Profit Secret Review 2022: Legit or Scam Robot? Live Results

Author: Adam Green

Profit Secret is a web-based program that reportedly helps ordinary people make money online speculating on stock and crypto. The platform can allegedly make up to $2500 daily from a deposit of $250.

Moreover, the app claims that users can grow a small account of $250 to hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few months of trading. But is Profit Secret scam or legit? We have investigated it thoroughly and prepared this review to help you make informed choices.

This Profit Secret review will help you determine whether this robot is worth your time and provide tips to help you trade with it.

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All trading carries risk

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    All trading carries risk

    Profit Secret is a trading tool which reportedly provides a surprisingly easy way to generate a passive online income. Most Profit Secret users report generating thousands of dollars in daily returns from the minimum deposit. The robot is easy to use for all just like the popular Bitcoin Revolution, including those that are completely green to trading.

    We will use some technical terms in this review to explain the concepts behind Profit Secret. Do not worry if you do not understand everything since you don’t need any technical knowledge to trade with Profit Secret. Please note that auto-trading involves significant risk and hence invest what won’t cause you a lot of pain in case of a loss.

    A preview on Profit Secret

    Profit Secret claims to be one of the best auto-trading robots for generating a passive online income. The robot runs automatically like Bitcoin Up and only requires little non-technical input from users. You do not need a stock or crypto trading background to use this robot. The app claims it can generate $1,000 daily for its users with only 20 minutes daily.

    It takes about 20 minutes daily to define trading conditions and harvest or plough back the supposed profits. Consequently, you do not have to disrupt your day to day activities to use it as the software trades on auto-pilot 24/7. Profit Secret is said to function best during live trading in Wall Street (GMT-5).

    This is allegedly the period that supposedly generates high returns given the increased market volatility. Users are encouraged to trade for not less than 8 hours daily and close trading sessions at the end of the day to get the best results. Failure to close trades at the end of the day may result to avoid rollover costs.

    Similarly to robots like Bitcoin Revolution, Profit Secret relies on advanced brokers for order execution and transactions facilitation. These brokers act as a bridge between the robot and the markets. When you fund your Profit Secret account, the funds go to the underlying broker. Profit Secret relays signals to the broker, and the broker uses your funds to take positions as instructed by the robot. These brokers rely on powerful trading systems to avoid slippage.

    Slippage is a trading term that refers to a situation where an order is delayed and hence executed at a different price.

    How does Profit Secret work?

    Profit Secret claims to work by performing trading research with a 99% accuracy. This is much higher than robots like Bitcoin Code which claims a win rate of 90%.

    Trading research involves both technical and fundamental analysis. These trading research approaches are also applicable in manual trading.

    Technical analysis involves analyzing quantitative data, including studying historical trading charts for patterns. Profit Secret allegedly automatically analyzes thousands of charts in a split second to identify tradable patterns.

    It claims to do this with a 99% win rate and to hence generates high-quality signals. The signals are automatically relayed to the underlying broker for implementation. Fundamental analysis, on the other hand, is all about news trading.

    Profit Secret can supposedly trade news with 90% accuracy. The robot allegedly does this by scanning the internet for tradable news and acting on them 0.001 seconds before the markets can react. Profit Secret applies Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning (DL) to read and understand human language.

    It also applies Machine Learning (ML) technologies to learn and improve itself with changing data. Profit Secret claims that its said profitability rate is similar to what most AI-powered algorithms report.

    How to sign up and trade with Profit Secret

    Profit Secret seems like a lifetime deal since it is license-free. Most of its competitors charge annual license fees of up to $10,000. The Profit Secret fee mechanism is such that those behind it only make money when you earn the supposed profits.

    The robot is usually on extremely high demand and hence allows new registrations on a lottery basis. You need to keep checking on its website to determine when a chance to register is available. Consider yourself lucky if you can access the registration form on the first visit to the website.

    Also worth mentioning, Profit Secret is only accessible in countries that allow fast-paced crypto and stock derivatives trading. These include the best part of Europe, Australia, Asia, North and South America, and some parts of Africa.

    STEP ONE: Registration

    To get started, create a free account with Profit Secret by submitting your details through the provided form.

