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Intelligent computer programs are taking over trading and investing functions at high speeds. These programs leverage the powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure highly profitable automated trading.

Quantum Code is an algorithmic trading system for crypto CFDs. This trading platform is allegedly a great performer with crazy profitability rates of up to 400%. The crazy profits are reportedly witnessed in high volatility periods.

But is Quantum Code a good investment for a complete beginner? Also, is it a reliable source of income for passive online investors? Let’s find out here.

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What is Quantum Code?

Quantum Code is a computer program specialized in trading crypto. The program implements strategies such as news trading and price trend analysis to ensure superior performance.

Our investigation reveals that this trading platform is highly reputable. From the testimonials on sites such as Trustpilot, it’s evident that many are earning profits with it. Quantum Code is allegedly an insane performer with up to 400% daily returns.

The highest profits are reportedly earned during volatility peaks. Crypto volatility peaks are mostly driven by news. Any positive industry-related news increases the demand for crypto hence causing a price gain.

On the other hand, negative news triggers a massive selloff, leading to price declines. Quantum Code speculates on volatility in general through the CFDs derivatives. The bot applies CFDs short-selling to make money from falling crypto prices.

A derivative is a financial instrument that derives its value from an underlying asset. Contract for Differences (CFDs) is financial derivatives that allow you to make money from the price swings of an asset without owning it.

How does Quantum Code work?

We have received many requests to investigate and write a review on Quantum Code. Our team has delved into this robot to find out if it’s legit and as profitable as many of the testimonials on the web show.

We have reviewed automated trading systems for over ten years, and therefore we have all it takes to identify a good trading platform. Our investigation reveals that Quantum Code is a genuine crypto trading system.

This platform offers automated trading on up to 400 crypto CFD pairs. These CFD pairs include both crypto and fiat. The robot determines the CFDs to trade based on volatility. As we will see later in this review, this automated trading system applies strategies such as News Trading and Price Trend study to bet on the volatility.

Most of the expert reviewers report that no trading bot can beat Quantum Code in implementing these techniques. Our investigation reveals that this bot has the technologies to implement these strategies.

Quantum Code is an AI-driven system with a proven performance track record. Its demo is a perfect simulation of the live trading platform. It runs on historical price data and trades on virtual money to give users a real feel of live trading.

Is Quantum Code a Scam

This review confirms that this trading platform is genuine. We have summarized the points to justify Quantum Code’s legitimacy below.

  • Highly rated by leading experts
  • Perfect reputation with tens of thousands of positive reviews from users
  • Publishes all the necessary information on its sites
  • Runs on blockchain to ensure transparent trading
  • Works with leading and highly reputable financial brokers
  • Guarantees users of high-level safety
  • Transparent withdrawal process
  • No registration fees and hidden charges

Quantum Code has all the hallmarks of a legitimate and transparent trading system. No scam trading platform can invest in the technologies this trading bot has invested in. Moreover, only a high-level trading system can earn the reputation of this robot. Quantum Code is the best-rated bitcoin trading platform on the internet.

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All trading carries risk.

Quantum Code Trading Software Features

This trading system is said to offer some exciting features. These features enable it to perform extremely well in all market conditions.

The expert reviews we have gone through indicate that no other trading system is more advanced than this one. As stated earlier, the Quantum Code software is updated regularly to adapt to the dynamic crypto markets.

No other asset class can beat cryptos in terms of volatility. The volatility is largely influenced by market news and celebrity sentiment. As we will see below, this trading bot’s features enable it to make money from this volatility. Read on to learn about the interesting features.

News Trading

This approach is the holy grail of success in crypto trading. As stated above, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile in news events.

A trading system that captures and generates insights from the news performs magically in this industry. Quantum Code is arguably the most advanced news trading platform in this asset class. The platform uses AI to capture news within a millisecond of release and generate highly accurate signals at supersonic speeds.

No other trading robot can reportedly match this one in speed and accuracy. High speed is paramount in crypto trading since the industry quickly adapts to the new information. The trading system must always be ahead of the markets to make money from the news. This trading system claims to be 0.0001 seconds ahead of the markets.

Sentiment trading

Quantum Code has algorithms specialized in trading celebrity sentiments. These algorithms scan social media to identify volatility-driving sentiments and trade them.

Some celebrities are known to drive crypto volatility through their social media comments. For instance, any Elon Musk crypto-related sentiments are known to trigger massive volatility. This is expected of the world’s richest man, given the many people that follow him.

Elon Musk is a big fan of bitcoin and DOGE. His tweets on these two coins always cause ripple effects across the industry. Quantum Code has an algorithm specialized in trading the Elon Musk bitcoin and crypto-related sentiments.

The algorithms scan for relatable information on the celebrity’s social media posts. Elon Musk mostly shares his sentiments on Twitter.

Price Trend Analysis

The price trend analysis technique is also highly powerful and insanely profitable when implemented by a powerful trading system.

Price trend study involves predicting future price movement based on recently observed trend data. Quantum Code studies hundreds of historical price charts to identify and generate insights from the trends.

This trading research approach is popular in all asset trading. Moreover, it’s implemented in both manual and automated trading. Manual trading platforms such as the MT4 come with price trend analysis tools. You need to have considerable trading skills to make meaning of the manual trading tools.

