Master Limited Partnership

Master Limited Partnerships

A Master limited partnership (MLP) is a publicly traded entity that combines the tax benefits of a limited partnership with the liquidity of a publicly traded company. MLPs are listed on the major U.S. stock exchanges, but because they are partnerships, MLPs do not have to pay corporate taxes at the state or federal level. […]

Economic Cycle – What It Is And How It Works

An economic cycle refers to the natural fluctuations of the economy between periods of economic growth (an expansion or boom), and periods of stagnation or decline (a contraction or recession). Economic […]

Deflation – What It Is And How It Works

Deflation is defined as a decline in the general price level of goods and services over time. Deflation occurs when the economy experiences a negative inflation rate, i.e. inflation rate […]

Person-to-Person Loans

Person-to-person loans (also known as peer-to-peer loans) are loans to unrelated individuals, or “peers”. This type of lending takes place without the use of a […]