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As cryptocurrencies hit new all-time highs, UK traders are increasingly eager to get in on this asset class. While it’s possible to go it alone, professional crypto signals can give you a leg up on the digital currency market.

In the past few years, dozens of crypto signals groups have developed on Telegram, the secure messaging app. Some of these groups have earned triple-digit returns. In this guide, we’ll highlight the 5 best crypto signals Telegram group in the UK so you can start trading cryptocurrencies for a profit today.

Best Crypto Signals Telegram Groups 2024 Ranked

There are dozens of crypto signal Telegram groups to choose from, but some signals are better than others. These are the 5 best services to get your crypto signals from in 2024:

  • Learn2TradeOverall Best Crypto Signals Telegram Group
  • CryptoSignals.org – Best 3x Weekly Crypto Signals Telegram Group
  • MYC SignalsBest Long Term Crypto Signals Telegram
  • 4C TradingBest Automated Crypto Trading Telegram Signals
  • Whaletank – Best Telegram Crypto Signals Performance
  • Coin Signals – Best Crypto Trading Signals Telegram for Tether Trading

Best Crypto Signals Telegram Group Reviewed

1. Learn2Trade - Overall Best Crypto Signals Telegram Group

Learn2Trade is a Telegram crypto signals group with a strong track record and tons of active signals to work from. The service offers a free Telegram group that includes up to 3 crypto signals per week or a paid Telegram group with up to 3 signals per day. The signals are largely based on technical price movements, so Learn2Trade’s positions are quick to enter and quick to exit.Learn2Trade Crypto

One of the things we like best about this cryptocurrency signals Telegram service is that it works with a wide range of coins. Learn2Trade offers signals for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, as well as the occasional altcoin. While Learn2Trade doesn’t offer a full record of its past performance, the Telegram group shows a pattern of consistent profits of several percent per trade that quickly adds up.Learn2Trade Crypto Chart

Access to Learn2Trade’s premium signals costs £35 per month or £120 per 6 months.

Our Rating

  • Up to 3 signals per day
  • Fast-paced trading positions
  • Signals for most major coins
  • Doesn’t support signals for Binance or Coinbase
Your capital is at risk.

2. CryptoSignals.org - Best 3x Weekly Free Crypto Signals Telegram Group

CryptoSignals.org is another top crypto signals provider. This service offers 3 weekly crypto signals in its free Telegram group, covering popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.CryptoSignals Homepage

Every CryptoSignals.org signal consists of five parts. You are told whether the trade is long or short, what cryptocurrency to trade, the target entry price, the stop loss level for the trade, and the target price to exit the trade. In addition, every signal comes with an annotated technical chart so you can analyze the trade setup for yourself.CryptoSignals.org Annotated Chart

This service targets a gain of 1,500 pips per month in its premium Telegram channels, so it sets its sights quite high. One thing we like about CryptoSignals.org is that the service only offers trades that have at least a 2:1 profit to risk potential. So, the team behind this trading signals service is committed to ensuring that your losses are kept to a minimum.CryptoSignals.org Features

CryptoSignals.org claims an 82% success rate for its signals. If you sign up for a premium plan, you can get 2-3 crypto signals per day.

Our Rating

  • 3 free weekly crypto signals
  • Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more
  • Signals accompanied by technical analysis
  • Affordable paid plans
  • Limited number of altcoins to trade
Your capital is at risk.

3. MYC Signals - Best Long Term Crypto Signals Telegram

MYC Signals is great for cryptocurrency traders looking to develop a diversified set of positions. This crypto trading signals Telegram group offers between 20 and 30 signals per month, some of which have a short time horizon and some of which have a time horizon of months. We like this approach because it can save your account if the cryptocurrency market takes a nosedive for a few weeks before resuming its climb.MYC Signals

What many traders will like most about MYC Signals is that the service enables you to trade crypto signals automatically. The platform has a Cornix bot available on the Binance, BitMEX, ByBit, and Deribit crypto exchanges, which trades automatically on your behalf every time MYC Signals issues a crypto trading signal. You get access to detailed guides about how to use the bot when you sign up, and MYC Signals offers 24/7 customer service if you need help.MYC Signals Crypto Telegram

MYC Signals isn’t cheap. Access to the crypto trading signals on Telegram costs $120 per month (around £88 per month). That said, if you’re interested in making cryptocurrency trading a full-time job, you can also purchase a lifetime subscription to the company’s signals for $1,500 (around £1,100).

Our Rating

  • 30 signals per month
  • Short and long term trades
  • Automated trading bot available
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Expensive monthly subscription
Your capital is at risk.

4. 4C Trading - Best Telegram Crypto Signals for Automated Trading

4C Trading stands out for its bot-first approach to cryptocurrency trading. This service has three different crypto trading robots: one dedicated to trading Bitcoin, one dedicated to trading Ethereum, and one dedicated to trading Chainlink. To give you an idea of just how well these bots perform, the Ethereum bot is up 1,415% since inception and 10.5% in the past month alone. 4C Trading bots can be connected to Binance, Binance Futures, and FTX.4C Trading Crypto Telegram

Of course, 4C Trading issues many of the signals its bots see through its Telegram group as well. The crypto signals on Telegram contain more information about stop loss and take profit levels, enabling you to trade manually alongside or in place of the bots. As you might expect, nearly all of the signals are based on technical analysis.

