Convertible Bonds vs. Preferred Stocks

Preferred stock and convertible bonds have points in common, even though they’re not the same. Both of them display characteristics of both the stock market and the bond market…. […]

Dow Falls Almost 100 Points in Second Act Of A Greek Tragedy

Something happened in Greece, I am not sure what, but it sent the market down. Everyone is hoping for a solution, a solution that does not exist. They want the Greeks to adjust their lifestyle – lower their minimum wage, retire at least 5 to 10 years later than they do currently, and… […]

January’s Best Performing Index Annuities

A typical trigger point annuity would have provided a 5.00% gain for the last twelve months outperforming the market by almost 3% points. When the market gains over 1% in year, a trigger point is the only type of index annuity that has…. […]

Types of Interest Payments

While the definition of interest remains the same no matter how that interest is paid, in order to suite the needs of both the entity issuing a bond, and the buyer of that bond, different bonds pay out their interest payments in different ways: […]