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Crypto Group has been trending for the last few months as the price of bitcoin continues to soar. The trading system is said to generate insane profit during high market volatility, such as the one experienced in any crypto boom.

Analysts are predicting a major crypto boom in 2021/2022. For instance, Max Keiser, an analyst and the host of RT’s Keiser Report, predict that bitcoin will hit $100k by mid next year. Bitcoin is already showing signs of a rebound, going over $13k in the last few days.

Those who start trading with Crypto Group now allegedly have an opportunity to ride the volatility at insane profitability of up to 500%. This should be the robot you should reportedly sign up with if you have a high-risk/high-return threshold.

But is Crypto Group a scam or legit platform? We have done the legitimacy checks for you and prepare this kickass review to help you make an informed choice.

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  • Claimed win rate of 92%
  • Free risk management tools
  • Get started with just £/$250
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All trading carries risk.

Is Crypto Group a Scam or Legit Robot?

Before we take a deep-dive on the features of Crypto Group, let’s address the legitimacy question first.

We have put this robot under the microscope, and it seems perfectly legit. There are no red flags whatsoever to suggest that Crypto Group is a scam. We identify the authenticity of trading systems by analyzing user feedback and measures it has put in place to protect clients.

Crypto Group is reviewed widely both by individual clients and experts. The robot has a nearly perfect score on popular review platforms such as ForexPeaceArmy and TrustPilot.

We analyzed the reviews on these platforms and discovered that users highly revere this robot. At least 70% report that it has transformed their finances to the best with at least 20% reporting growing their trading accounts to over $1 million. 

This is hard to believe, but it’s justified given the powerful algorithms applied by this robot to scan the markets for trading insights. Most of the expert reviews on the internet are also positive. Crypto Group has reportedly won over ten awards since launch including the coveted Most Profitable Trading System 2022 Award by the International Association of Algo-traders.

This robot is also ranked top on the ease of use and safety of trading platforms. Moreover, it operates in partnership with reputable robot brokers.

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What is Crypto Group?

If you have been following the latest developments in tech, you must have heard of a technology known as Artificial Intelligence (AI).crypto group incredible accuracy

In layman’s term, AI refers to a technology that enables computers to perform human, technical functions better than humans. Even better, AI-powered computer programs can learn and adapt to a dynamic environment.

AI-powered computers are taking over most industries at an alarming rate. In finance, computer programs such as Crypto Group are proving to be better traders/investors than professional wealth managers.  Moreover, they are affordable and cheap to maintain.

Crypto Group does all the trading for users and generates superior returns when compared to expert traders. This trading system has a supposed win rate of 92% compared to 45% for the best Wall Street trader.

Most trading bots with the same capabilities as Crypto Group require annual license fees of up to $20k. Crypto Group is available for free since it’s still in the beta testing phase. Those who register now will reportedly enjoy the free license for a lifetime. You can sign up now before the free license opportunity is gone.

How does Crypto Group work?

A trading robot is simply a tool to help you trade successfully. This means that you still need to register with a broker to use this platform.

Not all brokers support the Crypto Group trading system. That’s why you are automatically matched with a broker after registering with the robot. Crypto Group claims to have partnered with 13 brokers regulated in all its areas of operation.

A legit trading bot must invest in the best brokers since failure to do so may lead to disputes with clients. We have done background search on Crypto Group brokers and confirmed that they are reputable. Tier-one regulators monitor the majority of these brokers.

Crypto Group performs trading research and automatically instructs the robot brokers on the signals to implement. Robot brokers’ quality is determined by the quality of their order implementation system.

A fast system is ideal since it prevents negative slippage. For the record, negative slippage happens when orders are delayed and implemented at an unfavourable price. This can be devastating for a fast-paced scalping trading robot. It is worth mentioning that no skill is needed to make money with the Crypto Group trading system. This is because the robot automates all trading functions apart from deposits and withdrawals.

Signing up with Crypto GroupCrypto Group Review :...

Now that we know that this trading system is legit and perhaps insanely profitable let us look at the signup process.

Visit the robot’s homepage and signup for free. Please ensure that you are signing up on the official Crypto Group website by following the links on this website. This trading system has been cloned in the past by scam platforms, and it is, therefore, paramount to be extra careful.

Crypto Group only authenticates accounts with verified contact details. You will be asked to enter an SMS code on the platform’s verification page and click a link sent via email for a confirmation.

You will also be assigned to a broker during this stage and asked to verify your ID in line with global Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. These measures are recommended globally and aimed at preventing financial crime, mostly money laundering.

Funding your trading account

Depositing with Crypto Group should be extremely easy. You will be taken to a broker’s page and asked to choose a deposit method.

Please note that most deposit methods are accepted, but some may attract transaction charges. However, common methods such as debit/credit cards, wire transfer, and Skrill, Neteller, and Bitcoin are free. You can deposit any amount but please note that you can’t access the Crypto Group trading area with less than USD250.

As mentioned earlier, this trading system has invested in some of the industry’s best brokers and therefore, you are guaranteed funds safety.

Open your account

Practice on a demo account

Crypto Group is an auto-robot, and therefore, there is little to practice. The role of their demo account to get users familiar with the functions of the live platform before going live. Failure to master the risk control features may increase the chances of messing up with risk management.

Risk control is vital, and a key determinant of performance in any form of trading. Crypto Group assigns all new users, a dedicated account manager to work with them through developing a risk control plan.

You need about an hour of demo trading before you can proceed to the live account dashboard.

Open a live trading sessionstep 3 earn profits

After the demo, you should be comfortable with the live trading platform. Adjust the risk tools as instructed in the instructional video on the resources page and open a live session by clicking the “Trade now” button.

The Crypto Group system is equipped with features to help it detect the best markets to trade and suspend trading during unfavourable conditions.

Almost all functions on this robot can be automated, including withdrawal and reinvestment decisions. You can also choose a semi-auto function to select the trades that you prefer implemented in your trading account.

The semi-auto function is not right for you if you have no prior crypto trading experience. Moreover, the fully auto-function has proven to beat the auto-function most of the times.

Crypto Group System Review: The Verdict!

We have done the heavy lifting for you by conducting rigorous legitimacy tests on Crypto Group. This trading system seems to work well and maybe the best tool to capitalize on the coming crypto boom of 2021/2022.

Crypto Group is reportedly a godsend platform for anyone looking for a highly profitable/moderate risk online investment option. A trading capital of $250 is all you need to try your luck with this system.

Register with Crypto Group through the link below and be kind enough to let our readers know how you find it in the comment section below.

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  • Claimed win rate of 92%
  • Free risk management tools
  • Get started with just £/$250
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All trading carries risk.


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