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Bitcoin Smarter has received a lot of attention recently. Its growing popularity is a result of its new auto-trading features.

These features have reportedly improved its performance tremendously. According to expert reviews on the web, this robot generates insane profits for users. We have conducted a series of tests to determine if it’s a good investment.

We will discuss our findings in detail in this post. This review of Bitcoin Smarter is unbiased and informed by research and expert opinion. You will find all the necessary information to help you determine if the program is worth a try. The summary below is enough for those who do not need an in-depth explanation.

Robot type Fully automated/ completely beginner-friendly
Legitimacy Expert-tested and proven to be legit
Minimum trading balance USD250
Estimated daily returns Up to 300% (unconfirmed)
Safety measures Military-grade website and server-side encryption
Deposits and withdrawals Instant
Supported withdrawal methods Debit/credit cards, wire, and popular e-wallets
Registration charges None
Trading platforms Web and mobile
Commission per profitable trade 2%


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What is Bitcoin Smarter?

As explained above, this platform is gaining popularity among online investors. Many allege using Bitcoin Smarter to make money on crypto.

The platform provides 100% automated trading on up to 200 crypto CFDs. The crypto CFDs on offer include bitcoin as the base and other cryptos as the quote. This platform also trades bitcoin against the top 7 most traded fiat currencies.

These fiat currencies include the USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, CHF, JPY, and AUD. The Bitcoin Smarter system identifies the pairs to trade based on price swings. As stated above, the trading happens through the CFDs derivatives.

Wikipedia defines a Contract for Difference (CFD) as a derivative used to trade volatility. This derivative lets you speculate on an asset price swing without owning it. You don’t have to delve into the technicalities of CFDs trading since this platform automates all the trading.

Trading Platforms

You can use the Bitcoin Smarter software on the web and mobile. The web platform is high quality and works on almost any browser.

However, you should use secure browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, and Brave. There is a huge chance of data breach if you use a browser with a history of security issues. You will connect to the Bitcoin Smarter web trader upon completing the signup.

Please scroll to the bottom of the web trader to find a link to their hybrid mobile app. The hybrid app is a version of the web-trader encased in a native app frame. This means that the Bitcoin Smarter App has the same features as the web trader.

Click the link to initiate the download on your Android, Windows, or iOS mobile device. This platform should work well on smartphones or tablets. Bitcoin Smarter is reportedly working on a native desktop app.

This app will have extra features, including a semi-automated trading dashboard and tools for professional wealth management. We couldn’t find out when the new feature will be introduced.

Tradable Assets

This platform places bets on the price swings of up to 200 bitcoin CFDs. A bitcoin CFD is a derivative that helps traders bet on the ups and downs of bitcoin.

You do not have to buy bitcoin to speculate on its price swings through CFDs. Moreover, CFDs allow you to make money on all price movements. This means that you can earn amazing returns betting on plummeting prices.

Bitcoin CFDs can be traded manually or through automated trading systems. However, manual trading is complicated and is not as profitable as advanced automated trading. Automated trading systems such as Bitcoin Smarter have perfected the art to deliver better returns than the best bitcoin traders.

This trading platform reportedly identifies the bitcoin CFDs to trade through an AI-driven algorithm. The algorithm is said to use powerful techniques such as news-trading and price trend analysis to capture the trading opportunities.

How Profitable is Bitcoin Smarter?

For many people, this is the million-dollar question. We have received many requests to test this robot and confirm if it’s as profitable as alleged. Bitcoin Smarter has received a lot of positive attention in the recent months.

Expert reports state that its recent popularity is fueled by its new features. These new features have reportedly ranked it top in the coveted list of the most profitable bitcoin robots. We haven’t done any live test on this platform to confirm the profitability claims.

However, we have through enough data to confirm that the profitability claims are true. This data includes thousands of reviews from verified clients and high ranking expert reviews. The feedback is generally good.

