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Bitcoin Motion has been receiving massive media attention lately. The popularity is reportedly driven by its amazing profitability track record.

This bot has earned the top position on most experts’ list for the best bitcoin robot of 2022. Bitcoin Motion combines AI, Quantum Computing, and blockchain to offer advanced automated bitcoin trading.

Most reviews on authoritative sources estimate this trading bot’s average daily profitability rate to be 15%. Users claim to generate up to 150% in high price swings. The high price swings happen during special industry-related news and events.

Many of our readers are asking whether Bitcoin Motion is a scam or a bona fide trading bot. We have the answers for you in this review.

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Bitcoin Motion Review Summary

We have conducted rigorous legitimacy and profitability checks on this robot and presented all the findings in this post. Below is a summary of our findings. We will discuss these findings in detail in this post.

  • Robot type – Fully automated bitcoin robot
  • Legitimacy and transparency – Expert-tested and proven!
  • Minimum trading capital – USD 250
  • Trading platforms – Web and hybrid mobile apps
  • Daily profitability rate – Up to 200% on high volatility
  • Maximum amount per withdrawal – $20,000
  • Withdrawal fees – None
  • Hidden charges – None
  • Withdrawal method – Wire transfer, debit and credit cards, e-wallets, and bitcoin

You are probably excited to get started with this robot after reading the testimonials from users. This bitcoin robot could be super profitable, but it also comes at a risk. You can’t expect huge returns without willing to take extra risks. Invest wisely!

What is Bitcoin Motion?

Trading robots are revolutionizing the crypto investment industry at a breathtaking speed. The majority of success stories in crypto trading today are robot-driven.

Bitcoin Motion is reportedly among the top 3 most lucrative bitcoin robots in 2022. The robot has maintained the top position since its launch in 2017. There is a huge likelihood that it will maintain the top position in the coming years.

According to the expert reviewers, this bot is among the easiest to use automated bitcoin trading systems. Bitcoin Motion claims to be 100% automated and hence a breeze to use for the complete beginner. The experts estimate its average daily profitability rate to be 15%.

This return rate can reportedly increase tenfold when bitcoin price swings are high. The price swings are mostly high during special market events. Industry-related breaking news is also a major trigger of crypto volatility.

Bitcoin Motion is driven by powerful market news and sentiment trading algorithms. Read on for an in-depth look at the technologies behind this trading platform.

Powerful news-trading algorithm

This algorithm is the key driver of this trading bot’s performance. Bitcoin Motion trades the price movements of hundreds of BTC CFDs pairs.

These price movements are mostly triggered by news, celebrity sentiments, and market events. Bitcoin Motion algorithm uses NLP technology to analyze and generate trading signals from relevant news and celebrity sentiments.

The signals are based on the prediction of the price direction. Positive news leads to the demand and price gain of the asset in question. Negative news, on the other hand, triggers a sell-off hence leading to a price decline.

Bitcoin Motion can study and take positions within a millisecond of the news release. High-speed trading is crucial given the speed at which the markets adapt to new information. This trading system claims to capture trading opportunities a 0.001 seconds before the markets can respond.

Advanced Price Trend Analysis Algorithm

Investopedia defines trend analysis as a technical analysis strategy that attempts to predict future asset price movements based on historical trends.

This technique involves an in-depth analysis of historical price data and trade volume for insights. Price trend analysis is based on the premise that asset prices are cyclical. The goal is to identify points at which a certain price behaviour is likely to repeat.

In manual trading, trend analysis is conducted through tools offered in the MT4 and cTrader platforms. The Bitcoin Motion auto-trading offers advanced trend analysis.

Advanced Short-selling technique

This trading system rides the volatility of up to 200 CFDs through various trading strategies. All the trading strategies are implemented through the robot’s news trading and price trend analysis algorithms.

The strategies ensure performance in all market cycles, including the bear market. Bitcoin Motion uses its advanced short-selling tool to trade the bear market. Only very few bitcoin robots can implement this strategy.