The downside to 4C Trading is that with just 3 cryptocurrencies to trade, crypto traders are missing out on a lot of digital currencies. It’s not just altcoins, either – 4C Trading doesn’t support signals for popular cryptos like Ripple and Litecoin.4C Trading Crypto Performance

4C Trading is surprisingly inexpensive considering how well its crypto trading signals have performed. The platform charges $60 per month for access to the Bitcoin bot, $120 per month for access to the Bitcoin and Ethereum bots, and $180 per month for access to all three bots. You can also try out 4C Trading’s signals for 7 days before committing to this crypto signals Telegram group.

Our Rating

  • Automated BTC and ETH trading bots
  • Excellent past performance
  • Detailed technical signals on Telegram
  • 7-day free trial
  • Only issues signals for BTC, ETH, and LINK
Your capital is at risk.

5. Whaletank - Best Crypto Trading Signals Telegram for Performance

Whaletank is one of the best Telegram crypto signals groups if you’re willing to be patient for potentially significant gains. This service focuses on long term trading signals that can take years to develop and close. While that can be maddening at times, the average gain for a Whaletank signal is a whopping 25%. Even better, the service boasts a cumulative return on investment of 24,000% since it launched in 2017.  Whaletank Crypto Trading

One thing we like about Whaletank is that you’re not required to blindly trust the signals. The team behind this service uses highly detailed charts to illustrate the slow-moving setups that a signal is targeting, so you’re always aware of what the end goal is. Whaletank’s crypto traders also provide routine updates on positions and are keenly aware of the overall Whaletank portfolio instead of focusing only on new signals.Whaletank Telegram Signals

Despite focusing on long signals, Whaletank isn’t short for trading opportunities. The service typically releases between 1 and 2 trading signals per day. Signals are almost exclusively focused on Bitcoin and Tether, but Whaletank will occasionally issue signals for other popular cryptocurrencies.

Whaletank only accepts payment in Bitcoin, which can be something of a pain. The service costs 0.01 BTC (£255) for 2 months or 0.05 Bitcoin (£1,275) for 2 years.

Our Rating

  • Average gain of 25% per signal
  • Detailed charts with each signal
  • At least 1 signal per day
  • Focused on Bitcoin and Tether
  • Requires a lot of patience
  • Only accepts payment in Bitcoin
Your capital is at risk.

6. Coin Signals - Best Cryptocurrency Signals Telegram for Tether Trading

The stablecoin Tether has become a popular target for automated crypto trading because it’s price fluctuates in a somewhat reliable around 1 USD. CoinSignals takes advantage of these fluctuations and is one of the best crypto trading Telegram signals groups if you want to trade Tether. In the past year, this group has generated over 274% in returns from trading Tether.Coin Signals Crypto Signals

The gains per trade with this service are typically small, so following the large volume of Telegram signals that are issued each day can take some work. On the other hand, CoinSignals offers a Telegram-based Cornix bot that automatically takes the information contained in the signals and trades on your behalf. The trading robot is compatible with Binance Futures and BitMEX.

CoinSignals isn’t just limited to Tether, either. This crypto signals Telegram group covers a wide range of altcoins, including Reserve, OCEAN, Bella Protocol, and more. Most of these altcoins trade in pairs with Bitcoin, and the signals are issued specifically for the Binance crypto exchange. The gains per signal are often greater than for Tether signals, but your risk is also quite a bit higher.Coin Signals Telegram Crypto Group

Unfortunately, CoinSignals is one of the more expensive Telegram crypto signals services on the market. The platform offers basic signals for free, but access to premium signals costs 0.01 BTC (£255) per month or 0.1 BTC (£2,550) per year.

Our Rating

  • Scalping signals for Tether
  • Consistent returns on high trading volume
  • Signals for a variety of altcoins
  • Includes a Cornix trading bot
  • Very expensive
Your capital is at risk.

What are Telegram Crypto Signals?

Cryptocurrency trading signals and Bitcoin trading signals are instructions for how to trade based on a specific setup or price action.

Cryptocurrency trading signals are typically issued by professional traders when they spot a profitable setup. For example, if the price of Bitcoin is shooting upwards with momentum, a trading signal for Bitcoin would explain how to trade that momentum. A typical signal includes an entry price, one or more take profit targets, and a stop loss to protect your downside risk.

Many professional crypto signals services now use Telegram to issue trading signals. These Telegram crypto signals are simply messages containing price information so that you can execute a trade as prescribed.

Once you’re given a signal, you can trade it manually using a cryptocurrency exchange. Alternatively, if your Telegram group has a Cornix bot for automated trading, you can connect the trading robot to your exchange and sit back while signals are executed on your behalf.

Free Crypto Signals vs Premium Signals

Many of the best Telegram crypto signals services offer both free and paid channels. So, what’s the difference?

