Dow Falls Almost 100 Points in Second Act Of A Greek Tragedy

Something happened in Greece, I am not sure what, but it sent the market down. Everyone is hoping for a solution, a solution that does not exist. They want the Greeks to adjust their lifestyle – lower their minimum wage, retire at least 5 to 10 years later than they do currently, and… […]

January’s Best Performing Index Annuities

A typical trigger point annuity would have provided a 5.00% gain for the last twelve months outperforming the market by almost 3% points. When the market gains over 1% in year, a trigger point is the only type of index annuity that has…. […]

Types of Interest Payments

While the definition of interest remains the same no matter how that interest is paid, in order to suite the needs of both the entity issuing a bond, and the buyer of that bond, different bonds pay out their interest payments in different ways: […]

Yield to Maturity – What it is and How it Works

When investing in a bond that is trading at a premium or discount, the current yield is a misleading indicator for the total return you can expect. If you buy a bond trading at a discount, you will be paid the face value when held to maturity. As the face value is greater than… […]