Surprisingly, over 70% of the verified users report building fortunes through this platform. Some claim using the compounding strategy to grow their daily earnings to tens of thousands of dollars. The experts confirm that Bitcoin Smarter can deliver daily returns of up to 300%.

We have used the Bitcoin Smarter demo to test its features. This robot is undoubtedly developed on the best of automated trading technologies. The demo runs on historical data to simulate the live account.

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The Advantages of Trading with Bitcoin Smarter

Bitcoin Smarter comes with many advantages over the traditional crypto trading methods. This platform offers a hassle-free and insanely profitable way to invest in bitcoin.

Bitcoin Smarter provides 100% automated BTC CFDs trading. Automated trading means that all the trading functions are carried out by the bot. Anyone can therefore use this platform since there are no skills requirement.

We have scrutinized the feedback from the users and established that many find it quite easy to use. The users report a game-like experience when trading with this platform. Bitcoin Smarter offers a user interface that mimics popular gaming platforms.

This platform is not only beginner-friendly but super profitable. We have used a sentiment study tool to gauge the feedback from the verified users. The feedback analysis indicates that many people are making money with this platform.

We are astonished by the high number of reviewers claiming to build fortunes with this platform. Many claim applying the provided reinvestment tools to build wealth. The daily returns can reportedly shoot to the skies when the daily returns are reinvested consistently for about a month.

Another advantage of using Bitcoin Smarter is that it’s less risky than other bitcoin trading methods. This platform applies a variety of risk management tools to control risk. Some of these tools must be adjusted by the user manually. You will find a guide to help you understand them on the trading resources page.

The Disadvantages of trading with Bitcoin Smarter

Bitcoin Smarter is generally the best option compared to other crypto trading methods. However, this trading system has some disadvantages.

Firstly, this platform is only available in select countries. You won’t access this platform in all the countries that prohibit retail CFDs and crypto trading. Bitcoin Smarter is not available in the US, China, Egypt, Qatar, Morocco, and a few other countries.

There is evidence that some traders are using VPNs to access the platform in restricted regions. We do not encourage this since you could lose money if caught.

Bitcoin Smarter is risky when compared to the traditional buying and selling of crypto. This platform applies high leverage to bet on short-term bitcoin CFDs price movements. This is super risky given the volatility witnessed in this industry.

The Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Smarter in a nutshell

As discussed above, this trading platform has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Pros Cons
Superior performance High trading risk
Easy to use Not supported in some countries
Transparent trading environment  
Multiple trading platforms  
Quality partner brokers  
Easily reachable customer support services  


You can try Bitcoin Smarter with the minimum trading balance required and plough back the returns to increase daily profitability. Many experts report that reinvesting is the best growth strategy when trading with this platform.

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Bitcoin Smarter in the news

A simple search on Google and Bing reveals that Bitcoin Smarter has made headlines in many countries. This trading platform has appeared in mainstream news for more than 15 times in the last one month.

We have gone through the news pieces and found them to praise this platform. Most mainstream platforms report that this platform is revolutionizing the crypto industry at a breathtaking speed.

Bitcoin Smarter is a prime target for malicious fake news. You should identify and avoid this fake news at all costs. Some of the fake headlines are highlighted below.

Bitcoin Smarter Amazon

Some gossip platforms claim that Amazon has invested millions of dollars in the research and development of Bitcoin Smarter.

Our investigation reveals that these claims are fake news. Amazon hasn’t invested in any bitcoin-related project let alone a trading bot. Don’t fall for the clickbait headlines associating Bitcoin Smarter with this company.

Bitcoin Smarter Tesla

Tesla is another global conglomerate reportedly invested in Bitcoin Smarter. While this company is heavily invested in bitcoin, there is no proof that it’s invested in any bitcoin robot.

The rumors associating it with Bitcoin Smarter must therefore be treated as highly suspicious. There is a huge likelihood that they could be used to share links to malicious sites.

