agnostic bond ladder

The Agnostic Bond Ladder Strategy Might be Best

A bond ladder staggers portfolio maturity with various “rungs” that elicits the purest of market agnosticism. If you buy 10 bonds, with one maturing every year, and buy a 10-Year bond every time one of your bonds matures, you have created a portfolio with 5-year blended yield and access to capital every year. […]
agnostic bond ladder

The Wisdom Of The Bond Ladder

The best known of passive strategies is development of a bond ladder. A ladder more or less removes emotion and guesswork from the equation by spreading out rate risk, generally requiring a “hold until maturity” mentality on the part of the investor. […]
Bond Market long and wrong

In Search Of Bond Alternatives

While I think bond investors looking for predictable cash flows can certainly look at equities to complement fixed income holdings, it’s probably not appropriate to view them as substitutes. There is inherently more capital risk in owning stocks. […]

How Many Bonds Should You Own?

Bond investors who opt to look at single issues as opposed to pooled products like ETFs, CEFs, and open-ended bond funds, have a variety of choices to make: how much credit risk to take, what kind of blended duration to employ, and yes, how many total bonds to carry in the portfolio. […]
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