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Is Bitcoin Motion legitimate?

Bitcoin Motion operates in a transparent trading environment powered by the coveted blockchain technology.

Blockchain is the backbone of transparency in all transactions. The transactions in the Bitcoin Motion ecosystem are executed via smart contracts technology. This eliminates the likelihood of disputes.

We have taken a dive into Bitcoin Motion reviews all over the internet and found the general feedback to be amazing. This robot is among the few with a nearly perfect reputation. Users rate this bot extremely well in all spheres, including performance, ease of use, customer support, and safety.

Apart from the great reviews from users, this automated bitcoin trading system is also rated top by experts. The expert publications are posted on some of the world’s most authoritative sites. There are also great Bitcoin Motion reviews in some leading mainstream publications.

We are happy with this platform’s customer support services. You can reach them 24/5, Monday to Friday, through email, live chat or phone. Please fill out the form on their site to request a callback. Please note that emails and callbacks may take up to 12 hours to get a reply.

Did Bitcoin Motion receive any celebrity investment?

Many celebrities have publicly expressed their interests in crypto. Some of these celebrities have even invested billions of dollars in the industry.

One of the celebrities heavily invested in this industry is Elon Musk. This celebrity is rumoured to be heavily invested in bitcoin. A year ago, Elon Musk announced that Tesla had invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin.

Tesla is a trillion-dollar electric car manufacturer founded by Elon Musk. Authoritative sources claim that Tesla has made a killing from the bitcoin investment. Mark Cuban is another US billionaire that has disclosed investing in bitcoin.

Cuban is a Shark Tank panellist with an estimated net worth of $4.7 billion. This celebrity compares the current crypto bubble with the internet bubble of 2000. Anyone interested in making money on crypto should buy the dip.

Mark Cuban claims that a significant portion of his investment portfolio consists of crypto, NFTs and other crypto-related investments. There are rumours that some celebrities have opted to trade Bitcoin through the Bitcoin Motion software.

We have fact-checked the rumours and found them to be fake. As explained below, some of these rumours may include links to cloned sites.

Is Martin Lewis invested in Bitcoin Motion?

Martin Lewis is the superstar British personal finance guru. Lewis is the founder and author of the highly authoritative Money Saving Blog. This blog has tens of millions of readers across the globe. However, it’s more popular in the US and the UK.

Martin Lewis is also a media personality best known for the Money Show on ITV and the ASK MARTIN LEWIS podcast on BBC Radio 5. Some posts claim that Lewis is the biggest Bitcoin Motion shareholder.

We have fact-checked the claims and found them to be fake news. Bitcoin Motion is 100% owned by a renowned global trading software company. Martin Lewis has never shown any interest in automated crypto trading.

Did Carrie Bickmore endorse Bitcoin Motion?

Carrie Bickmore is a celebrity Australian media personality and radio presenter. Some posts allege that she is one of the influencers marketing Bitcoin Motion.

We have investigated the claims and found no evidence to support them. Bitcoin Motion has never relied on celebrity influencers for marketing. Also, Carrie Bickmore hasn’t shown any interest in crypto or related projects.

We encourage our readers to take extra precautions since the fake news could be used as bait to malicious sites. Only use links from authoritative posts like this to visit the official Bitcoin Motion website.

Did Jeremy Clarkson endorse Bitcoin Motion?

Jeremy Clarkson is another media personality rumoured to have endorsed the Bitcoin Motion project. We didn’t find any information to support these claims.

Jeremy Clarkson has never invested in or endorsed any bitcoin project. Dishonest marketers are using his name for clickbait to cloned websites. These are sites masquerading as the official Bitcoin Motion website to steal your personal information.

Once again, you need to be extra careful to avoid falling victim to these scams. Any popular crypto trading platform is bound to attract clones. Always countercheck the site URL before signing up.

Did Jeff Bezos invest in Bitcoin Motion?

