Home Glossary of Bond and Financial Terms

Looking for a definition for financial terms related to the bond market? You’re in the right place. New bond and financial term definitions being added daily.

10 Year Treasury

12 Month Yield

501 (c) (3) Bonds 

60/40 Rule

Accrued Interest

Agency Bonds

Agency Mortgage Backed Securities


Annuitant’s Beneficiary 


Balanced Fund

Bank Backed Bonds

Bank Loan Funds


Bear Flattener

Bear Steepener 

Bond Covenants

Bond Convexity

Bond Credit Ratings

Bond Default

Bond Duration

Bond ETFs

Bond Index

Bond Face Value

Bond Fund Ladders

Bond Ratings Table

Brokered CD

Build America Bonds

Bull Flattener 

Bear Flattener 

Callable Bonds

Catastrophe Bonds

Closed End Bond Funds

CPI Inflation

Conduit Bonds

Convertible Bonds

Convertible Bonds Funds


Core Bond Funds

Corporate Bonds

Credit Ratings

Credit Spreads

Current Yield

CUSIP Number

Death Benifit


Deffered Annuity


Developing Market

Developed Market

De Minimis Rule

Double Barreled Bonds


Economic Cycle

Effective Maturity

Effective Duration

Emerging Market

Escrowed to Maturity Municipal Bonds

Face Value

Fed Funds Rate

Federal Reserve Balance Sheet

Fixed Annuity

Fixed Index Annuity

Floating Rate Bonds


General Obligation Bonds

Government Bonds

Gross Expense Ratio

GSE Bonds

High Yield Bonds

Housing Bonds

Immediate Annuity

Indexed Annuity

Industrial Development Bonds

Israel Bonds

Jeffrey Gundlach

Junk Bonds

Jumbo CDs


Lifetime Income Annuity

Non Agency Mortgage Backed Securities 


Mezzanine Debt

Moral Obligation Bonds

Municipal Bonds

Municipal Bond Ratings

Municipal Notes

Mutual Fund Share Classes

Non-Agency Mortgage Backed Securities

Original Issue Discount

Owners Beneficiary 

Par Value

Peer Loans

Peer To Peer Investing

Peer To Peer Loans

Peer To Peer Lending

Peer To Peer Investing

Permanent Portfolio

Person-to-Person Loans

Pre-Refunded Municipal Bonds

Private Activity Bonds

Real Return

Revenue Bonds

Roth IRA

Rule of 72

Savings Bonds

Senior Debt

SEC Yield

Share Classes

Sinking Fund

SIPC Insurance Coverage

State Credit Ratings

State Credit Enhancement Program

Subordinated Debt

Target Date Funds

Taxable Equivalent Yield 

Taxable Municipal Bonds

Total Return

Traditional IRA

Treasury Bonds

Treasury Inflation Protected Securities

University Bonds

Unsecured Bonds

Variable Annuities

Variable Rate Demand Notes (VRDN)

What Is A Certificate Of Deposit

Yield Curve

Yield Curve Graph 

Yield Spread




Zero Coupon Bonds