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Biticodes is a web-based auto-trading program for CFDs speculation. The program combines various technologies to trade up to 600 CFD pairs on three asset classes.

Traders are given the option to select the asset classes to trade. Users can choose to trade all the asset classes together. Trading all asset classes simultaneously improves performance but is also highly risky.

BitiCodes has a history of generating mouthwatering profits. Many users claim to build fortunes with the bot. But is BitiCodes a con, or is it legitimate and profitable? The answers to this and many more questions are discussed in detail in this review.

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All trading carries risk.

What is BitiCodes?

BitiCodes is an internet-based program built to automatically speculate on a wide variety of assets. This means that no trading skill or expertise is required to trade with the platform.

The robot has earned the top position in the leading experts’ list for the best CFD trading systems in 2022. This bot identifies and capitalizes on opportunities in the stock, forex, and crypto asset classes. It supposedly applies high-frequency trading (HFT) techniques to identify opportunities.

BitiCodes’ superior performance is evident during high volatility periods. The expert reviewers claim its daily profitability can rise to over 50% during these periods. It identifies volatility trading opportunities through the news-trading strategy.

An analysis of the clients’ testimonials confirms the robot’s 12% average daily profitability rate. The BitiCodes calculator shows that it’s possible to build fortunes from the minimum deposit when most of the profits are compounded.

You can use BitiCodes on your smartphone through its intuitive hybrid app. This type of app is compatible with all smartphone devices. Moreover, it doesn’t take much of your phone space. BitiCodes is reportedly working on a desktop app. The desktop app will include additional features to support professional investors.

How does BitiCodes work?

As stated above, BitiCodes utilizes various techniques to identify opportunities across different asset classes.

The robot uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms to capture these opportunities. AI is a technology that gives computers the ability to imitate human intelligence. The computer programs driven by this technology can perform extremely complex terms within a millisecond.

AI is disrupting the financial sector at a breathtaking speed. Today, the best-performing investment funds are controlled by AI-driven systems. These systems can either be for long-term investing (robo-advisors) or trading (trading robots).

BitiCodes is a trading robot built on AI to derive insights from highly volatile asset classes. The robot claims to trade hundreds of assets in stock, forex, and crypto. It reportedly capitalizes on the volatility of these assets through CFDs.

A Contract for Difference (CFD) allows traders to earn from an asset price movement without owning it. CFDs can be traded on almost any asset. The CFDs allow the trader to speculate on assets without having to own them. Moreover, they enable traders to generate profits from even the slightest volatility.

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All trading carries risk.

Advantages of trading with BitiCodes

This review finds BitiCodes totally worthwhile. The robot is undoubtedly a super performer, given its amazing reputation.

Our team has used a sentiment study tool to comb the internet for Biticodes reviews. We have run these reviews through the system and categorized the feedback. The reviews confirm that most people who try the bot are profitable.

Moreover, the platform beats all trading systems on the internet in profitability. Some users have applied some tips to build fortunes out of this program. We will discuss these tips in detail later in this review.

Another advantage of BitiCodes is its ease of use. This platform is described as totally beginner friendly by most experts. Many individual reviewers confirm this feedback. Biticodes describes its mission as to enable the masses to enjoy the profits usually made by the big institutional investors.

The robot was reportedly built as a B2B platform for institutional traders but was later changed to support retail traders. Today, the platform boasts over 200,000 active users. The robot is currently in explosive demand and has limited daily registrations.

BitiCodes is secured through quality encryption. The experts describe its encryption as military-grade. Only the highest levels of encryption can be described as military-grade.

The disadvantages of BitiCodes

It’s important that we discuss the drawbacks of this trading platform. As stated above, BitiCodes is a superior performer with daily profitability rates of up to 50%.

The high potential profitability means that it also comes at high risk. This is because the risk is strongly correlated with reward. Platforms with high profitability potential are also super risky to use. An in-depth analysis of BitiCodes reviews shows that some users have lost money.

The losses are highly likely if you do not apply the right risk control tools. There are many risk control tools under this platform. You must go through the robot’s tutorial to master and apply these tools correctly.

Another disadvantage of BitiCodes is its availability. This robot only offers a few signup slots daily despite the explosive demand. The likelihood of securing a registration slot with it is, therefore, limited. But don’t give up since many successful traders didn’t secure an account in the first attempt. You may need to visit the site hundreds of times before securing a slot.

This robot is also not available in all countries. Information on its site indicates that it’s available in about 60 countries. However, it has plans to extend to more countries. You can check if BitiCodes is available in your country by visiting its website.

The Pros and Cons of BitiCodes in a nutshell

We have discussed the Pros and Cons of this platform in detail above. These pros and cons are summarized in the table below.

Pros Cons
High-level profitability Trading risk is high
Easy to use Limited registration slots
Affordable Not available in all countries
Supports mobile trading  
Operates in high transparency  
Has a great reputation  
Works with the best of brokers  


We can’t insist enough on the need to take the BitiCodes risk disclaimer seriously. This robot is a super performer. However, users must always remember the levels of risk involved in trading with it. Please watch the BitiCodes tutorial video to learn about the measures you can take to minimize the trading risk.

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All trading carries risk.

5 tips to help you get the best out of BitiCodes

Hundreds of traders have reportedly built fortunes through the BitiCodes software. These traders’ success is attributed to 5 trading tips.