The most common difference between the free and paid Telegram groups is how many signals you get access to. The free Telegram channel may offer only a few signals each week, and they may be issued a few minutes after paid subscribers have already received the signal. Of course, you can still trade using these signals.

Premium crypto signal Telegram groups offer more signals – often several per day. The signals are often higher quality as well, in that there is more confidence in how the trading setup will develop.

In addition, premium signals may cover a wider range of digital currencies. For example, free subscribers may only see signals for Bitcoin investing, while premium subscribers see signals for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

Advantages of Joining the Best Crypto Signals Telegram Group

There are several reasons why crypto traders have flocked to Telegram for trading signals as opposed to using messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook.

One of the main advantages is the way that Telegram structures its groups and channels. Professional traders can control who is allowed to enter a group, which allows them to charge for premium channels with premium signals.

Another reason why Telegram is so popular is that it offers unlimited storage. That means that old messages – past signals – are archived in the channel forever instead of being automatically deleted after a certain amount of time. This track record is critical for anyone who wants to determine the total return on investment of a Telegram crypto signals group.

Telegram has also become the platform of choice thanks to the Cornix trading robot. This trading robot is able to read crypto signals that are issued through Telegram and can place trades at major exchanges like Binance and BitMEX. As a result, it’s easy to automate trading crypto signals from Telegram in a way that it’s not for signals issued using another messaging platform.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Signals Telegram Group for You

With so many crypto signal groups on Telegram to choose from, how do you decide which one is right for you? Let’s take a closer look at some of the factors you should consider when picking a crypto signals service.

Cost vs Return on Investment

How much a crypto Telegram group costs is one of the first things you’re likely to investigate about a service. These platforms can vary widely in price. Some offer excellent free signals, while others charge hundreds of pounds a month for access to their premium Telegram channels.

Ultimately, what’s important to consider is not so much the sticker price, but your potential return on investment. Look closely at how the group’s crypto signals have performed in the past, and think about how much money you’re planning to invest per trade. Then you can compare the potential return of each crypto group instead of the monthly subscription cost.

Number and Style of Signals

The trading signals themselves can differ quite a bit between crypto signal Telegram groups. To start, not all groups trade the same cryptocurrencies. Many offer signals for Bitcoin, but others focus on altcoins or stablecoins like Tether. Different cryptocurrencies have very distinct price action patterns, so the trading signals will be different as well.

Another thing to consider is the number of signals per day. If you’re interested in trading full time, more signals give you more setups to research and trade on. On the other hand, if you are limited in time and want to do your own research on each signal, having just 1 or 2 signals per day may be plenty to keep you busy.

Finally, consider the timeframe that trades typically target. Many crypto signals target setups that complete within a few hours. But some Telegram groups are built around long-term crypto trading setups that can take months or even years to fully develop.

Associated Exchanges

Most signal providers issue signals for a specific cryptocurrency exchange, such as Binance or BitMEX. That doesn’t mean you can’t trade with another exchange, but you might have a harder time executing your signals. That’s because Binance signals may have a different entry price for, say, Bitcoin than what’s currently available at Coinbase.

Be sure to check what exchange a cryptocurrency signals Telegram group is targeting, and make sure that exchange suits your needs.

How to Get Started with a Telegram Crypto Signals Group

Want to start trading with the best crypto signals Telegram group? We’ll walk you through the process of placing a trade with Learn2Trade. This crypto signals provider offers 3 signals per day and has a consistent record of profitability.

Step 1: Install Telegram

To begin, install Telegram on your computer or smartphone. The platform is available for iOS devices through the Apple App Store and for Android devices through Google Play, or for your desktop on the Telegram website.Download Telegram

Step 2: Join the Learn2Trade Telegram Group

Now that you have Telegram installed, you can join Learn2Trade’s free Telegram group. Go to Learn2Trade’s website and click ‘Join Our Telegram for Free Signals!’ to open the channel. In this channel, you can get 3 crypto signals per week absolutely free.  Join Learn2Trade

Step 3: Sign Up for Learn2Trade Premium

If you want to get up to 3 crypto signals per day, you’ll need to sign up for a premium membership with Learn2Trade. On the Learn2Trade website, navigate to ‘Crypto > Crypto Signals.’Learn2Trade Premium Subscription

You can sign up for 1 month for £35 per month, 3 months for £65 per quarter, or 6 months for £95 per half-year.

Once you’ve signed up for a Premium membership, you will be able to access the Learn2Trade premium crypto signals Telegram channel.

Step 4: Place a Trade at Your Chosen Broker

In order to execute the trading signals that Learn2Trade issues, you’ll need a Bitcoin broker. Open a trade with your broker of choice.

Best Crypto Signals Telegram Group – Conclusion

Using the best crypto signals Telegram group in the UK is a quick way to improve your trading returns. Crypto signals are straightforward to follow and many services operating on Telegram have strong track records of performance. Plus, many Telegram crypto signals groups offer a Cornix robot so you can automate your cryptocurrency trading.

Ready to start trading crypto with Telegram signals? Click the link below to sign up for Learn2Trade today!


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