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The Bitcoin 360 AI robot broke the internet at the beginning of 2022 and has remained an internet sensation.

A Google Trends search indicates that its popularity is growing rapidly. The popularity is reportedly propelled by its insane profitability. About 90% of the crypto millionaires today have reportedly made their fortunes through the bot.

Bitcoin 360 AI is a good bet for traders from all experience levels. Complete beginners only need a few hours to familiarise themselves with the bot. Most allege being profitable from day one of trading.

But is Bitcoin 360 AI worthwhile? We have embarked on a fact-finding mission and prepared an in-depth review for you. You will find all information you need to decide whether this robot is good for you in this review.

  • Robot type – Fully automated BTC CFDs robot
  • Legitimacy – Transparent and hence 100% genuine
  • Ease of use – Beginner friendly
  • Minimum investment – USD250
  • Potential profits – Up to 30% daily in high volatility
  • Customer support – 24/7
  • Safety – Military-grade encryption

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Bitcoin 360 AI Review – The key points

As you will see in this post, we have analysed tens of experts’ reviews to determine if Bitcoin 360 AI is a genuine and dependable platform.

We also considered users’ feedback and conducted tests through the highly advanced Bitcoin 360 AI demo. Our findings are summarised in the points below.

  • Bitcoin 360 AI is legit, safe, and profitable
  • This robot is built for all, including the beginner trader
    •  Bitcoin 360 AI is one of the most reputable crypto robots on the web today
  • Anyone can afford this trading platform since only USD250 in trading capital is required to get started
  • Many people have reportedly generated wealth by compounding the profits earned through the robot
  • Bitcoin 360 AI comes with powerful risk control tools to minimise risk in trading
  • You can use the trading system on mobile through its powerful hybrid app
    •  Bitcoin 360 AI is among the four crypto robots that offer tokenised stocks trading
  • Withdrawing your profits on this system should be a breeze
  • There are no withdrawal charges for up to 15 withdrawals per month

This review will discuss these and many other facts about this crypto bot. You can visit the Bitcoin 360 AI website through the link below. Read on for an in-depth discussion of the points explained above.

What is Bitcoin 360 AI?

Many confuse Bitcoin 360 AI with crypto investment platforms such as Coinbase and Binance. However, this platform is totally different from the crypto exchanges.

While exchanges allow the buying and selling of crypto, platforms such as Bitcoin 360 AI allow traders to bet on crypto volatility. They do so through special derivatives known as CFDs. Crypto CFDs trading eliminates most of the hassles of the traditional ways of investing in crypto.

Moreover, trading crypto CFDs is more profitable than the traditional trading methods. Highly profitable investments are always super risky. This is because risk has a strong positive correlation with reward. Bitcoin 360 AI is an automated crypto CFDs trading system.

The system reportedly utilises AI to minimise the trading risk and maximise the potential returns. No trading know-how whatsoever is needed to operate the Bitcoin 360 AI system. The trading system is also completely free for the lucky few who manage to secure an account.

This trading bot is on demand, and new signup slots are provided on a lottery basis. Only less than 1% of all those who try to signup secure an account on the first try. You must try signing up as many times as possible, and you could be among the lucky few.

Signing up with Bitcoin 360 AI is a piece of cake. You have a guarantee that your data will be handled safely when you register with this platform. Bitcoin 360 AI is quite easy to operate, but do not take the settings instructions lightly. Failing to adjust the settings as per the guide can lead to a negative trading outcome. Remember that the level of risk per trade applied in your account is dictated by the settings.

Bitcoin 360 AI Features

This robot’s features help it stand out against competitors. As explained earlier, Bitcoin 360 AI is the most popular crypto robot on the web.

Thousands of consumers have rated it as insanely profitable. The amazing reviews are posted all over social media and on top review sites such as Trustpilot, Reddit, and Forex Peace Army. We have discussed the top 5 amazing Bitcoin 360 AI features below.

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Superior performance

A daily profitability rate of up to 200% seems far-fetched. However, many experts have tested Bitcoin 360 AI and confirmed that it could deliver such returns in high volatility. The higher the volatility, the more profits you can generate.

If the experts’ feedback is anything to go by, this bot can consistently generate a daily profit of 15%. Use the compounding calculator to determine the fortunes you would make with this bot if you reinvested all the profits for a few months.

