phase, all eyes look out for what’s next.

Bush painted a fair picture of where Alibaba is at right now. He draws attention to its 530 million monthly active user base. Putting that into frame, “55 percent of China’s population are internet users, that’s about 750 million people”. Take away the portion of that 750 million which represents children and such, and you see the company at the pinnacle of its current business.

However, the last quarter showed that not to be an issue. The e-commerce corporation’s massive influence offers a great platform for networking. “…because of that network effect, people start to use Alibaba and their websites and services more and more.”

The last quarter shows these exact effects translate into earnings. A 56 percent rise is seen in total revenue. Most of that came its widespread core business too, so no talking about an imminent failure for Alibaba’s retailing power.

Building the bigger picture

Alibaba Group Holding Limited also rakes in an increasing number of major brands and corporations, according to Bush. Naturally, customers of those brands migrate towards the company too, either seeking it directly or using its apps.

Frankly, the company’s core business is killing it. Cash flow is on the rise, margins are growing too. Basically “they’re getting the job done,” Bush added.

Although, There is the company’s other focus to consider, too: cloud. Alibaba Cloud is shooting off the ground. Its influence pours the region’s mass adoption of cloud computing and cloud storage services, similar to the U.S., right into it pocket.

At the moment, cloud revenues represent 5 percent of Alibaba’s total business. While that might seem minute, it shows a near 100 percent spike from last year. At that rate, cloud will prove to be a major portion of the Alibaba business.

Up and up for Alibaba (BABA)

As for what is coming next, a recent acquisition might be a good hint. Alibaba scooped up Intime Retail Group. It is a front-running department store and mall operator in the country. Jack Ma looks set on bridging the gap between online business models. Recent ventures suggest the company is getting the online and digital commerce industry in China better connected via a common platform.

All of this will be fed by its core business rise though, Bush pointed out. “The core business is on fire,” he reiterated. “Those results are providing the resources to move in all of these new directions”. The analyst also highlights similarities to what we’ve seen Amazon do in the U.S.

Profits were upwards of $2 billion for Alibaba Group Holding Limited last quarter. Monday trading saw stock (BABA) climb 5 percent, with momentum set to spill over onto Tuesday.

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