Will Twitter Inc (TWTR) Survive 10 More Years? 6 Reasons it Should

twitter inc (NYSE:TWTR)

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is celebrating its 10th birthday Monday. The social media titan has been with us for 10 years. When the firm first started, George W. Bush was U.S. President, Alan Greenspan retired from the Federal Reserve and the U.S. population reached the 300 million milestone. It’s been an interesting 10 years to say the least.

Twitter Inc is 10 Years old: Can it survive another 10?

Despite the celebratory atmosphere and blogs reminiscing about “the good old days,” Twitter’s current situation is nothing to be happy about. The website’s financials are struggling, it’s been unable to attract new users and there is just too much unhealthy talk about the company’s demise.

twitter inc (NYSE:TWTR)

And its stock has crashed 60 percent in the last 10 years. The plethora of bad news can have any investor shiver in their boots. With that being said, Twitter will likely be around in another 10 years, and rumors of its death are greatly exaggerated. It’s true that Twitter’s financial picture isn’t as grand as Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), but that shouldn’t be a deterrent.

It’s highly probable that we will celebrate Twitter’s 20th birthday on March 21, 2026. Here are five reasons why:

The Twitter Takeover is Inevitable

Last month, there were reports – there have been such speculation for years now – that private equity group Silver Lake and well-known Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen were in talks to take over the company. Andreessen, an active participant in the tech industry, was an early investor in the firm and is in touch with all tech developments and advancements. Whether it’s Andreessen or somebody else, a Twitter takeover is inevitable, and perhaps such a takeover will improve business for the firm. A rejuvenation can do nothing but good for the social network.

Current Events Are Interactive

Current events – award shows, political debates, championship games or news stories – have become interactive. Anyone can talk about it to a large number of people, instead of just the two colleagues standing around the water cooler, or your cat sitting on your computer desk. And you can find any kind of opinion on Twitter: for and against, liberal and conservative. The streams of opinions on anything is limitless.

Brands & Marketers Love Twitter

Brands love Twitter, and so do marketers. Brands are able to engage with their audience like never before. They can offer customer service, provide discounts, answer questions, reward loyalty and find out just what it is they want and desire. Marketers can also target a consumer like never before, even to the minutest of details. Twitter is very valuable in the marketplace.

Twitter Continues to Evolve

Whatever your opinion of CEO Jack Dorsey is, no one can argue that he’s trying to evolve the brand. Over the last 12 months, there have been numerous modifications, updates and features added to the Twitterverse. Everything from its advertising model to the character limit, Twitter is changing things up a bit in an effort to attract new users and invigorate the brand. This evolution will only serve up benefits for the website, and will likely pay dividends by 2026.

It’s an Institutionalized Brand

Finally, one of the most challenging facets of entrepreneurship for business is brand awareness. This is something that Twitter certainly doesn’t lack. Everyone knows this company. Political debates use Twitter, movie studios use hashtags and celebrities use tweets to talk to their fans. Twitter, like Facebook, seems to be used by all, but the main point is: it’s known by a vast majority of the Western world.

Twitter Inc is Not MySpace

Last year, when Twitter was celebrating its ninth anniversary, Wired magazine and The Independent ran a piece alluding to the fact that Twitter could eventually enter the tech graveyard like MySpace. Here is what the British website wrote:

“Twitter is not in immediate danger of joining MySpace in the social-media graveyard, but just being mentioned in the same sentence is not a good place to be,” the website said. “Users are abandoning the service, growth has been stagnant and social media pundits wonder if Twitter is heading toward irrelevance.”

Wired went on to say that its “window of opportunity” to garner new users is closing.

But Twitter is not MySpace. The former still has a market cap of around $12 billion, while the latter’s stay on top lasted only a couple of years. When it comes to social media market share in the U.S., it’s tied for the third spot with Reddit, behind Facebook and YouTube. This is pretty good based on just how immense Facebook and YouTube are.

Also, let’s not omit the fact that MySpace never had as much of an audience or market reach like Twitter does today.

Twitter has its own series of problems. But what tech firm doesn’t today? YouTube is losing market share and still not profitable, and Facebook is losing younger users.

The microblogging website has an array of issues to sort out. Is it a long journey? Yes. Can this company overcome the obstacles? Yes. Will we still talk about Twitter in the present tense come March 21, 2026? Yes.

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