Bitcoin 360 AI is worth a try, but you should always consider the risks of crypto trading. All crypto trading can be super risky. The risk is magnified when you don’t follow this robot’s trading instructions.

Beginner-friendly trading system

The main goal of the crypto industry is to ensure financial inclusion by eliminating the barriers put by the third parties controlling the financial industry.

These third parties include governments, banks, and other financial institutions. Bitcoin 360 AI ensures financial inclusion by making highly crypto trading accessible for all. The bot does this by eliminating the hassles involved in traditional trading.

You can easily make money on your favourite crypto with this bot. You only need to register and adjust the settings as directed, and Bitcoin 360 AI will do the heavy lifting for you.

Safe trading environment

The expert reviews rate this crypto robot as highly secure. We can confirm that the Bitcoin 360 AI website is heavily encrypted.

The site is encrypted through military-grade AES 256 encryption. This level of encryption prevents all data breaches. Crypto trading robots are a top target for cyberattacks aiming to steal users’ data. The data is used to perpetrate attacks on accounts.

Quality encryption is, therefore, the first line of defence against all cyberattacks. Bitcoin 360 AI claims to rely on the Amazon S3 server-side encryption.

Transparent trading environment

All transactions on the Bitcoin 360 AI platform are executed through smart contracts and recorded on a public ledger. The smart contract technology ensures that predetermined trading conditions are executed to the letter. This eliminates the likelihood of transaction manipulation.

The public ledger system helps traders to monitor the transactions as they happen. All the transactions published on the DLT are easily traceable and cannot be deleted or manipulated. Only less than ten trading systems offer a DLT-powered trading ecosystem.

Variety of tradable assets

Bitcoin 360 AI was launched to trade bitcoin CFDs but was later updated to trade CFDs on up to 60 top altcoins. It’s also among the handful of trading bots that offer tokenised stock trading.

All the assets on trade are listed on the underlying broker’s page. The Bitcoin 360 AI system chooses the asset to trade based on price swings. Crypto pairs with high volatility are prioritised since they are the most profitable.

Up to ten trades are placed every ten minutes. These trades include up to 5 crypto pairs and two tokenised stocks. Everything is automated, and therefore complete beginners have nothing to worry about.

Is the Bitcoin 360 AI Platform legit?

Bitcoin 360 AI is a viral crypto trading system reviewed many times on the internet. The platform has been viral for months, thanks to its mouthwatering profitability rates.

But is Bitcoin 360 AI a scam, or is it genuine? We have studied the feedback of tens of experts to find out. The expert reviews analysed to prepare this post are published on highly authoritative sites. This means they can be relied upon as a source of truth.

Our team has also studied Bitcoin 360 AI reviews on Trustpilot and other sites. The feedback from the experts and users is generally good. Many claims that Bitcoin 360 AI is super profitable. Its profitability is associated with its powerful AI-driven algorithms.

As stated earlier, this bot uses AI algorithms to trade crypto CFDs and CFDs price swings on tokenised stocks. The robot’s algorithm automatically generates signals and sends them to the implementing broker for execution.

We can confirm that Bitcoin 360 AI connects to quality brokers. These brokers are its implementing partner. All the reviews we have analysed claim the partner brokers are regulated, reputable, and safe. Only a highly reputable and transparent robot can partner with highly regulated brokers.

This robot also outranks all its competitors in customer support services. While most competitors offer 24/5 customer support, this robot’s service agents are available 24/7. The expert reviewers have tested them and proven they are readily available and professional.

We have tested the phone number provided by this bot and found it to be easily traceable. Only a genuine platform can provide easily traceable contact information. Bitcoin 360 AI reportedly has a physical office in London and Australia.

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How does Bitcoin 360 AI make money?

Bitcoin 360 AI is software built to trade the price swings of crypto assets. The program was initially dedicated to bitcoin trading but was later updated to trade crypto CFDs. Today this program trades up to 300 assets under the categories below.

Tokenised stocks

The regular crypto CFDs include highly volatile crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat pairs. Tokenised stocks include tokenised AMZ and Tokenized TSA. Read on to learn more.

Regular Crypto CFDs

Bitcoin 360 AI claims to trade up to 250 highly volatile CFDs on crypto. The CFDs include bitcoin and trending altcoins such as BCH, ETH, DOGE, XRP, APECOIN, and more.