Quantum Code eliminates the hassle by automating this technique. You don’t need trading knowledge to use this platform successfully. All the trading research happens in the background, and hence no trading lingo is required for successful trading.

Risk Appetite Evaluation Tool

This tool helps you determine the level of risk that matches your risk profile. Investopedia defines a risk profile as an evaluation of an individual’s willingness and ability to take risks.

Evaluating your risk profile will guide you in setting the risk per trade. Quantum Code allows users to manually adjust the risk per trade settings. The settings define the level of risk you are willing to take per trade.

Traders with a high-risk appetite accept high risks for huge returns. Any trading outcome is possible, given the unpredictability of the crypto markets. Use the Quantum Code demo platform to determine the potential profitability from different risk levels.

Risk Management Tools

Quantum Code comes with superior risk management settings. These settings help you eliminate trading emotions that compromise decision making.

The two most harmful emotions in trading and investing are greed and fear. Greed prevents a trader from closing an already profitable trade in anticipating more profits. Holding a profitable trade for too long can result in a reverse of the profits.

Quantum Code offers a manually adjustable Take Profit tool. The tool helps users predetermine the level of profitability at which a trade should close. Fear makes traders hold a losing trade for too long or close it too soon.

Volatility trading involves rapid ups and downs, and hence a losing trade can regain if held for enough time. Also, a losing trade can reach a point where the best decision would be to accept the losses and close it.

Quantum Code comes with a Stop Loss feature to help the trader predetermine when a losing trade should be closed. This prevents the trader from holding a losing position for too long or closing it too soon.

Game-like Trading Interface

Quantum Code claims to be fully dedicated to making highly profitable crypto trading accessible to the masses.

Consequently, the trading system is heavily invested in ensuring a fun trading experience. Many users describe the trading experience as game-like. The Quantum Code user interface is easy to navigate through for all.

Complete beginners can find their way around easily. However, all new users must watch the introduction video before proceeding to the live platform. The video explains all the settings, including those that must be adjusted manually.

Failure to follow the trading instructions to the letter can lead to a devastating trading outcome. Some users have lost their money for failing to adjust the settings as instructed.

The Pros and Cons of trading with Quantum Code

We have investigated hundreds of trading robots in the last year, and none can beat Quantum Code in performance.

Many experts and thousands of individual consumers have rated this bot extremely well. The feedback is generally positive. Most of the experts report that Quantum Code provides the best returns in all automated trading systems.

Our investigation confirms these claims. Quantum Code can deliver a daily profit of up to 400% during volatility peaks. Volatility peaks are defined by a sudden surge or decline in prices. This trading bot trades both the bull and the bear markets.

It maintains profitability in the bear markets through advanced short-selling. Quantum Code has earned recognition for its highly profitable CFDs short-selling algorithm.

Pros Cons
High-level profitability Not available in all countries
Straightforward trading conditions High-level risk
Easy to use  
Safe trading environment  
Seamless withdrawals  
Safe trading environment  
24/7 customer support  


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All trading carries risk.

Getting started with Quantum Code

You can get started with Quantum Code by following the self-explanatory steps below. Trading starts at the click of the live button.

  1.     Register on the Quantum Code website
  2.     Deposit at least USD250 in trading capital
  3.     Practice on the demo
  4.     Start making money on a live session

Final Word!

We have fact-checked all the information on the Quantum Code website to determine if the platform is genuine. Our investigation has yielded positive results, with this trading bot scoring 98% in our legitimacy tests.

We rate trading systems based on transparency, reputation, trading technologies used, and expert feedback. Quantum Code is super reputable, with thousands rating it as highly profitable and dependable. The ratings are posted on review sites such as Trustpilot.

This platform also appears top on experts’ lists for the best robot for trading crypto. You can find expert reviews on leading crypto and mainstream media. Quantum Code has appeared top in the coveted 2022 best bitcoin robots list by InsideBitcoins.

We found this platform ideal for investors with a high-risk appetite. This is because it promises high returns, albeit at high risk. You can visit the Quantum Code site below to try your luck with this platform.


Can I earn good money with Quantum Code?

There is a possibility that you could earn a windfall of profits right from the start of trading with this platform. The many positive testimonials on Trustpilot and other sites are enough proof of the potential of this trading bot.

Do I need to have trading skills to use Quantum Code?

Trading with Quantum Code is quite easy since the bot runs on autopilot. The bot carries out all the technical trading functions, including research and order placing. Users also have an option to automate the non-technical functions, including withdrawals.

Is the Quantum Code trading software safe?

Yes! The platform is secured through high-grade AES256 encryption. This level of encryption applies to its site and web app. The server side is encrypted through the Amazon S3 protocol. This trading platform operates under strict client protection guidelines.

Who is the founder and CEO of Quantum Code?

The founder of Quantum Code is yet to be made public. However, the company behind the platform is in the public domain. The company is registered as a PLC in London, UK. It operates internationally through partnerships with financial brokers.

When will Quantum Code version 8 be released?

A new Quantum Code version is released after every six months. This ensures that the trading system maintains performance in all market conditions. Therefore, the 8th version of this trading software is likely to be released soon.

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All trading carries risk.