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LearnBonds.com provides readers with daily income investing news written by top experts from the world of bonds and income investing.  News stories are presented every morning followed by an afternoon summary of the most important financial news of the day.  In addition, LearnBonds.com provides a wealth of information on bonds and other income producing investment options.

Our Editorial Staff

Lawrence Meyers – 
Contact Lawrence Via Email
Lawrence Meyers is regarded as one of the nation’s experts on alternative consumer finance. He consults for hedge funds and private equity via his Council Member status at Gerson Lehman Group, and as a member of Coleman Research Group’s Executive Forum. He also consults for Credit Access Businesses and Credit Services Organizations in Texas. His Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor have appeared in over two dozen major newspapers. He also brokers financing, strategic investments, and distressed asset purchases between private equity firms and businesses of all stripes.

John Mason – Contact John Via Email
John Mason has been the President and CEO of two publicly traded financial institutions and an Executive Vice President and CFO of a third. He has also spent time as an economist in the Federal Reserve System and worked for a cabinet secretary in Washington, D. C. In addition John taught in the Finance Department at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania for ten years. He now currently has a column on the blog Seeking Alpha and is ranked number 3 in terms of readers on the economy. From this column, two books have been published this past year from earlier blog posts. John is active in the shadow banking world, the venture capital space, and in angel investing. Other than that John works with start ups and early stage organizations, for profit and not-for-profit.

Adam Alosi – Contact Adam Via Email
Adam Aloisi has over two decades of experience investing in equities, bonds, and real estate. He has worked as an analyst/journalist with SageOnline Inc., Multex.com, and Reuters and has been a contributor to SeekingAlpha for better than two years. He resides in Pennsylvania with his wife and two children. In his free time you may find him discussing politics, playing golf, browsing antique shops, or traveling.

Thomas Byrne – Contact Thomas Via Email
Thomas Byrne brings 26 years of financial services experience to Wealth Strategies & Management LLC. He spent the last 23 years as Director of Taxable Fixed Income for Citigroup, Inc. and predecessor firms in New York, NY. During the course of his long fixed income career, Mr. Byrne was responsible for trading preferred stock, corporate bonds, mortgage backed securities, government debt, international debt and convertible bonds. Mr. Byrne was also responsible for marketing, sales, strategy and market commentary within the taxable fixed income markets.

Additional Contributors

Aman Jain – Contact Aman Via Email
Aman is an MBA (Finance) with over 8+ years of industry experience. He has worked as Risk Analyst for a CAT Modeling firm, and now heads a boutique consulting firm with a focus on stock research, business plans, valuation and accounting.

Mvusi Ngubane – Contact Mvusi Via Email
Mvusi is a financial news writer who reports and offers daily commentary on the economic happenings and trends of the business world. His experience covers innovative technologies, energy sector giants and consumer electronics. Mvusi’s interests lay in the macroeconomic and behavioral effects that big business choices have on industries.

Suliman Mulhem – Contact Suliman Via Email and via Twitter @SulimanM98
Suliman is a financial analyst & reporter at Learnbonds, with a particular interest in U.S. Tech stocks, such as Apple. Furthermore, Suliman is in charge of our FOREX section, almost exclusively covering currency-related news & analysis. At just 17 years old, Suliman is our youngest writer at Learnbonds. 

Donald Miller – Contact Donald Via Email
Don has lived in debt and he has lived debt free. He prefers the latter! He is a follower of Larry Burkett and Dave Ramsey in matters of money management and personal finance. He is publisher and editor of Financial Wisdom Works, and has been published on numerous financial, business, health and wellness and sports websites.

David Goldstein – Contact David Via Email
David Goldstein serves as both publisher and editor of LearnBonds.com.  He and his wife Alice are partners in Wolf Revo, LLC, publishing financial news and information online since 2013. Before starting their online publishing business, David was a founding partner of online education provider Express Schools, LLC.

Alice Goldstein – Contact Alice Via Email
Alice Goldstein is a partner at Wolf Revo, LLC and serves as writer and publisher at Learnbonds.com, HousingForSeniors.com and SimplyRichLife.com

David Waring – Contact David Via Email
David Waring was the founder of LearnBonds.com and has been a major contributor to the extensive library of investing news and information available on the site.  Until the launch of Learnbonds.com in late 2011 there was no single site on the internet catering exclusively to the individual bond investor.  This was true even though more individuals own stocks than bonds. Learn Bonds was launched to fill that gap.

Paul Shea – Contact Paul Via Email
Paul Shea is an experienced financial writer who learned his trade writing stock and industry analysis and covering macroeconomics. He’s written about the tech industry, gaming and emerging economies. He is most interested in emerging market debt, innovative Fintech solutions and entertainment software companies.

Nikhil Gupta – Nikhil Gupta is a financial analyst with over 3 years of experience. He tracks stocks, currencies, commodities, and provides recommendations based on technical analysis. He is particularly inclined towards macroeconomics which includes subjects such as monetary policies, GDP, Fiscal deficits, etc.

Viraj Shah – Viraj has completed M.Com (Finance) and currently pursuing his CFP. He tracks US markets along with other global markets like India very closely. He is very passionate about stocks, real estate, and technology. He also believes that money can always be made in the market.



David Goldstein