This platform trades automatically, but this doesn’t imply that you can’t influence its performance. Some of the tips discussed below have reportedly been observed to increase this robot’s performance by more than 50%.

We will discuss the top 5 tips to help you improve your performance with BitiCodes below. These tips are likely to improve your bottom line with this robot. However, don’t assume that the profitability is assured. Invest wisely!

Pay close attention to risk management

Risk management is one of the main determinants of success in all trading. You can’t expect trading success if you don’t have a robust risk management plan.

BitiCodes comes with tools to help you build a robust risk management plan. You must understand the risk process before going live. Use the tools to build risk management strategies and try them out through the demo.

The demo gives you a real feel of the live BitiCodes account. A good risk management plan can be identified through the demo tests.

Trade when the volatility is high

BitiCodes is a volatility trading computer program. This means that it performs best when operated during high volatility.

You can identify the volatility periods through the provided trading events calendar and the news feed. The calendar is offered through the assigned broker. You will find special market events such as the Nonfarm Payroll on the calendar.

The news feed and market commentaries are provided by a third-party website. You can access the site through the link at the footer of the resources page.

Ensure that BitiCodes is running during special events and news. However, do not apply a high risk per trade during these events.

Trade the EDT or the BST time zones

These time zones bring a lot of volatility. This is because most of the stock, forex, and crypto trading happens in the UK and the US.

The increased market activity triggers volatility. BitiCodes is built to make money out of volatility events. It, therefore, makes sense to run it during the high volatility events. Run the robot in either of the two time zones to increase profitability.

You must run BitiCodes for 8 hours daily to get the best results. Trade between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM since this is when the markets are open. Do not run BitiCodes past the recommended timeframe since this could attract rollover fees.

Only trade with what you can afford to lose

Investing all your savings in a high-risk trading platform is foolhardy. You will likely get anxious if you have all your savings in a high-risk investment.

This anxiety can prompt you to make extremely bad decisions. You may also be tempted to keep interrupting the trading process. Doing prevents you from exploiting this trading system to the fullest potential.

The minimum you can invest with BitiCodes is USD250. Some traders claim to build fortunes from the minimum investment.

Get trading buddies

This is good to have but not mandatory. Traders who trade in a group are likely to achieve better results.

This is because they can keep each other in check and compare notes to improve performance. You can build a trading team by introducing BitiCodes to your friends. Alternatively, you can join the many trading groups on Reddit.

However, be extra careful since not everyone in the Reddit groups can be trusted. Some Reddit threads may include misleading information. Moreover, scammers may use the Reddit community to divert you to clones.

Getting Started with BitiCodes

The BitiCodes software is quite easy to operate. But you must take the time to understand all its features before going live.

Failure to do so can lead to costly mistakes during live trading. BitiCodes comes with all the tools to help you prepare fully before going live. Among these tools is a demo platform to help you practice.

New users are assigned a dedicated account manager to help them understand the platform faster. The dedicated account manager can easily be reached through WhatsApp, phone calls, email, or live chat. Only fully registered users are assigned the dedicated account manager.

Trading with BitiCodes begins at the click of the live session button. You must follow the trading tips discussed above to get the best out of the trading system. All CFD trading is super risky! All traders are encouraged to evaluate their risk appetite before trading.

BitiCodes is best suited for traders with a high-risk appetite. You should take all CFD trading as highly risky and only invest what you can afford to lose.

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All trading carries risk.

BitiCodes Review – Final Word!

This robot is, without a doubt revolutionizing the CFD trading sector. Our team has closely studied all the available information about this bot.

The study finds BitiCodes transparent, reputable, and safe. Any robot willing to run its operations on the blockchain is undoubtedly genuine. Blockchain is the pinnacle of all transparency.

All transactions in a blockchain-based system are easily traceable. Moreover, they are immutable and, therefore, can’t be altered. BitiCodes uses a powerful Smart Contracts system to ensure that the trading contract is implemented to the letter.

This robot is described as beginner-friendly by the experts. Any trader can be profitable from day one of running it. You need to follow the simple BitiCodes trading tutorial to set the robot for trading. BitiCodes supports both beginner and experienced traders.

The bot is reportedly working on a feature that supports professional wealth management. This CFD robot is worthwhile, but it’s not advisable to invest all your savings in it. All forms of crypto trading must be treated as highly risky. Take this risk disclaimer seriously by only investing what you can afford to lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BitiCodes a scam?

BitiCodes is not a con! Data from tens of experts’ tests indicate that this CFD robot operates with the highest level of transparency. It’s also super reputable, with many users alleging it’s profitable.

Does BitiCodes support multi-asset trading?

BitiCodes supports multi-asset trading. Information on the robot’s website indicates that it trades hundreds of assets in stock, forex, and crypto. This platform is more popular among bitcoin traders.

Can I use BitiCodes on my smartphone?

You can use BitiCodes on an Android or iOS smartphone. Users report a great trading experience through the mobile app. The mobile app is only accessible through a download link only shared with fully registered users.

Does BitiCodes charge hidden fees?

BitiCodes is committed to transparency! This is evident through its fee disclosure. Any changes to its fees must be communicated to the trader a month before the implementation. All transactions on this bot are executed in a smart contracts system.

Does BitiCodes support professional traders?

BitiCodes is reportedly in the final stages of introducing a tool that supports professional wealth managers. This tool will allow professional wealth managers to pool funds from multiple investors and trade with them.


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All trading carries risk.