This robot is reportedly the best bet if you are looking to make money off metaverse tokens. The Bitcoin 360 AI algorithms determine the assets to trade based on popularity. The Metaverse industry will be the most popular in 2022.

Crypto CFDs trading is highly leveraged. Bitcoin 360 AI has partnered with top-level brokers to provide leverage of up to 5000:1. The leverage magnifies your trade to help you make more money from a small investment.

Please remember that Leveraged trading is double-edged with the possibility of wiping out your account. This robot uses a Negative Balance Protection (NBP) feature to prevent you from overleveraging your account. This tool minimises the risk but doesn’t eliminate it. You can still lose all your money when trading with it.

Bitcoin 360 AI Tokenised stocks Trading

This software is one of the very few developed to trade tokenised stocks. Tokenised stocks refer to digital assets that mimic the price of an underlying stock.

This means that the underlying asset’s volatility influences tokenised stocks’ ups and downs. Tokenised stock traders do not enjoy the benefits traditional stock investors enjoy. For instance, tokenised stockholders aren’t recognised as shareholders.

Consequently, they do not have any voting rights and can’t claim dividends. Tokenised stock traders only capitalise on the ups and downs of the underlying share without owning it. We have discussed some of the tokenised stocks reportedly traded through the Bitcoin 360 AI system.

Amazon Bitcoin 360 AI UK

Bitcoin 360 AI UK is said to trade tokenised stocks. Coin Market Cap defines tokenised stocks as digital assets that mimic the price action of underlying publicly traded stocks.

One of the tokenised stocks traded by this powerful robot is Amazon. Amazon is the global retail conglomerate founded by Jeff Bezos. The company is worth over a trillion dollars, and its shares are listed on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol AMZ.

Its share is currently trading at USD112. Amazon has been tokenised and listed on major crypto exchanges. The tokenised AMZ is highly volatile and best suited for volatility trading. Bitcoin 360 AI reportedly has an algorithm specialised in trading the tokenised AMZ.

A huge chunk of the profits earned through this robot is derived from the tokenised AMZ stock trading. This stock is highly promising and, therefore, prime for volatility trading.

Tesla Bitcoin 360 AI UK

You also get exposure to the volatility of the Tesla stock when using this trading bot. Tesla is a trillion-dollar global car manufacturer known for manufacturing electric cars.

The company is invested in various industries, including the crypto industry. This company invested over $1.5 billion in bitcoin in 2021 alone. Tesla is listed on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol TSL. It’s currently trading at $704.

The TSL stock is also tokenised and listed on leading exchanges, including Coinbase and Binance. Bitcoin 360 AI reportedly has an algorithm built to trade the volatility of this stock. The algorithm is extremely powerful and delivers superior profits daily.

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Getting Started with Bitcoin 360 AI – The Verdict!

We have analysed data from different authoritative sources to determine if Bitcoin 360 AI is a genuine crypto robot. The data includes verified Bitcoin 360 AI testimonials.

These testimonials are published on the world’s leading independent review sites, including Trustpilot. The feedback from these testimonials is generally good. We have also read many expert reviews on authoritative publications, and the feedback is generally awesome.

Our team has also subjected the Bitcoin 360 AI website and platforms to several tests. The tests on the platforms confirm that the bot is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Further background tests indicate that the website and platforms are secured through military-grade encryption.

Bitcoin 360 AI also scores highly on our profitability tests. We have analysed users’ feedback and conducted a thorough demo test to conclude that the robot is profitable. Bitcoin 360 AI is profitable, but nothing is assured given the dynamic nature of the crypto markets. Never invest all your savings in such a high-risk trading system.

Getting started with Bitcoin 360 AI should be a cakewalk. Complete the signup here, authenticate the account, fund it through the broker, and start trading.


Is Bitcoin 360 AI a reliable bot?

Bitcoin 360 AI seems reliable! This crypto robot is heavily reviewed and top-rated by users and experts. The majority of reviewers praise it for its insane profitability. 

Does Bitcoin 360 AI support mobile trading?

You can use Bitcoin 360 AI on any mobile device through its top-rated hybrid app. To access the app, you must complete the registration process and fund your account.

Can I lose money with Bitcoin 360 AI?

Yes! You can lose money in any form of crypto trading. Fast-paced trading can make you extremely rich, but it’s also super risky! You can lose all your savings if you don’t follow the robot’s trading instructions.


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