Bitcoin Smarter Elon Musk

Musk is among the global billionaires with considerable bitcoin investments. He has invested as an individual and through Tesla.

However, he isn’t invested in Bitcoin Smarter or any bitcoin trading platform as some gossip blogs allege. The gossip blogs spreading these fake rumors are known to be used by crypto scammers to share links to cloned sites.

We insist that you only depend on verified information sources when researching about the best bitcoin robots.

The Bitcoin Smarter Reddit Community

Bitcoin Smarter has a very vibrant community on Reddit. The Reddit threads are a good resource for anyone looking for firsthand information about this platform.

Some of the threads we have analyzed have hundreds of participants and thousands of comments. The Bitcoin Smarter Reddit followers can share their experience with the trading platform.

You should join the free Reddit threads to receive the latest updates about this platform. However, you need to be careful since not all comments are genuine. Some scammers are using the threads to share links to cloned sites.

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Getting Started with Bitcoin Smarter

Trading with this platform should be easy if you can follow simple instructions. The instructions explain the manual settings.

As stated earlier, you need to adjust the Bitcoin Smarter risk setting manually. A guide is available to help you set the robot to trade at a risk that suits your risk appetite. You should use the risk appetite test on the robot’s resources page to determine your risk appetite.

The risk appetite test results should guide you on how to adjust the risk per trade parameters. Set the robot and start a session by clicking the live session. The steps to follow to trade are listed below.

Register on the official Bitcoin Smarter website

Fund your Bitcoin Smarter account via the underlying broker

Read the guide and test the settings using the simulated trading account

Start a live session

You can access this platform in a variety of languages. Changing the Bitcoin Smarter website language will also link you to a customer support agent that speaks your language.

Is Bitcoin Smarter a Scam – Final Word!

We have used our powerful tools to analyze the available data to establish if Bitcoin Smarter is a genuine auto-trading platform.

The data analysis confirms that this platform is genuine. We have used a sentiment analysis tool to scrutinize Bitcoin Smarter reviews on Trustpilot and other sites. The analysis shows that more than 80% of the reviewers have made considerable profits with this platform.

Those who report profitability claim using the compounding technique to grow their daily profitability to thousands of dollars. This trading platform allows users to predetermine the percentage of the profits to be reinvested daily.

There are no complaints about the safety of this  platform. Many of the expert reviewers rate it well on safety and customer support. We can confirm that this platform provides 24/7 customer support services through phone, email, and live chat.

Another proof of Bitcoin Smarter’s legitimacy is the quality of its partner brokers. This platform is backed by leading crypto brokers. These brokers are reportedly the link to the global liquidity pools.

Finally, all the transactions on the Bitcoin Smarter ecosystem are recorded on a blockchain system. This system ensures smooth transactions. Moreover, all transactions are executed on a smart contracts system to eliminate potential disputes.

We analyze the available data to determine if a robot is genuine. However, we do not conduct live tests to confirm profitability. Consequently, the profitability claims on this post shouldn’t be taken as guaranteed.

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Is Bitcoin Smarter a good investment?

There is enough data on the web to show that Bitcoin Smarter is a good investment. The number of people claiming to earn money with it is growing daily. It’s therefore worth a try.

How much should I invest in Bitcoin Smarter?

The minimum trading capital needed to get started with Bitcoin Smarter is USD250. You need to evaluate your finances carefully to determine the amount to start with. Crypto trading is risky and shouldn’t take much of your investment portfolio.

Does Bitcoin Smarter support mobile trading?

You can use Bitcoin Smarter on your Android, Windows, or iOS smartphone or tablet. The robot’s hybrid mobile app should be accessible after the signup.

How do I withdraw my profits?

Bitcoin Smarter through the assigned broker has made the withdrawal process quite easy. You only need to submit a request through the provided tools. The withdrawals should complete within a few hours.

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