The founder of Amazon is also rumoured to invest over a million dollars in this trading system. However, these claims are not authentic.

Jeff Bezos is one of the world’s billionaires who believe in the future of the crypto industry. However, he has disclosed that he isn’t invested in this industry in a recent interview with CNBC. The claims that he is one of the investors behind Bitcoin Motion are therefore fake news.

You need to avoid the fake news since they are likely to be used to divert you to the cloned sites.

Bitcoin Motion Michael Carrol

Michael Carrol is known for winning nearly 10 million pounds playing the UK National Lottery and squandering it all.

Carrol has reportedly earned back his fortunes by trading crypto CFDs through the Bitcoin Motion system. We didn’t find any proof to authenticate these claims. There is a huge possibility that the rumours are fake news.

These fake news are likely clickbait to the many clones targeting the Bitcoin Motion trading system. We can’t insist enough on the importance of verifying URLs before registering with any trading platform.

Bitcoin Motion Deborah Meaden

Deborah Meaden is a wealthy British businesswoman and a panellist on the Dragons Den show. Bitcoin Motion has reportedly been pitched on the show and received a huge investment from this businesswoman.

We conducted in-depth background checks on the claims and didn’t find them truthful. Deborah Meaden is not invested in this bot. Moreover, Bitcoin Motion has never appeared in the Dragons’ Den.


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Why Trade with Bitcoin Motion? Final word!

If you have read this review, you are likely convinced that this platform is the best bet for crypto trading in 2022.

We have scrutinized all data we could lay our hands on to determine if this platform is genuine. The available data shows that Bitcoin Motion is genuine and has a track record of delivering amazing returns.

This bot was founded in 2018 but gained massive popularity at the onset of the Covid19 pandemic. The popularity is attributed to the introduction of a new trading algorithm. This news-trading algorithm has reportedly boosted its performance by more than 50%.

We also find the Bitcoin Motion price trend analysis algorithm a cash cow. Experts estimate that about 40% of the profits earned are generated through this algorithm. However, there is no way to determine the profits generated by each algorithm.

The trading research techniques applied by Bitcoin Motion can be categorized under technical and fundamental analysis. These types of analysis are applied in all trading, including manual trading. However, Bitcoin Motion applies the techniques at high speeds and accuracy to ensure superior performance.

This trading bot’s potential is demonstrated in the thousands of user testimonials on the internet. Moreover, tens of experts have investigated it and presented their findings on authoritative crypto platforms.

You can visit the Bitcoin Motion signup page to get started. The registration process is a breeze; no trading experience is required to operate the trading bot.


Is Bitcoin Motion as profitable as alleged?

We have scrutinized the Bitcoin Motion system and found it built on powerful trading technologies. The bot trades at high speeds to ensure profitability from breaking news. High-speed trading is crucial given the speed at which the markets adapt to new information.

Are the Bitcoin Motion reviews on Trustpilot genuine?

We have gone through this platform’s amazing reviews, and they seem legitimate. Bitcoin Motion is rated highly on all independent consumer review sites. Moreover, it has great feedback on Reddit and other social media sites.

Is the Bitcoin Motion calculator accurate?

The majority of reviewers report that the Bitcoin Motion calculator is accurate. You can use it to determine the potential earnings when certain trading conditions are met. The trading conditions are unpredictable, and hence profitability can never be guaranteed.

How does Bitcoin Motion generate profits?

Bitcoin Motion generates profits by placing bets on the rise and fall of up to 250 BTC pairs. The bot places the bets through a financial derivative known as a Contract for Difference (CFDs). CFDs can be traded on almost any asset, including FX, stock, market indices and commodities.

Is Bitcoin Motion a good bet for a beginner?

Yes! This bot is built to make bitcoin trading a breeze for all. It’s also among the easiest to use and the safest. Expert reviews on authoritative crypto sites estimate its average daily profitability rate at 15%.

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