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Well, we understand. While nowadays everything is offered on the internet, not everyone has access to or uses the internet. At the very least, not everybody is comfortable sharing their financial information online. But whether you use the internet or not, there’s a point in life when you need quick cash to help you sort a bill or an emergency expense! That’s when “Cash advance near me” fits in.

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Here are the top 5 Cash Advance Near Me:

Reviewers Choice
Allied Cash Advance Loan
Available Loan Amount
$50 - $5,000
Available Term Length
3 Months
Representative APR
5.99% to 35.99%
Visit Now
Sun Loan
Available Loan Amount
$150 - $4,500
Available Term Length
90 Days
Representative APR
4.99% - 1386%
Visit Now
Amscot Cash Advance
Available Loan Amount
$50 - $500
Available Term Length
31 Days
Representative APR
271.14% - 365.00%
Visit Now
National Cash Advance
Available Loan Amount
$100 - $1,000
Available Term Length
28 Days
Representative APR
4.99% - 1386%
Visit Now
Money Mart
Available Loan Amount
$100 - $500
Available Term Length
30 Days
Representative APR
391.1% - 782.1%
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So, what’s cash advance?

Cash Advance Near MeA cash advance is a short-term loan. It may be from a bank, credit card issuer, or an alternative lender.

In essence, you are borrowing cash against your next income, just like a payday loan. A cash advance often features steep interest rates besides fees. They, however, remain helpful, especially when you seek money to finance an emergency. They are approved very fast and quickly funded.

How to Locate a Cash Advance Near You

Most service providers offer their services online, yet quite a number have brick-and-mortar locations where they accept such applications. At such facilities, you can complete your cash advance request in just a few minutes and is you meet the requirements, walking out with the funds you needed on the same day.

However, it might be a tall order to locate the best lender near you, as their availability varies by state. And in localities where they are accepted, you might end up with multiple options that it becomes virtually impossible to choose one. But we are here to help you.

How to find the best cash advance loan is not something you’ll find in books or blogs, but a concept you learn with years of experience. Here are a few tricks we have learned over the years:

  1. First, not all states permit cash advance outlets, so ensure they are legal in your locality.
  2. Operators offering such loans also do so online. Thus, do online searches so to find any lender near you and list all your possible options.
  3. Compare the offers from the different lenders you listed.
  4. Identify the best three stores and visit them to check out if there is any information they might have left out in their online platform.
  5. Now choose your favorite store, and submit your application. If you are lucky, you’ll walk away with cash from the store.

Pros and Cons of Cash Advance Near Me


  • The cash advance stores are near you.
  • The loan application process is relatively simple.
  • Unlike online, you get services with a personal touch.
  • You can explain your situation and negotiate for a better rate.
  • You can see every cost beforehand, so no hidden charges.
  • The lender conveniently takes you through the application.
  • You can walk out of the store with cash.
  • No risk to data fishers.


  • Strict business operational hours.
  • A tedious process if you decide to do right.
  • Maybe expensive than online advance loans.
  • Not as convenient to manage as online loans.
  • The best bargain may not be the outlet located near you.

Cash Advance Providers Near Me

Several top cash advance providers have physical locations across various states. Here are few that may have stores near you;

1. Allied Cash Advance

Allied Cash Advance provides short-term financial solutions that take the form of a cash advance, line of credit, and installment loans. It has outlets in five states and offers online services in over 20 states, targeting customers with bad credit. The internet loans, however, are from Check ‘N Go. So, you are better off with in-store application, given that it’s a third-party lender on the internet. When you apply for any of the Allied Cash Advance products, your rates and terms are subject to your local laws, which means it varies from state to state. If you are from Arizona, California, Indiana, Michigan, or Virginia, you can check their nearest outlet.

Our Rating

  • You can get a loan ranging from $50 to $5,000.
  • It is a direct lender at its stores, unlike online where it is third-party.
  • Other than the cash advance, you have installment and lines of credit too.
  • Operates in a handful states.
  • It is not outright about its interest and fees online, so it is difficult to make an educated decision.
  • It has a pending filed by the state of Virginia over predatory lending.

2. Sun Loan Company

Sun Loan Company offers you as little as $150 and up to $4,500 in less than half an hour across its numerous outlets. It, however, doesn’t offer online loans. You can locate its branches from its website. You can start the application online or over the phone and complete it at the nearest outlet. What’s even interesting is that you neither need a job nor a bank account to qualify for the loan. It’s not a straight go, though. You may want to consider its potential drawbacks.

Our Rating

  • Prompt funding.
  • No bank account needed
  • It can help build your credit score as it works with top credit bureaus.
  • No online repayment
  • Very limited information on its websites relating to costs of the loan.