    Profit Secret seems to apply advanced data protection measures to guarantee its users of safety. Its website has military-grade encryption, and hence it is impenetrable even for the most advanced cyberattacks.

    The robot is also said to adhere to strict data privacy guidelines, including the world-class EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Firms that adhere to this piece of law operate under high transparency.

    STEP TWO: ID verification and deposit

    Profit Secret will then redirect you to one of its partner broker’s page. Here, you will need to prove your true identity and proof your address.

    Identity verification happens through a government ID check while Proof of Address takes place by uploading a utility bill or bank statement with your address listed on top.

    All deposit-taking financial institutions across the globe must adhere to Know Your Customer (KYC) measures to flag money laundering. You can deposit any amount, but you need at least $250 in your account to access the markets through Profit Secret.

    This robot partner brokers accept account funding through debit and credit cards, wire transfer, major e-wallets, and bitcoin.

    STEP THREE: Trading Education and demo

    Profit Secret offers an education centre to help you prepare for live trading. The available trading resources include video tutorials and a 15-page trading guide.

    Beginners can easily follow the trading education since all information is provided in layman’s terms. You need at least an hour to go through the trading resources thoroughly.

    The Profit Secret demo is a copycat of the live web-trader but runs on historical data. This means that you do not risk real money when practising trading.

    STEP FOUR: Live trading

    Live trading with Profit Secret is surprisingly easy after reading the trading guide and practising through the demo.

    As mentioned above, risk management involves adjusting the Take Profit and Stop Loss features. These features help you eliminate the emotions of fear and greed in trading. You do not need to keep monitoring your trading account to trade successfully.

    Profit allows you to continue with your daily business as it works for you. It is fully auto and only requires users to define settings and open and close trading sessions.

    Open your account

    All trading carries risk

    Tips to getting the most out of Profit Secret

    Profit Secret is an auto robot whose performance depends on factors such as the invested capital, current market conditions, and trading settings applied.

    While the robot is auto, it does offer users some flexibility in determining the level of returns they want to generate. The following are the top contributing factors to Profit Secret performance.

    1. Invested capital – You need at least 250 USD to trade with Profit Secret. We strongly recommend starting small, preferably with the minimum balance, and growing the size of your account by ploughing back the supposed returns. Starting small gives you the peace of mind to concentrate on the robot’s performance in relation to changing market trends.
    2. Trading time zone – Profit Secret allegedly seems to work well when BTC price swings are high. It is therefore advisable that you trade during periods of high volatility. BTC tends to be more volatile during live trading in Wall Street. The app recommends users to trade between 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM GMT-5, Monday to Friday.
    3. Trading settings – It is important that you pay special attention to the risk settings when trading with Profit Secret. Adjust the Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Negative Balance features as instructed in the trading guide.

    Is Profit Secret legit? Final words!

    We have conducted a myriad of legitimacy tests on Profit Secret, and it seems legit. This robot is not only popular with users but it also works with highly regulated brokers and hence assures users of high transparency. You can give it a try through the link below.

    • Robot
    • Rating
    • Features
    • Trade
    The Best Choice
    • 88% Claimed win rate
    • $250 Min Deposit
    • Accepts credit card and Sofort
    All trading carries risk



    Is Profit Secret a Ponzi scheme?

    No! This trading tool claims to apply top-level trading technologies. These include Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

    Is Profit Secret profitable?

    Profit Secret claims it can make up to $2500 daily from a deposit of $250. Users who have reviewed it on TrustPilot also report great performance. However, we cannot guarantee profits as all trading carries risk.

    How much should I invest with Profit Secret?

    You need at least 250 USD to trade with Profit Secret. We strongly recommend starting small, preferably with the minimum balance, and growing the size of your account by ploughing back the supposed returns.

    Users should remember that all trading carries risks and users should only invest in regulated firms. Views expressed are those of the writers only. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The opinions expressed in this Site do not constitute investment advice and independent financial advice should be sought where appropriate. This website is free for you to use but we may receive commission from the companies we feature on this site.

    Adam Green is an experienced writer and fintech enthusiast. He he worked with LearnBonds.com since 2019 and covers a range of areas including: personal finance, savings, bonds and taxes.

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