3. Amscot Cash Advance

In-store payday loans up to $500 for Florida residents. If you are a southerner, Florida, to be precise, then Amscot is your cash advance option. It offers quick in-store advances at its outlets across its branches, some of which are open 24 hours a day. The lender doesn’t pay much attention to your credit score, but you need an active checking account. For its cash advance, you need to write factoring the amount you want to borrow plus fees and trade it for cash. Unlike most lenders, Amscot applies a flat, one-time fee.

Our Rating

  • Simple in-store application.
  • Charge a flat rate, arguably the lowest in the industry.
  • Most of its branches operate 24-hours
  • Only available in Florida.

4. National Cash Advance

National Cash Advance is one of the oldest and perhaps the most respected cash advance lenders today. It provides very fast, no hassle and highly cost-effective loans against a personal check. This check is not be cashed until your next paycheck hits your account. But you walk out from the store with the cash in your as little as 15 minutes. The maximum available loan amount and applicable fees vary from state to state.

Our Rating

  • Fast in-store application.
  • You walk with cash in your pocket.
  • It offers a variety of quick loan products.
  • High fees, especially in states with no rate caps.
  • It has a low loan limit.
  • It may not be available in your state

5. Money Mart

Money Mart operates cash advance, otherwise known as payday loans or check cashing services, in its multiple stores in a few states, namely Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Kansas, and Louisiana. It offers other online loan options but the loan amounts and terms are subject to your state laws on the same.

Our Rating

  • Quick in-store application.
  • Repayment terms are negotiable.
  • No prepayment penalty.
  • Has a couple of law suits across the border.
  • It is only available in six states.
  • Very high-interest rates for short-term loans

Eligibility for a Cash Advance

Cash advances pretty easy to apply. Once you walk into the store, you’ll fill out the application, providing all the required details and you are set to go. Approval only takes a few minutes, and you can get the loan before you leave the store or the following business day.

The requirements vary from lender to another. Some even prefer that you write them a post-dated check before they give you the cash.  But here are some of the basic requirements:

  • Must be 18 years or older, but a lender may say 21 years.
  • Must provide your tax ID or Social Security.
  • Provide proof of income, preferably how you intend to repay the loan.
  • Provide proof that you are a permanent resident of the state.
  • Some lenders may want you to provide a post-dated cheque.
  • Depending on your repayment method, you may have to provide a checking account attached to an active debit card.
  • Your current phone number.
  • You might need to provide an email address.

How Cash Advance Work

Before you choose a cash advance lender here, you might want to know how this type of unsecured loan works. For starters, a cash advance is a loan for a short time, usually weeks. The drill is simple; you walk into a store, give the lender a check for the amount you want to borrow, inclusive of the fees. In return, the lender gives you the cash but keeps the check until the day you’ve declared in your application as your payday.

Both cash advances and payday loans are costly forms of credit. For instance, if you want $600, and the total cost of the loan is $75, you’ll write a check of $675. The long and short of it, you are paying $75 to borrow $600. The lender gives you the $600 in cash and keeps the check, which they cash after the agreed period elapses. Alternatively, you can pay the $675 early and reclaim your check.

How to Compare Lender Costs

When evaluating a cash advance, you want to consider its Annual Percentage Rate (APR), loan charge, including an origination fee (if any), the duration of the loan, and what happens when you default.

Avoid lenders who are not outright about these factors. You are entitled to this information, and the law requires every lender to tell you the APR, which generally is how much it would cost you to hold the loan for a year. Nevertheless, these short-term loans have very high APRs.

The APR factors virtually all the elements of the loan, which include the amount you borrow, interest rate, the loan fee, and the period of the loan.

When choosing the best loan, first remember why you need to borrow in the first place. Then settle for the one with the lowest APR in the worst-case-scenario. How much will you pay when you are unable to pay the loan on time and have to roll it over?

Though some states have interest caps on cash advances and payday loans, rolling over the loan is way too expensive.

Cash Advance Alternatives

Before you go for a cash advance or a payday loan, you should consider other cheaper ways to borrow. Such options include:

A personal loan – Although banks may lamp high-interest charges on you if you have bad credit, the costs are way much better than anything you’ll get from a cash advance lender. However, processing it might take days, which might not be helpful if you are in an emergency.

Borrow from friends or family – We all have the brother, cousin, uncle or aunt, or even a friend we can turn to when things are not working for us. While you would like to keep your financial problems to yourself, the money you are likely to save is worth the sacrifice.

Bank Overdraft – You can use your checking account debit card to withdraw more than your actual account balance.  The bank will levy fees and interest, but you save in the long run.

Credit Union Emergency Loans – Check out if you qualify for a credit union loan from your society or even the church. Their terms are often friendly.

State-funded programs – There are lots of state-funded programs that can help you sail through a financial crisis

Final Word

In summary, a cash advance comes in handy when you are in a crunch. It is essential to check out many providers before you can settle for one. The best lender is the one that offers you the lowest APR, low costs, and can renegotiate repayment terms if you are unable to repay the loan as scheduled.  But before you go the cash advance, you might want to consider all other options.

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